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Submitted by Phil32 1279d ago | opinion piece

Why I Think Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery (Or Why Some Gamers Need to Chill Out)

SPC writes, "Not to be confused with my article entitled Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, this piece comes fresh off Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya stating on Twitter that Superbot's upcoming Super Smash Bros.-esque party fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a "ripoff." It is not so much about the offhand Twitter remark either. No, it is the embarrassing reaction from both sides of platform zealots partaking in console wars and the ensuing bloodbath that followed that was the thing that got me hot and bothered. This article delves into recent games or ideas that were developed that received games or ideas inspired by them, whether in mechanics or premise, and why it is okay to have "copycats."" (Culture, Industry, Kinect, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Playstation Move, PS Vita, PS3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

prototypeknuckles  +   1279d ago
smash bros ripped off out foxxies, and playstation allstars ripped off smash
ziggurcat  +   1278d ago
and all FPS' are just rip-offs of castle
joab777  +   1278d ago
Yeah, they are called genres. I don't understand any of this. It's a brawler game. I am just surprised that it hasn't been done more.
TheFinalEpisode  +   1279d ago
I'm excited for this because I love SSB and Sony so what's the point of shooting a game down for copying another? Just don't buy it if that somehow makes the game less fun for you...
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Ilovetheps4  +   1278d ago
I'm actually on kind of the opposite side of the spectrum. I am glad that they finally created a Super Smash using Sony characters, but they didn't copy it enough. Instead they tried to be unique by only letting you knock someone out using a super. I don't think it's bad that they tried to be unique, but I think they tried to be unique in the wrong way.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1278d ago
***"they didn't copy it enough"***

telekineticmantis  +   1278d ago
I think this is the perfect design for a Brawler
In Smash Bros people would always steal Kills, by letting you do all the work walking up and charge attacking the guy you're beating up, in Playstation allstars you have to earn your win.

I'm actually happy, Sony entered the genre not only with their own game, but trying to evolve it from just a mindless brawler to a more skill required brawler.

Like the Article said Genre's are necessary, We wouldn't have Zelda without Hydlide, no Mario without Pacland, no Donkey Kong without SpacePanic. The Originators allow some of the greatest games to be made.
Axonometri  +   1279d ago
Yeah... there is not one single case in video game history where one company copied or even borrowed an idea from another in any way. (cough cough)
Phil32  +   1279d ago
Yep. That is exactly the ending point of the article!
Axonometri  +   1279d ago
Where you hit the nail on the head... Without borrowing ideas or "clones," in the industry, how would advances or innovation take place. Few ideas are 100% new never before seen creative masterpieces. It's called Evolution. Which leads to innovation. Which leads to...
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Puddlejumper75  +   1278d ago
You couldnt have misunderstood what was said any more than that. You're insulting the guy for agreeing with someone who said the EXACT same thing you did
Puddlejumper75  +   1278d ago
Oh that was you.nm I dont have my glasses on. Looked like you said Were you hit in the head with a nail.
My bad.
Soldierone  +   1278d ago
I guess no one remembers the sega Genesis and its 50 different variations of Mortal Kombat? Honestly you had fighting dinosaurs to superheroes.....and no one complained. Look at FPS titles, most of them clone one thing or another, even COD got a lot of its ideas from other games.

Yet Sony decides to make All-Stars (A game the fans have been begging for none-the-less) and all hell breaks loose....
cr33ping_death  +   1278d ago
i think most people are just mad that we fans (the ones who wanted this game) got what we have long been asking for and finally get it this Oct. jealousy...maybe?
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Phil32  +   1278d ago
I think it's just a sect of overly defensive fans who think (maybe or maybe nor rightfully so) that Sony takes a lot of ideas from Nintendo and see PSASBR as another shameless copy. *shrugs*

I'm outta bubbles to comment, so time to hit the gym.
smashcrashbash  +   1278d ago
No one cared when anyone 'ripped off' Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or Battle Arena Toshinden at all but everyone seems extra concerned about this. Why?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1278d ago
Because those aren't PlayStation exclusive, that's why.
Getowned  +   1278d ago
Thats exactly what it is though,because it's Sony. Sony's not allowed to copy from other games, but for anyone its ok.. People just want to play the victim. I see games copying from each other all the time but it only became a problem when Sony did it. I think games should copy from each other to an extent, besides hopefully Sony Smash bros can push Nintendo to make a better SSB game, nothing wrong with compilation. Really someone needs to start pushing Nintendo, Nintendo really needs to get its rear in gear for next gen this gen for Nintendo was a hardcore gamers nightmare I don't care what their sales numbers say.
PopRocks359  +   1278d ago
Just because it's a rip-off (which it is) doesn't mean it will be a bad game. This will probably largely turn off Nintendo fans. I'm not particularly interested because I'd rather wait for the fourth installment of Smash Bros.

