Mountain Dew & Halo 4 Are Teaming Up

It looks like Mountain Dew and Halo 4 are teaming up, for those that remember back during Halo 3 & Reach launch they had the GameFuel.

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iamnsuperman1835d ago

Mountain Dew that is some terrible stuff. I would be nice one day that these games do not have promotions with something that destroys your insides. But interesting promotion. Hopefully it is something like exclusive armour or something like that

Knight_Crawler1835d ago

iamsuperman - So you would rather MS promote Halo 4 with Milk or Orange Juice -_-

Did you know that too much Milk can be bad for you becuase of the amount of calcium it contains?

iamnsuperman1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Well yes to an extent because products like Mountain Dew, Red bull and Relentless are seriously bad for you especially for young people even in small quantities. I would prefer promotions on Milk or orange juice or other products. They are not perfect but far better for you than mountain dew. Not sure where you stand really???

jdubdoubleu1834d ago

Too much of anything is bad for you.

Zha1tan1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

mountain dew is sugar and water in a can, rotten stuff brah.

lol @ americans getting butthurt over their favourite calorie induced drink.

h311rais3r1835d ago

I'm not American but it's my fav soft drink. I don't drink much but once in a while isn't going to freakin kill you

ALLWRONG1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

You know EU consumes the most energy drinks in the world, right?

@below go look it up if you want it broken down by country. EU means all of it.

Zha1tan1835d ago

Europe is a continent, not a country.

Blankman851834d ago

And now the fanboyism has led to negative speak against a soft drink. This site is retarded

Zha1tan1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I really fail to see what im being fanboyish about lol I like halo, think mountain dew is a horrible drink filled with additives, overloaded with sugar and has far to many calories and its disgusting how they use corprate sponsors like this to get all the kids drinking it and people wonder why obesity rates in children are sky rocketing.... -_-

whats wrong with a glass of ice cold water these days?

Blankman851834d ago

I bet you fail at alot of things

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wwm0nkey1835d ago

Good to see the Halo 4 marketing wheels start to turn :)

prototypeknuckles1835d ago

why team up with mountain dew, because its green, i heard that stuff kills sperm.

Swiggins1835d ago

Technically it can, but it's unlikely, the high concentration of citric acid and high fructose corn syrup his hell on your reproductive organs (as well as the rest of your body)...but you'd have to consume gallons of the stuff for it to really start affecting you...and lets be honest, if you're drinking nothing but gallons of mountain dew, you don't have to worry about sperm because you're never getting laid.

secretcode1835d ago


prototypeknuckles1835d ago

oh okay thanks, because i scratching my head for a second.

secretcode1835d ago

Well that and it's constantly considered a drink that gamers love, and they've capitalized on that concept before with Game Fuel. Frankly I can't stand the stuff.

Xperia_ion1835d ago

I drink a lot green tea which makes me shoot loads, it's awesome :D

ALLWRONG1835d ago

You can use Coca Cola to kill AIDS. Seriously, they tell addicts to dip needles in Coke before they use to help prevent the spread of HIV.

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Knight_Crawler1835d ago

I remember drinking this and eating Pizza back in the days with 5 of my buddies playing HALO CE till 6 in the morning and having a sugar crash for 12 hrs str8.

Now we drink Miller and JD but we still eat the Pizza.

ChunkyLover531835d ago

Makes sense, who doesn't slam some Dew while pulling an all nighter every now and then?

Microsoft should teach classes on how to properly promote a AAA title. Halo 4 is destined to be the biggest exclusive of 2012.

Swiggins1835d ago

Dew is bad for extended play, the buzz you get is inferior to that of a cola, or even a tea, not to mention the stuff runs right through you, so you have to take more bathroom breaks.

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