Gran Turismo’s Kazunori Yamauchi Remains Tight-Lipped on GT5 DLC and 6

Kazunori Yamauchi President of Polyphony Digital and creator/producer of the Gran Turismo series answered questions from fans regarding Gran Turismo 5's upcoming DLC and progress on GT6 at the GT Asian Championship 2012.

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DOMination-2079d ago

GT6 will come out at some point probably developed by the world renowned Polyphony Digital.

doogiebear2079d ago

How does the topic of a developer staying tight lipped, become a story worth writing about??

Me-Time2075d ago

If you didn't know already, Kaz got a lot of grief for not being 100% certain about EVERYTHING. This is news because of that. We now know that there will be less "news" to an extent coming from PD for GT6 than there was about GT5.

chasegarcia2079d ago

just finished playing gt4 on my pc with xbox controller. Gold license is hard! Can't wait fot gt6.

SavageFlamingo2079d ago

It'll be easier to get with a wheel. And tons more fun.

chasegarcia2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I got the Logitech & GT wheel. It takes Gran Turismo to another level.

nik666uk2079d ago

He annoys the hell out of me personally!!

nik666uk2079d ago

so I take it the people who disagreed were happy with all the GT5 delays to make the game 'perfect' as he always said?

AusRogo2079d ago

Na, he probably just doesn't annoy anyone else lol

showtimefolks2079d ago

I think there is a very good chance Sony announce gt6 at gamescom. And fall 2013 release date

The engine is there and so are many fully polished cars now we dont need 1000 cars just give us 200-300 great cars instead of 300 great and 700 generic ones.

GT5 sold quite well and showed it still has the fan base so time to make the best racing SIM on the market

searcam012079d ago

I don't know when GT6 is getting release but it will be awesome when it does. Still playing the crap out of GT5 but some players online don't know how to race properly. Even when I'm not racing and doing free runs, they smash into me even when I pull over to let them pass. Maybe it's my fault cause I drive my EK9 and everybody else just drive cars that are way faster. Anyways, GT5 is still fun. Going to play it right now.

Hicken2077d ago

Yeah, I like to drive the cars I like, regardless of how fast they can go. Everybody just wants to hop in the X-1 or the Veyron. I've recently become partial to the R design Volvo, and even that Beetle that was recently released(had to add ballast so it wouldn't roll in turns).

Every time somebody starts talking about how much fun they have in GT5, I wanna play. So I'll see you guys later.

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