The Most Overrated Games of This Generation

Thinking back throughout the past six years, three editors at considered their personal experiences to bring you what they believe to be the most overrated titles released this generation. What are your picks?

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Whitefeather2076d ago

I wholeheartedly disagree about God of War being over rated. It's not the best game series in the world but it is one of the best. Sure Kratos isn't a deep sophisticated gentleman but it gives us a chance to feel the inner most animal instincts a human can have.

As a child I was always interested in history and the greek mythology stuck out to me the most, so getting to see Zues, Hermes, Helios, etc. in HD and get to kill them.....simply amazing to me. I think it's not your kind of game but it isn't a bad one nor is it badly made. Just not to your liking.

GuyThatPlaysGames2076d ago ShowReplies(11)
Daver2076d ago

That list suck, its not even most overrated games its games that he didnt like...

guitarded772076d ago


If anything, the first Dead Space was underrated... at least initial sales would suggest. Dead Space grew more out of a cult/underground love of the game, and EA took that passion from players of the first and put marketing behind Dead Space 2 to make it a huge franchise.

God of War III is also not overrated. The game was everything GoW fans wanted, with what is arguably the greatest opening in video games. The game performed beautifully on a technical level, the story was epic and the gameplay was smooth. With those qualities, the game is not overrated.

I'll leave Dragon Age alone... it's hard to justify some of the technical glitches throughout the game, and an argument could be made about DA... although, I don't think it was overrated either.

thorstein2075d ago

If there is one thing we can count on to make it to the top of N4G it is flamebait articles like this one. There are generally two types:
1) [Insert game title that sold millions, is universally adored by critics and fans, and is an all around masterpiece of a game] is overrated.
2) Why The [Insert console name that has an install base in the 10s of Millions and is incredibly successful] has failed.

Both should be reported and taken down regularly.

Anon19742075d ago

I couldn't agree more that Dead Space didn't receive enough praise. That game was an absolute masterpiece and one of the best survival horror games I've ever played. I also couldn't get enough of Dragon Age. Playing through this game reminded me of all the things I loved about Baldur's Gate back in the day. God of War 3 was fantastic as well. Bitching about fixed camera angles? Please. And I found the story the most interesting in the series, and Kratos' development as well. I love how they took his character completely over the edge and yet were still able to draw him back to his humanity by the end. Well done.

You want overrated games this gen? How about Halo Retch? Halo 3 was fantastic, but Reach was the blandest, least thought-out entry in the series with boring, repetitive missions, zero characters, no story and cookie cutter weapons. For the first time in the series I found myself struggling to finish that forgettable campaign, only to be kicked in the nuts at the end. It was clear Bungie just phoned in this last entry and hurried to move onto the next project, and yet reviewers threw roses at it's feet. Ridiculous.

And I've never understood the fascination with Far Cry games. "Oooh! It's pretty! You can go anywhere." Yeah..except you can't. I tried again and again to get into the first one, got lost in the jungle, stuck against the side of a mountain with no clue what the hell I was even supposed to be doing and that's usually when I called it quits and went onto something decent. Blech!

And Perfect Dark Zero. Don't get me started on that irritating game. Again, I bought into all the reviewers praise only to sit back in my chair after a couple of hours and ask why I'd just wasting my time on this generic, shooter crap.

And Minecraft. Holy crap, I don't even know where to start on that one. Is it even a game? I can sit and build a castle out of legos, but I wouldn't call that a game.

And as for people always harping on GTA4, you just don't get it. That game was an absolute masterpiece from it's huge scale, varied missions to the absolutely superb voice acting and story. The only thing that hurt that game for me was answering your damn phone all the time. Once I just started ignoring the "let's hang out!" calls the game was fantastic. There was even talk for awhile that GTA4 might be the first game to be nominated for an Oscar in the animated movie category on the strength of it's story telling. Now San Andreas, there's an overrated game, but a little off topic as it wasn't this gen. Compared to GTA3 or Vice city, what a step backwards in terms of missions, story and characters. That's the only Grand Theft Auto I couldn't finish. Right around the time you had to start running all over hell to protect your territory the game just got irritating as hell.

chad22hkd2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I don't know why this author thinks that we care what games he feels is overrated. I mean maybe if so many people felt that way. Like killzone 3 or halo,

It seems a lame attempt at getting hits for his site, or just a very ugly kind of article to write, where he thinks we actually care if doesn't like those 2 games.

