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Wii U specs and performance matter, and Nintendo knows this

Kyo Sasaki:

There has been a heated debate back and forth regarding the Wii U’s performance. Is it more powerful than current gen consoles? How powerful? Nintendo never gets into those kinds of discussions, opting instead to point out the unique features of the Wii U. But in today’s gaming world, pretty graphics and high performance sells. To a point. Which begs the questions: 1) does it matter how powerful the Wii U is, and 2) how powerful is it? The short answers to those questions are, 1) Yes, it does matter how powerful the Wii U is, and 2) It’s powerful enough. (Culture, Nintendo, Tech, Wii U)

Shok  +   1117d ago | Well said
They matter, and any Nintendo fan who says specs DON'T MATTER is kidding themselves.

Specs DO matter. They're not EVERYTHING but strong specs certainly help out a lot.

But as the PS1 and PS2 and Wii have proven, nothing is more important than simply having a vast array of games that appeal to everyone, and features of a console can be as equally if not MORE important (CD and DVD capability, motion controls) than specs.

In the Wii U's case, specs are a big deal because it determines the console's third party support, pretty much. So it's more than just graphics, it's more about the support and longevity of a console's life cycle.

It's like having a good tasting dish, that looks unappetizing. Sure it may taste good but due to it's unappealing appearance most people will refuse to try it out. Sure graphics aren't everything but they DO matter in the end.
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Axonometri  +   1117d ago
Well said
Puddlejumper75  +   1117d ago
If specs matter so much how is the weakest console always the winner? How is it the Wii has the highest rated and highest selling game this gen when both the 360 and PS3 are vastly superior tech wise.

Yes being able to do more helps but its not required to be a success. If thats the case most people would have skipped the Wii and SMG wouldnt be better reviewed and have sold better than supposedly superior games.

I'm a PC gamer and the only console I am interested in is Wii U, because I know just like the Wii did, its not going to offer me an same games but inferior experience to the platform I already own. Its going to offer unique content.
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rpd123  +   1117d ago
Because the Wii appealed to the masses and survived off huge press and a gimmicky premise. How many Wii owners actually use their Wii on a weekly, or even monthly, basis? I haven't turned mine on in months. I do however frequently play my other consoles.
Shok  +   1117d ago
All because specs don't determine the winner doesn't mean the DON'T matter.

Read my original post, I basically stated that while they matter, they're NOT the most important thing. I never said they were everything.
mamotte  +   1117d ago
Wrong example, you're gonna get hate.

You should remember sony fans that the PS2 was the weakest of its generation. Buts casually forgotten, you know.
miyamoto  +   1116d ago
... Because you clearly did not understand Shok's post.

Being the less graphically powerful console is not the absolute "winning formula" many ignorant people conclude it to be.

i.e. the SNES was superior in specs than the Genesis yet it prevailed over.

Its how the console system was managed & marketed to people by its company that makes it a success.

Gamers don't know what they want until its shown to them.

Lowest price point, the killer games line up are key but how can these games be made if specs are not good enough?

In the end its the quality of games that more people played on a console system that make it a success. Not some illogical formula that makes no sense.
Eyeco  +   1116d ago
Lets be realistic ,if it wasn't for the controller the wii would have bombed just like the GC
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miyamoto  +   1116d ago
And you failed to comprehend mine XD - two can play that game
.... according to you but not to many of us

Look at these stats

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That says a lot about your ignorant "weakest console win" conclusion.

If the weakest consoles win (according to your definition "win") then was the the SNES weaker than the Sega Genesis?
256 colors against 64?
Was the PlayStation weaker than to the Sega Saturn?
Was the PS2 weaker than the Sega Dreamcast?

You failed to comprehend how lame your question is.

"Why isnt everyone using the most powerful platform PC?"
How can you ask this question?
Have you been hiding under a rock all these years?

Don't you know there is more than 1.1 billion PCs sold in the world and that is not counting the bootleg PCs. And yes even if its not a dedicated gaming console people do play games on them and is used far more often than the Wii.

"Only a Sith deals with absolutes."

And yes hardware specs matter VERY MUCH.
Don't do not ever underestimate the power of hardware specs no matter how "weak" or powerful they are. They are just as important as the games they run.
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thawind  +   1116d ago
How about Gamecube last generation it definitely wasn't a winner.
the bastards  +   1116d ago
Comments about the future consoles.

