Why I Think Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery (Or Why Some Gamers Need to Chill Out)

SPC writes, "Not to be confused with my article entitled Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, this piece comes fresh off Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya stating on Twitter that Superbot's upcoming Super Smash Bros.-esque party fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a "ripoff." It is not so much about the offhand Twitter remark either. No, it is the embarrassing reaction from both sides of platform zealots partaking in console wars and the ensuing bloodbath that followed that was the thing that got me hot and bothered. This article delves into recent games or ideas that were developed that received games or ideas inspired by them, whether in mechanics or premise, and why it is okay to have "copycats.""

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prototypeknuckles1953d ago

smash bros ripped off out foxxies, and playstation allstars ripped off smash

ziggurcat1953d ago

and all FPS' are just rip-offs of castle

joab7771953d ago

Yeah, they are called genres. I don't understand any of this. It's a brawler game. I am just surprised that it hasn't been done more.

TheFinalEpisode1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I'm excited for this because I love SSB and Sony so what's the point of shooting a game down for copying another? Just don't buy it if that somehow makes the game less fun for you...

Ilovetheps41953d ago

I'm actually on kind of the opposite side of the spectrum. I am glad that they finally created a Super Smash using Sony characters, but they didn't copy it enough. Instead they tried to be unique by only letting you knock someone out using a super. I don't think it's bad that they tried to be unique, but I think they tried to be unique in the wrong way.

Outside_ofthe_Box1953d ago

***"they didn't copy it enough"***


telekineticmantis1952d ago

In Smash Bros people would always steal Kills, by letting you do all the work walking up and charge attacking the guy you're beating up, in Playstation allstars you have to earn your win.

I'm actually happy, Sony entered the genre not only with their own game, but trying to evolve it from just a mindless brawler to a more skill required brawler.

Like the Article said Genre's are necessary, We wouldn't have Zelda without Hydlide, no Mario without Pacland, no Donkey Kong without SpacePanic. The Originators allow some of the greatest games to be made.

Axonometri1953d ago

Yeah... there is not one single case in video game history where one company copied or even borrowed an idea from another in any way. (cough cough)

Phil321953d ago

Yep. That is exactly the ending point of the article!

Axonometri1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Where you hit the nail on the head... Without borrowing ideas or "clones," in the industry, how would advances or innovation take place. Few ideas are 100% new never before seen creative masterpieces. It's called Evolution. Which leads to innovation. Which leads to...

Puddlejumper751953d ago

You couldnt have misunderstood what was said any more than that. You're insulting the guy for agreeing with someone who said the EXACT same thing you did

Puddlejumper751953d ago

Oh that was you.nm I dont have my glasses on. Looked like you said Were you hit in the head with a nail.
My bad.

Soldierone1953d ago

I guess no one remembers the sega Genesis and its 50 different variations of Mortal Kombat? Honestly you had fighting dinosaurs to superheroes.....and no one complained. Look at FPS titles, most of them clone one thing or another, even COD got a lot of its ideas from other games.

Yet Sony decides to make All-Stars (A game the fans have been begging for none-the-less) and all hell breaks loose....

cr33ping_death1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

i think most people are just mad that we fans (the ones who wanted this game) got what we have long been asking for and finally get it this Oct. jealousy...maybe?

Phil321953d ago

I think it's just a sect of overly defensive fans who think (maybe or maybe nor rightfully so) that Sony takes a lot of ideas from Nintendo and see PSASBR as another shameless copy. *shrugs*

I'm outta bubbles to comment, so time to hit the gym.

smashcrashbash1953d ago

No one cared when anyone 'ripped off' Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or Battle Arena Toshinden at all but everyone seems extra concerned about this. Why?

Outside_ofthe_Box1953d ago

Because those aren't PlayStation exclusive, that's why.

Getowned1952d ago

Thats exactly what it is though,because it's Sony. Sony's not allowed to copy from other games, but for anyone its ok.. People just want to play the victim. I see games copying from each other all the time but it only became a problem when Sony did it. I think games should copy from each other to an extent, besides hopefully Sony Smash bros can push Nintendo to make a better SSB game, nothing wrong with compilation. Really someone needs to start pushing Nintendo, Nintendo really needs to get its rear in gear for next gen this gen for Nintendo was a hardcore gamers nightmare I don't care what their sales numbers say.

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