Man use your time to write something positive

knowyourstuff2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Sounds like this douchebag author is just butthurt that he sucks at games.

People who hate God of War hate it for this reason - they're pussies and they suck at it.

People who hated Dead Space? They're pussies and they suck at it (and they're too stupid to know how to adjust brightness settings apparently lol).

People who hated Grand Theft Auto? They suck at it, and they have ADD so they can't get anything done in the story, they're too distracted by all the moving cars and walking pedestrians.

People who hate Metal Gear Solid? Overwhelmingly it's because they're stupid, they suck at it, and they're too used to playing mindless point-gun-shooty games that require little to no thinking or strategy whatsoever. It's called look before you leap, as opposed to mindlessly run around thinking you won't get spotted and strategically gunned down.

Get a life you pussies, and stop hating on things you suck at.

Except motion controls, those are balls.

hazardman2075d ago

I have to disagree, Halo Reach is a very good game, better than Halo 3! Your most overrated list consist of Xbox exclusive and a PC/Xbox Live game, why? I smell f....y!

snipes1012075d ago

Why are people bitching about these articles getting so much attention? You click on the fucking thing and give it all the hits - thereby sending it to the front page.

This stuff gets on N4G and becomes popular because you allow it to.

Also - why is everyone so mad?

MaxXAttaxX2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Articles reads: "Subjective Rant About Popular Games I Didn't Like"

The GOW3 rant was laughable. "Kratos is angry. Camera is fixed".
There's a bigger leap in gameplay, graphics and overall design from GOW1 to GOW2 than the last 4 COD games, Halo 2 and 3... which by the way, where are the on the list?

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Eyeco2076d ago

God Of War 3 overrated ....really?

More overrated than EVERY single COD game thats been released this gen ?
More overrated than Halo 3 (the month before that games release was like the media covering the 2nd coming)?
More overrated than GTA 4 ?

The most overrated game i've played this gen was easily Mass Effect 2, seriously what was the big deal with that game ? i thought it was incredibly boring, the emphasis of shooting didn't fit imo the game should have focused on the rpg aspect more than the action.

And im gonna get allot of flak for this but i thought some of the voice acting and parts of the story was incredibly CORNY, my god i thought i was watching a Star Trek parody at one point, i was like..really?

adamant7152076d ago

What would you consider a good game then? Cause Halo 3 and GTA 4 deserved all the praise given to them pre-release and post-release..

And please, popularity ≠ overrated. Get it right sir

TKCMuzzer2076d ago

You must have played a different Halo 3 to me. You are talking about the average graphics, very short story, uninspiring game play and generally no where near as good as the original Halo game? or is there another version your thinking of.

Eyeco2075d ago

i thought Halo 3 was a good game not an amazing one, especially when you go back to the game now its a little dusty, loved Halo 1 and 2 imo those are arguably the best console shooters of all time Halo 3 minus all the robust features hasn't got allot going for it ,the level design is pretty bland you just walk through an empty world at a a snails pace fighting a handfull of enemies its supposed to be a WAR!!

And thats another thing thats always bugged me about the Halo franchise in general is that its supposed to be this epic huge galactic war yet there are like 5-6 enemies on screen, the levels are huge but empty its embarrassing those are a few of my issues with Halo 3 as game.

And now for GTA 4 i'll keep it short and sweet

* Repetitive mission structure, becomes obvious in the 1st 2 hours of the game
*Forgettable characters
*Annoying Characters
*Driving physics suck
*Compared to San Andreas it feels stripped down
*Doesn't expand or refine allot of the gameplay elements that were present in SA, see point above
*Shorter length compared to previous titles but feels longer because of the repetitive missions
*lack of variety
*Soundtrack is pretty bad compared to previous titles

On Metacritic this its the highest rated game of all time, many reviewers gave it a 10 across the board the game felt allot more like a 6-8 bottomline it was overrated.

2pacalypsenow2075d ago

COD 4 was Hyped but for good reason its the best COD game made , after that they went downhill

AzaziL2075d ago


that's the reason why people are pissed with every release from MW2 through BO2, there hasn't been a major leap for CoD since 4.

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stonecold32076d ago

cod halo wwe halo gears ff games wwe games asc series need for speed

camel_toad2076d ago

I can understand the casual and other players enjoying cod but not people that have been playing fps for over a decade. The massive love for Gears of War though I just don't get. The first one was cool enough but honestly after that it was just more of the same - imo very undeserving of the massive fanbase.