Sony- jack Tretton ps4 "We've never been first. We've never been cheapest. It's about being the best"

Microsoft- on Xbox 3 or 720 (no comment officially)

generally speaking, vice president Phil Spencer "our ambition is to create an entertainment platform for everyone."

Nintendo- Iwata: Nintendo's basic strategy is to expand the gaming population and make people smile."

In terms of best statements I rank

1. Nintendo, reason being, that's what's always been all about since they started.

2. Microsoft, (aside from being the mystery box of this next generation) the reason being is everyone should be able to game and not just the hard core gamers.

And lastly 3. Sony, the reason being is "We've never been cheapest"

It's that thinking alone that's going to put them into bankruptcy and be the last in terms of console sales. Ps2 wasn't cheap nor was it expensive, nor was it first, and nor was it last.

It was in between, and that's why it was top gamer's choice among from having a streak of blockbuster hits. If sony wants in on being the the ps2 of this next gen they should rethink a new Strategy.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1117d ago
voted well said sir
victoryscreeeeeech  +   1117d ago
U forgot rated E for Everyone
TABSF  +   1117d ago
I agree with Puddlejumper75

Almost every game that comes to PS3 and 360 I can get on PC so they're never a consideration.

Of course there is exclusives like MGS, Uncharted, GT, Halo, Forza and Fable. But 95% of the games are 3rd party so PC is always first option.

Now with Nintendo they make games that play completely differently, sure I got bored of the waggle control and the terrible visuals. However, WiiU provides a complete new aspect of gaming with visuals guaranteed to be better than PS3/360.
miyamoto  +   1116d ago
How can you agree with puddlejumper75?

... Because you clearly did not understand Shok's post.

Being the less graphically powerful console is not the absolute "winning formula" many ignorant people conclude it to be.

i.e. the SNES was more powerful in specs than the Genesis yet it prevailed

Its how well the console system was managed & marketed to people that makes it a success.

Gamers don't know what they want until its shown to them.

Lowest price point, the killer games line up are key. But how can these games be made if specs are not good enough?

Even NES,Gameboy,PS1,PS2 games looked inferior graphically to its contemporary rival console's power, as long as the hardware specs is capable of making the games work & enjoyable experiences,.... then specs matters.

In the end its the quality of games that more people played on a console system that make it a success not some illogical formula that makes no sense.
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1117d ago
The matter of course, but only to a point. I think at this stage, there not quite as important as they once were.
ziggurcat  +   1117d ago
i've said it before, and i'll say it again:

if you have a powerful system, it simply allows for a much more diverse game library. you can have the highly-rendered titles as well as your marios/zeldas/etc...

if you're going to sit there and argue (not you personally, shok, i mean "you're" in the general sense!) that gameplay is all that matters, you're fooling yourself.
FinalomegaS  +   1117d ago
Well said Shok but but the uniqueness that can hook also. The team at Nintendo HQ will hope that the 2nd screen ala tablet will do it for the casual that like stuff like that. The power to run the 3rd party games for the core is the other half.

The core would like to have the specs so they can confirm it is actually a next gen systems or just a minor upgrade.

specs matter to me, I should say rough specs. I know it has a hd gpu, imb powerpc cpu tricore (was this confirmed? )the hd media disc holding 25gigs... SO from that I'm pretty good. If you need to know how many Gflops, terabytes, cycles,maximum sharers and so on it can run during real time performance you are a developer, hardcore pc fanboys, crazy about who's got the best HW,or a no lifer that likes to brag about who's got what.
scissor_runner  +   1116d ago
I think gamers know what they want axel.

"It's like having a good tasting dish, that looks unappetizing. Sure it may taste good but due to it's unappealing appearance most people will refuse to try it out. Sure graphics aren't everything but they DO matter in the end."

This is the single reason why the vita was skipped and many got a wii. The wii looked horrible like your favorite chilli but you are hooked when you try it lol.

If you where looking for hd gaming last gen consoles sure did not taste well once you tried them. 12-20 frames with screen tears every where. Choppy game play which was some how ok now?

Specs don't matter standards do... Nintendo just ignored the shader standard last gen and they are the first console maker to do hd well in hd instead of up scaling... So if specs did matter you would get a pc and you wouldn't have put up with the bad frame rates and poor textures of a so called hd game.

Nintendo pretty much has all the standards down now. They are even introducing new ones. Yet the one standard they always need is replay ability. This is ignored by most of the industry and online play is thrown at gamers.

