NGamer preview: Mario Kart Wii moves up a gear into hyper-excitement

Somewhere in the world, most likely floating in-between clouds eight and ten, is the only games journo to have enjoyed hands-on time with Mario Kart Wii.

How'd he infiltrate Ninty HQ? No one knows. Maybe he hid inside one of Reggie's giganto pockets. Whatever, he's the luckiest man on earth, and either way, he's being evilly coy with the details. Fess up!

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wiizy3824d ago

smash bros is looking georgeous and is massive game... cant wait to see the final product that is mario kart.... both games are going to sell massive.

kornbeaner3823d ago

So true, I can't wait for both. I grew up a big Mario fan and now my son loves anything Mario, sunshine, kart whatever has Mario in the title he enjoys it. Must be hereditary :)