TooTall192076d ago

I really like Gears of War. That and Project Gotham Racing were my favorite games to play when I had a 360.

Nimblest-Assassin2076d ago

I think its due to multiplayer that people love gears... my problem with the franchise is it has potential to have a great story... I mean, a band of brothers surviving together, in the wake of civilization being ruined

Instead we get jokes, over the top violence, daddy issues etc...

The expanded stuff has all the things the game should... its this jarring transition where the extended universe is more fit for adults... where as the actual game is fit for teenagers

But the mp is great, and I think thats where the following comes from

MYSTERIO3602076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Would have to agree with you camel_toad gears of war started to lose my interest after 2

tee_bag2422075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Well said camel_toa(d) lol...

Nimblest-Assassin - really..really?? like the Gears story? It's like watching GI Joe from the 80's. How is the story any different or better from Quake or any other game with the tough guy hero talk and alien invasion story? I've seen better voice acting in porno's.

Gears has one of the most unbelievable, uninteresting and unoriginal stories of today.
Seriously, play some other games if you think that's a strong point.

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ALLWRONG2076d ago

You should have just said "I hate whatever Xbox owners play"

Robochobo2076d ago

Dragon Age: Origins? If he knew about how old school western RPG's on the PC's were before that, he might just understand Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best current gen oldschool RPG's to date. Heck, it's one of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of sinking 60 hours into.

Letros2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

lol he says Dragon Age's combat was slow, it's pretty obvious he's never played any old school WRPGs.

coolbeans2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

It's within reason to question that portion, but he could simply be driving a point that (in his mind) "old school" to you or Robo ='s "archaic" to him.

Again, it's annoying to see him just give a vague-ish rant rather than going into detail explaining why this or that seems overrated. It's simply impossible for me to decipher what he means atm.

coolbeans2076d ago

While he mentioned DA's 91 meta on PC, I personally couldn't discern if he played one of the console versions or the PC version. I haven't played the game, but I heard 360 version is pretty nasty in comparison to PC (vanilla).

Robochobo2076d ago

The 360 version works amazingly well, I hadn't yet known that Dragon Age: Origins was out for the PC, because I had bought it a year or two after it was released with little insight into what it was. It might have had technical issues/bugs in the early run, but the fully patched game I got played without a hitch. It's going to be better on the PC, but they didn't skimp out at all when making the console version just as enjoyable. I personally recommend you to get the Complete Edition of the game, it's literally one of the best in depth games avaliable. 60+ hours of what reminded me of KotoR, although with even better character dialogue, a huge amount of world lore that almost puts Mass Effect to shame, and that Western Style RPG feel that really puts emphasis on you making the narration suit your style of game play.

coolbeans2076d ago

It's rather funny to see your post already showed a bit more depth than the guy's rant in the article on DA. XD

Thank you for updating on what I had previously heard for the 360 version.

Robochobo2076d ago

I think I should be the one getting paid to be a journalist eh?

Anyways, get *dat* DA Complete Editon for $20, and you can PM me later :D. Warning though, it's true to its roots, and is extremely difficult if not played by an RPG gamer that knows what he/she 's doing. Other than that the rest is a complete blast.

AngelicIceDiamond2076d ago

I would honestly rate Skyrim as one of the more overrated games this gen. Big Giant world you can fully explore in a matter of a day. fetch quest riddles missions with no real variety. And no matter what you did good or bad there were no real consequence or rewards in the world(excluding daedra quest) just, "Thank you, now here's some gold and a crappy weapon you get at the beginning of the game."

SolidDuck2076d ago

Wait what? That's a horrible horrible list those are some of my favorite games this Gen.

bubblebeam2076d ago

I thought dead space was underrated if anything. I have only played the 1st, and it give it above 9.

I like how he says God of war and every game in the series, that made me laugh. They are well deserving of their ratings. They perfected the hack n slash gameplay.

Dragon age looked good, havn't played it.

I'd say GTA4 definitely, and mass effect 2 and 3.

Roccetarius2076d ago

Perfected Hack & Slash gameplay? I hope you're kidding about that.

bubblebeam2076d ago

no, i thought God Of War did gameplay brilliantly. The boss battles were epic. why would I be kidding? it is MY opinion afterall.
you should instead say what you think, rather than try and make me sound stupid :)

Lord_Sloth2075d ago

Personally I believe the DMC franchise perfected the Hack'n'Slash gameplay.