Also price matters... The ps3s price was only good because you though you got a good price on a blu ray player which was artificially high. If they try that crap again expect ea and activision to go into rape mode. It is all perceived value.
Knight_Crawler  +   1116d ago
@SHOCK - Really is that why Mario Galaxy 2, Zelda Twilight Princes and SSBB out score Resistance 3, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Too Human and Haze.

Mario Galaxy 2 - 97
Zelda Twilight Princess - 95
Super Smash Brothers Brawl - 93

Resistance 3 - 83
Alan Wake - 83
Killzone 3 - 84

Power is better but whats the point of having purty graphics when the gameplay is blan,boring and has 3 hrs worth of cut scenes.

Give me those fun and entering Wii games nay day compared to those boring games on your high powered consoles.
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chad22hkd  +   1116d ago
Of course they matter, graphics gameplay story, it all matters, if you have the best of all those then that makes an amazing game

Though graphics are emphasized over gameplay often which sucks.

But if nintendo doesn't at least make the wii U run 1080p 30 fps, at the least, its going to look like a dinosaur whent the nextbox and ps4 hits.

I think they could still compete if at the very least if could pull of 1080p I wouldn't mind it so much then. I feel nintendo has lost their soul in gaming, no new ip, old gimmicky hardware, thats the appreciation they show their fans,

its all about the almighty dollar, just like blizzard with maybe the most loyal fans in the world, they will be another 5 years before they give us a new world of warcraft game, same with cod, blah blah blah blah game companies really suck sometimes!!!!
_-EDMIX-_  +   1116d ago
Thats nice but the PS1 had a format that pretty much gave birth to those games to being with.

SNES had 8mb

PS1 had 700mb

Thats 87 times the space.

games like FFVII where NEVER going to be made on the N64's small 64mb format. (not like what it was on PS1 anyway)

Mind you FFVII launched on there with 3 disk. Just to show how massive the game was at the time.

Specs matter and they are the reason behind the scope of those games.

ie you can't have a technical marvel like GTA if there isn't even a format big enough for it to get made. It would just had never been made (not in the same way it was made for PS2 anyway)

So yes, specs do matter.
iamnsuperman  +   1117d ago
I like how the specs in this article are reported like they are confirmed. Apart from that Nintendo should now what they are doing. No company should be out of touch. I just hope there confidence in their PR department is well placed because time is ticking.
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Shok  +   1117d ago
Lol yeah I noticed that too. I love how he took that rumor as fact, especially considering how obviously bogus it is.

"768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU"

Anyone who knows the basics of these kinds of things knows how retarded that sentence is lol.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1117d ago
They matter in a fashion, but its rumored the Wii U is 3x as powerful as current HD consoles, its also rumored that the next Xbox and PlayStation are only going to be 5-6x as powerful as the current HD consoles, with simple math, we can see the possibility that the Wii U will only be slightly behind what Sony and Microsoft offer next generation. We probably wont even notice much on 3rd party games to be totally honest.

I'm dying to play some of those Nintendo IP's in HD, so the Wii U is a definite buy for me anyway. Little food for thought though, the strongest console has NEVER won a console generation.
awi5951  +   1117d ago
I think im done with consoles for awhile. Pc gaming is so much more fun. And consoles are becoming more and more closed and microsoft is even trying to close off the pc with windows 8. I just dont trust these guys and DLC prices are gettting higher and higher.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1117d ago
I don't even own a PC, I've been a console gamer since 1986. I don't see that ever changing, the industry has changed, but you just need to adapt.
awi5951  +   1117d ago
I dont have to accept anything. Just because your mommy and daddy pays for overpriced call of duty map packs for you doesnt mean i will. Pc is where its at right now console graphics look really dated 3 years ago. Ill take my mod support over DLC any day. For example console version of elder scroll skyrim is a total joke compared to PC. Do you guys have brand new armors, weapons, Character, and spells by the thousands. Do console have total graphic overhauls for the game no.
FinalomegaS  +   1117d ago
I will agree with you on the DLC bit... This nonsense has to be looked into. These companies selling a game 70% to consumer with the 30% in DLC..wtf.

SO i try and get 1000 achievements points and stop there. Or just get the GOTY edition...
DeadlyFire  +   1116d ago
I agree with awi5951.

Personally I believe this is why Sony has sided with an x86 CPU for PS4. To emulate more of a PC like experience for gamers.