As for those who truly believe this game is not a rip-off at all, exactly what is it doing? The power meter concept? Isn't that already taken from the Marvel vs. Capcom games?

So far this looks like Smash Bros. with Sony characters and different health/super move system and that's about it. I'm not really seeing what's unique about it.

Yes there are other franchises that rip-off other games, but it's how they present them in new ways that impresses me. Mario Kart is a staple in video game history, but look at what new ideas came from it; Diddy Kong Racing had a racing adventure, Crash Tag Team Racing had racer merging and the next Sega all-Stars racing has transformations based on the environment (yes, Diddy Kong Racing had environmental vehicles, but they did not change on the fly).

Basically, I wanted this game to try something (if only gimmicky) to be really different, but as far as I see, it doesn't. I reckon all the responses I will get are going to "correct my ignorance" but whatever. That's just my take on the matter.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1277d ago
All you people see is 4 characters on screen and think it's the same.
If you played the Beta, which I'm sure you haven't, you'd realize that the gameplay is nothing alike.
You have to hustle and earn your KOs. Each character has their unique moves and abilities as seen in their respective games.
It's FUN.

Is it ripping off Nintendo characters and themes? No.
Ripping off the mechanics and combos? No.
Ripping off the gameplay rules? No.
Ripping off the art style? No.
So how is it a "rip off"? Just because it's in the same genre?

You people need to understand what a GENRE is. Similar, but not identical.
Not every game in the same genre does something entirely innovative. You're just looking for an excuse.
We wouldn't have Zelda without Hydlide. No Super Mario without Pacland. No Donkey Kong without Space Panic.
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PopRocks359  +   1277d ago
That doesn't explain why the combat looks identical, or why the concept is exactly the same, or why the developers were stupid enough to take a photo of their studio showing a Wii with a blurred out image of Smash Bros. Brawl being played on a TV.

Different mechanics doesn't change the gameplay enough to justify it as an entirely new game. If that were the case, each NSMB would be considered different on the grounds that it has different power-ups. Or rather each Call of Duty is a completely different game on the grounds that each one has new maps and perks.

Look, you can enjoy the game, but don't kid yourself by saying it isn't derivative. Playstation All-Stars is nothing but derivative.
PopRocks359  +   1276d ago
@NathanExplosion comment below

Thank you for putting words in my mouth. The games are, in my opinion, too similar. I'm sorry that this apparently offends you.

Smash Bros. is not even remotely similar to Sonic the Fighters. That sort of comparison is completely ridiculous.

I never said they were not allowed to play Smash Bros. But if are they even ATTEMPTING to wipe the stench of "rip-off" off of their shoulders? Apparently not since they were careless enough to allow such a photo of their studio to show up on the internet.

The only one here with the logic (and attitude) of a ten year old is yourself. Don't get so upset just because I have a different viewpoint from yours.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1276d ago
Get the feeling you're avoiding some of the other points I've made....
Too similar? Weak argument. I’ve played other games more similar than this in the past.
Funny thing is, there are people like you saying “it’s too similar” and other people who fault it for “not being similar enough”.

You won’t get anywhere if you attempt to play the game like Smash. And you’d realize that the gameplay is different if you played it.
But of course, that doesn’t matter to you, does it. All you care about is the fact that you see 4 popular characters on screen fighting.

Maybe SuperBot doesn’t mind people knowing that they play Smash Bros, because why try to hide it. They even said that they were Smash fans before. So what exactly is the problem?
Maybe they don’t care about what haters on the internet think. They care more about what the fans that actually want this game.
There are people that made up their minds from the beginning to hate this game and want to make a big deal out things, so why bother.

