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The Secret World should’ve been a single-player RPG

Bitmob - I figured out The Secret World's secret about six hours into my free trial last weekend.

Ironically, it happened while I was trying (and failing) to puzzle through one of the massively multiplayer game's unique "investigation” quests -- riddles that call to mind the graphical adventures of the '90s, even requiring real-world research.

I pondered the clues I had been given (a fire, a murder, a jail cell) as I tromped across Kingsmouth, the misty, undead-infested New England town that serves as the game's first zone. As I walked, a revelation occurred to me...one that had nothing to do with the quest at hand. (PC, The Secret World)

Godmars290  +   1056d ago
Considering all the source material they have to have, The Secret World probably could have been a general franchise that detailed some random character's entry into it, or a major event like a town being attacked.

Instead they had to go with the current multiplayer/subscription fee trend to make one average game.
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