What Microsoft is doing with Windows 8 is both good and bad if you look at it from a distance. On one hand they are enabling games to utilize 100% of your PC hardware backbone with a new API like design built into Windows 8. On the other the PC experience might be limited by Microsoft if a developer says I am going to use Xbox Live - PC edition instead of STEAM. Basically its games for Windows live 2, but they would rather call it Xbox Live. They believe Xbox created PC gaming apparently.
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Blastoise  +   1117d ago
Of course they matter, I need to know my system is gonna last me a while, and has some power behind it.
scissor_runner  +   1116d ago
Here we have developers claiming this gen lasted too long... The elephant in the room is those systems where to weak to last this long.

Sales are falling off yet people are buying $600 phones for gaming if you ask the press. I mean every one knows that the old he consoles where sd consoles trying to display he by upscaling. This will be the true he gen.
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TABSF  +   1117d ago
Specs have not been confirmed by Nintendo. GDC and Gamescon is happening in Germany over the next week starting Monday so Nintendo may announce the release date, games, specs and models, ect.

My opinion on spec based on rumours and so called 'dev kits and talk'

CPU: completely unknown but very much doubt its based of 360 Xenon. Got to be 32nm or 22nm
RAM: 'Dev Kits' say 3GB, its got to be over 1GB at least
GPU: AMD confirmed, doubt it will be 40nm most likely 28nm. If it is evergreen I'd hope its HD 5770 based (800SPs/40TMUs/16ROPs)

If I was to predict the specs for a non crazy price.
CPU: 4-Core IBM Power7 32/22nm
RAM: 2GB GDDR5 128bit shared CPU-GPU
GPU: AMD Juniper XT (800SPs/40TMUs/16ROPs) 40/28nm
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yabhero  +   1117d ago
On the GPU... If you read on Nintendo's site it says AMD Radeon HD based which mean a 6000/7000 as the ones before that are called ATIs...
Also Nintendo signed a deal with green hill software and the only GPU they support is a E6760... It's essentially a low comsumption 6750... Which is close to the 6770 which is newer than the 57770 u mentioned
fossilfern  +   1116d ago
If the GPU is true thats not bad for a console. I hope its priced accordingly because you can get a 6750 for around £70. So with them buying in bulk that should bring the price down a good bit.
Ck1x  +   1117d ago
Of course specs matter, but only to the point where it allows Nintendo to offer a very similar experience to it's competitors. Comparing specs down to the last mhz and RAM chip is just pointless. Sony fans would have you believe that the PS3 is twice as powerful than the 360 and while many 1st party games do look better than games on the 360. It's not that drastic of a visual increase though to say it's twice as powerful...
Droid Control  +   1117d ago
of course they matter. Otherwise whats the point in upgrading.

Might as well play on your amstrad if you don't care about GPU,CPU, or RAM/

The better the specs, the more potential for new gameplay experiences. Personally, i'd rather have 16 core CPU, 8GB og RAM, and a kickass graphics card over a pad with a small LCD screen in its center any day of the week...
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Knight_Crawler  +   1116d ago
Your missing the point everyone is down on the Wii U case because rumours have it that its just a tad bit more powerful than the 360 and PS3 which to me is not a bad thing since the 360 and beast are still beast of machines.

If Nintendo can keep the same formula that they bring with there 1st party games plus have 360 and PS3 specs then that a win for me becuase it means that Nintendo can give more great game like Mario Galaxy 2 but with more room for innovation.
capcock  +   1116d ago
16 core cpu? are u high? not even 8 are utilized for gaming, barely 4 for many games. Get a gaming rig, wii u won't be super duper powerful since it must be at a price that's appealing and affordable to average people.
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junglebear   1116d ago | Spam
StraightedgeSES  +   1116d ago
Specs should matter to the companies but not to the consumers.
#11 (Edited 1116d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
StraightedgeSES  +   1116d ago
I should have added more. What i meant to say is specs should not matter to console owners since we have no say what gets put into a console.
Smokingunz  +   1116d ago
Yes specs does matter to an extent, it plays a large enough role to determine support for that particular console! Anyway, iv been keeping up with the wii u specs and it's pretty much a given that the wii u is "way" more powerful than the current gen! The only thing that I think Nintendo should've done better is they could've at least used 2.5 to 3 gigs of ram! Also, I would really like to know how many threads per core the wii u will be using? As far as the gfx go's they're using a raedeon chip from 2010 that is customize for 2012 that says a whole lot! Which is even more fact that the 720 and ps4 they all won't be that much different in gfx! Unless they're going to use a more recent chip that was developed in either 2011 or 2012 which I doubt that'll be, unless they want to take a big loss on each console sold which I doubt they'd want to do.
yabhero  +   1116d ago
Here's the specs basically...
Tri core (could be 4 but we don't know) Power7 based CPU at 3GHz
8 threads
AMD E6760... This GPU is practically confirmed... Look it up it's about the power of a 6750 just cheaper with lower power composition.
1 DDR5 System RAM
ARM chip used for for tablet streaming
DSP sound chip that takes a load of the CPU...
Those are the specs...3.5 times the preformance but because of tablet expect 2.5-3
LostDjinn  +   1116d ago
Hahaha. Oh yeah. Completely legit!