And you said that the concept was exactly the same. And I asked what “concept”?
- Is it the concept that mashes mascots and/or popular characters together? Because that has been done before with games like ‘Sonic The Fighters’, ‘Fighters Megamix’, MvC, etc. Because, if so, that would be a very weak argument.
- Or is it simply the concept that it’s a 4 player brawler? Because that would also be a weak argument.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1277d ago
You can't be serious.
It "looks" the same because you haven't played it.
That's like saying all FPS war shooters or JRPGs look the same. Aren't they all the same concept anyway? It's called a GENRE!
You have the logic of a 10 year old.

And what concept are you talking about?
Is that the same concept that Nintendo took from Sega's "Sonic The Fighters" or "Fighters Megamix" using mascots and mashing franchises together? Or every other mash-up fighting game that has existed before?

What's wrong with the developers playing Smash Bros?
A lot of us enjoy Smash Bros actually. Are they not allowed to play it?

Different mechanics, combos, rules, design, characters and themes DO make it a new/different game. More so than other games.
I'll say it again. You people need to understand what a GENRE is. Similar, but not identical.
Not every game in the same genre does something entirely innovative.

I'm sure you have played plenty of games that are "nothing but derivative" of other games yourself. Games that have evolved from others. That's how things work in life. Your phone, TV, car and whatever else you play, came from something.

We wouldn't have Zelda without Hydlide. No Super Mario without Pacland. No Donkey Kong without Space Panic.
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ShinMaster  +   1276d ago
What are you trying prove?
Is every 2D fighter is a Street Fighter rip off as well?
How about side-scrolling beat em ups?
Is Super Mario a Pac-Land rip off?
Is The Legend of Zelda a Hydlide rip off?
Are all war FPSs rip offs?
They're the same concept. So does that make them rip offs or not as good? Come on now, don't be so narrow minded.

The thing is, it didn't matter what approach SuperBot took. Whether they made a game like Smash Bros, MvC or Power Stone, it was never going to be safe from the haters calling it a rip off.

Smash Bros has 'king of the hill' gameplay.
It doesn't have PlayStation characters and themes, a Marvel Vs Capcom-type combo system and KOs by Super moves with NO RING-OUTS like Battle Royale.
The design is different. The characters and stages are different. The gameplay mechanics and rules are different.

There aren't that many popular 4-player brawlers in the market like FPSs or W/JRPGs. Which is why this game may stand out as a nothing but a rip off to you.
Sure, it DOES borrow from Smash Bros. It's in the same genre obviously. But it has plenty of its own unique implementations to make it its own game.

Where were you haters when 'Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble' came out? Or 'Digimon Battle Arena' . . . 'Battle Stadium' . . . 'Punch Time Explosion' . . . 'Dream Mix TV' . . . 'Jumpe Super Stars' or any of those other brawlers came out?
Hmmm PS3 exclusive . . . PS characters . . . Of course! It all adds up! It's a double standard!

I remember when gaming magazines in the 90s would call any FPS a Doom clone. It sounds ridiculous now and still is.
Games evolve by utilizing, changing and/or expanding on pre-existing ideas, game after game.
Get over it!
Chidori  +   1278d ago
Yes it pretty much looks like a rip off. Yes I'm a huge Nintendo fan. Yes I'm a huge Smash bros fan. Yes I'll be getting PS All Stars. Why? Because if it really is anything like Brawl, I will definitely enjoy it. It should be enough to satisfy me until Smash bros 4 is out at least.

I understand that it's way too early to judge, but I think it's safe to say that Sakurai and his team + Namco will make the better game. Brawl was amazing in my books. The only issues I had with the game was the character balancing and the lag-plagued online. With a much bigger development team helping out with every aspect of the game *including balancing*, a real online network put all together to work in glorious HD, I am expecting Smash Bros 4 to be a masterpiece.
boybato  +   1278d ago
having played the beta you will be glad hlthat i haven't encountered any lag.... yet. a few disconnects though it might be because of a bug
MaxXAttaxX  +   1277d ago
That's the thing. It's nothing like Brawl.
reznik_zerosum  +   1278d ago
postmodern era make us see rip-offs like homages and flattery,untalented mediocrities that can only steal from others is everything we have today.
Adolph Fitler  +   1278d ago
Exactly...If Nintendo hadn't "ripped off", Sega's Powerstone with SSB's, then Nintendo fanboys wouldn't have one of the most overated game series in there catalogue.

