Ginettas to feature in Project CARS

VVV: "However, the train of WMD branded press releases may be back on track now, as we've just heard that SMS has acquired the rights to include three models from the now-resurgent British sports car company Ginetta in the game.

These new entries into the title will play a part in the game's career mode, with the three cars all being available in the player's rise up the ranks from the entry-level events right up to high-profile races in the GT3 series."

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Xristo2046d ago

Could not resist anymore. I gave in and bought it...the download is 3.4gb. Gonna go grab the son's 360 controller and get ready for some racing. (I wish I had a steering wheel) :(

DrVosknocker2046d ago

I was about to crap my pants by the look of the thumbnail, then I realized the pictures in the article are actual photos.