DDR5 System RAM? A RISC based chip hooked to RAM with that sort of delay? I nearly wet myself I laughed so hard.

I promised an Admin' I'd keep things broad and ambiguous but I have to thank you. (It's more fun this way)

That made my day.
yabhero  +   1116d ago
Well excuse me for typing from an iPhone... I meant DDR3...
GDDR5 for the GPU as its built into the same die
a411411  +   1116d ago
Its nice to see Nintendo is finally getting HD with a more powerful console, but honestly i feel they should work on their online infrastructure. I cant seem to picture any in depth online activity coming from Nintendo(Voice chat, Messaging system)etc. I hope they focus on the online elements after the release of their new console because using online wii codes to find friends is bad.
dubal-e  +   1116d ago
Its a very powerful system. I'm not worried. They're not worried. Next topic.....
sway_z  +   1116d ago
I've been gaming for decades, and in the 90's gamers only cared about which console had the better games. Back then it was less about console fanboyism, people would just get both or switch.

I currently own a PS3 because (for me) it's where I find the games I want to play....but, had 360 or wii had the Drakes, GOW's and other Sony exclusives I enjoy..I'd have migrated to any one of them long ago.

It should never be about the console you play on, it should be about the games...anything else is just dumb founded ignorance.
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Lucretia  +   1116d ago
u know whats crazy too.....u woulda figured the wii woulda had the best games since it was the weakest therefor easiest to dev for, so it shoulda had the best games.....but it didn't. Gameplay wise it failed hard.

sad to say but the ps3 is the system with the most good games, and anyone contesting to that fact should prove me wrong
deletingthis34675334  +   1116d ago
I have just learned that fanboys on N4G.com are the gamer equivalent of religious zealots. Who gives a fuck if one system has the games you like the most? All it matters is that people are playing they games they want regardless of platform. If anything, it is the fanboys that are missing out on many great games because they are too stupid to look beyond their little comfort zone.

What games are you talking about, by the way? The same old Uncharted 2, God of War III, Resistance 2, Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Motorstorm that fanboys on this website have been shoving down everyone's throat as if they are gospel? Oh, nvm the other games on other platforms like Amnesia, Guild Wars II, The Witcher, Torchlight, Bastion, Alan Wake, Zelda, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros., it's all about the almighty Sony PS3, despite that I personally HATE Uncharted 2. Oh but you are telling me that I am wrong for not liking your favorite run of the mill third person shooter with no depth and no substance? Get the fuck out. You are a nobody, you retarded sack of shit.
sway_z  +   1115d ago
WOw!! that segaknuckles86 dude is high in greenzone...spikes!!!
Lucretia  +   1116d ago
obviously nintendo knows this. If the wii-u specs were that amazing they would have published them because it would be a huge selling point.

but if you keep people in the dark with wonder then if its not what everyone hyped it to be its too late because they already bought it....sorta like the original wii.
chukamachine  +   1116d ago
I don't think the wii u will sell anywhere near the wii.

But i really want to see a new and updated versions of.

Mario Kart
Super mario bros and galaxy.
Getowned  +   1116d ago
ughh I was hoping to see actual specs, and not another one of these articles -_-
deno  +   1116d ago
Honestly, my favorite console this gen was the wii. Donkey kong country, kirby: return to dream land, mario galaxy 1 & 2, silent hill: shattered memories, cursed mountain, muramusa: demon blade, zenoblade, zelda: sky ward sword, metroid prime 3, metroid: other m, monster hunter tri, red steel 2, resident evil umbrella chronicles, fragile dreams, sonic colors, dead space: extraction, house of the dead: over kill, tatsunoko vs capcom, super mario bros wii, the conduit 1 & 2. Nintendo provided numerous games for the wii.

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