Sony really are the sole target of all this "rip off", "non-innovative" fangirl dross. It is pathetic, & hateful, litte, Nintendo extremist fangirls seem to be the main ones throwing fuel & matches around in Sony's direction.

Them & the ever intoxicatingly toxic American mass media that seem intent of bashing Sony continiously with doom & gloom, & hate articles, to better MS's chances of being if not THE no. 1 force in the console world, at least ahead of Sony.
People need to understand that EVERY (& every is really only 2 home consoles & the Lynx handheld, please someone correct me if wrong) U.S. based console manufacturing company prior to MS's entry, has failed miserably (at least), & I believe both went belly up & none ever made it past a single gen., let alone getting the chance to have another crack, a gen. later.

So, it is damnwell un-patriotic not to support there home owned (Turkish, Chinese & every other 3rd world county, manufactured), companies home gaming console.
It makes sense, & really is the ONLY reason I can muster up as to why Sony has copped such a biased media beat up, that I believe is a black spot, backwards step, & blip on the radar of gaming, gamers & the mass media in general. An embarassment, that made the media look as stupid as they are, & the fangirls of anyside look more stupid than that, as well as petty nerds that depicted gamers as a whole as no-life losers.

Everyone knows Sony is a great gaming company (it's all there other departments that are struggling), & propaganda from U.S. based mass media went a long way to swaying the average casual gamer into voting another way, buying the cheaper machine, thus lowering Sony's sales of PS3, compared to it's last 2 offerings, even though what was being offered was a more featured, superior machine in every aspect.

I will say this, what sucks about the whole taking liberties from, or "ripping off" for the more simple minded, is that thanks to Nintendo's "less is more", last gen. tech in a shiny new box, with silly controller, it means, & anybody who thinks Sony & MS haven't taken notice of the fact Nintendo dominated this gen. by offering the aforementioned gimmicky controller with a re-wrapped PS2/Xbox1, is stone cold crazy.

Bet your wives used underpants that all 3 next gen consoles are going to under-deliver on specs in a big way & instead opt. for some niche, gimmick to try ensure sales dominance.
I think the upcoming gen is gonna fool us for the 1st 12months, but then we are gonna go, "holy sh1t, we've been had", as the machines will already look & feel FAAAAR outdated after that initial "WOW", 12month period.
And, there won't be anything that blows us away like Unchartered & Gears did this gen.
Already, Nintendo have backpedled & sold us some crap about how 1st gen games will run at 720p & 60fps........doesn't PS3 & 360 already do that???? Yep, me thinks so. In fact, SSDHD, WipeoutHD to mention 2 PSN titles, already do better than that, running at 1080p & 60fps.
Nintendo knows already that there machine will do the sta....sta....sta....sta...sta ....sta... stutter rap, if they try running anything in 1080p x 60fps.
Nintendo are once again, up to old tricks in giving us a re-shelled 360 or PS3 with another gimmicky controller.

And look for all your favorite console sequels to follow this 1 step forward, 2 steps back approach.
HawtSkull  +   1278d ago
Um.......... Capcom made Power Stone, and Power Stone came out after SSB. Not only that but those two games' fighting mechanics are nothing alike. Power Stone was a 1v1 game in a 3d arena while Smash is a 4 player fighting game on a 2d arena. Also Power Stone released in arcades February 25th 1999 and SSB released on 64 January 21st 1999.
Getowned  +   1278d ago
"Bet your wives used underpants"

Ok, but I just want to know why you want my wife's used underpants ...
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Enigma_2099  +   1278d ago
When a game is imitating or ripping off a game I never liked for in the first place, I have no reason to care.
CWVita03  +   1278d ago
I can't wait to play All-Stars in public...the nintendo fanboys are going to flip LOL
Drainage  +   1278d ago
They copied it and they didnt even do THAT right. If youve seen the gameplay on youtube, you would see how atrociously boring the game is.
#12 (Edited 1278d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1277d ago
Sony always taking Nintendo ideas me personally I don't have a problem with that but I just feel like if you gonna copy someone do it better.

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