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DON’T Buy Uncharted 3 Tournament Tickets

RealityPales.org writes: "Like many, I returned to Uncharted 3′s multiplayer after update 1.13 introduced a slew of fresh content – something almost unheard of for a game that launched eight months ago. The highlight of these additions is a new ‘Tournament’ mode, which allows players to gamble their ten allotted tickets each week. Players then have the option of buying more tickets from the PlayStation store – something I find it highly inadvisable, as it’s one of the most despicable DLC ploys in recent memory." (PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

Whitefeather  +   1080d ago
I don't play online much, but from the article I see nothing about you being forced to buy these tickets. Sony's just trying to make some extra money from people who enjoy the online, if you want to participate buy tickets otherwise you can still enjoy the rest of the online. It's not like they're making you pay just to play online.
HebrewHammer  +   1080d ago
Never said they were "making" players. I'm merely illuminating something that a lot of people appear to be confused by. I'm one of the few who embraces DLC, but when you start to charge people for TEMPORARY content like this, it's simply not right.
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Whitefeather  +   1080d ago
The use of ploy made it sound like that's what was implied:

"as it’s one of the most despicable DLC ploys"
A cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one's own advantage.

They're not charging for the temporary DLC they're charging for the tickets to get the points to be ranked in the tiers. The temporary items are just a reward for your rank.
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HebrewHammer  +   1080d ago
I'm well aware of the definition of ploy, and that's precisely what it is. It's an attempt at earning exorbitant amounts of money under the guise of update 1.13. In no way is it synonymous with "force," as you put it. I feel it's misleading.
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-Mika-  +   1080d ago
Who cares! Sony needs all the money they can get so I don't have a problem with this.
HebrewHammer  +   1080d ago
Or, they could make sure the PS4 is awesome.
MAJ0R  +   1080d ago
LOL the double standard... if Microsoft did this people would be all over this with the M$ and say that they are money hungry and screwing over their consumers.

Well I'm consistent with DLC, and this is BS. Seriously, what person in their right mind would buy a stupid ticket to gamble on a game with dead multiplayer that isn't even that good?
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HarryKawkReturns  +   1080d ago
You're just mad because you lost the tester.
dboyc310  +   1080d ago
lol now get ready for the disagrees and the s**t ppl are going to give you for simply implying the obvious. Don't really know what uncharted is trying to become.
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helghast102  +   1080d ago
I've bought the GR, Gold, Item, Reward and XP tickets for White Knight Chronicles II, they last 1 month and I plan to renew them for as long as I keep playing (a long ass time).
Does this upset you?
jimbobwahey  +   1080d ago

I hate to break it to you, but Uncharted 3 has really popular multiplayer that is played by a hell of a lot of people.
kneon  +   1080d ago
So what is the alternative? Do away with tickets entirely? Then whoever plays the most wins, even if they suck. Or they can just limit you to the 10 tickets but then you get whining from people who've used them in the first day or two.

No matter what people will complain.
krisq  +   1080d ago
MS is doing the same with LIVE.
DeadlyFire  +   1080d ago
Temporary content is the whole point of micro transactions I thought.
xAlmostPro  +   1080d ago
You are wrong.

Tournament points do not carry each week tickets however do.

If you do not spend your 10 tickets, next week you will have 20. So you can access gold tier with free tickets, it just takes longer.

The prizes for each tier also change each week however, if you win a tier you get the items forever. Others will not be able to get these unless they re appear as prizes at a later date.

So you do not pay for anything that is temporary at all.

Adding to this, the prizes are just a bonus. The fun part is gaining access to actual tournaments that you must win to actually get the items. So if you choose to buy tickets you are paying to make it easier for yourself to gain access into the tournaments.

You really should think things through before posting as if it's a scam.
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ChronoJoe  +   1080d ago
I think you're kinda mistaken though because as far as I'm aware most decent players could easily get to the gold tier with 50 paid tickets, using 8 paid tickets each week so the Djjin skin costs only about $3.99? I think that's the price of 50 tickets.

Not really too bad, and still you have to earn it plus get the other stuff along the way.

UC3 is fun. I probably won't buy tickets. I want the Carlton taunt and moose head :D
fr0sty  +   1080d ago
Let me get this straight... We have a FREE DLC update that gives a tournament mode which you get 10 FREE tickets each week to participate in, all played on a FREE online network... and people are bitching because they want to charge those who use more than 10 tickets each week?

Some people will bitch and moan about anything. We even have the MS fanboys in here trying to pull the "If MS did this people would be going crazy" crap. I got news for you, they already do. They charge you to play the game online, then in many cases you still have to pay for DLC items. No free tickets to play online each week either... And unlike Uncharted, this applies to ALL games universally. So, those who want to bring MS into this debate, don't. You'll only make yourself look bad.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1080d ago
dude never say anything negative about sony or sony games. It's against n4g religion.
Armyless  +   1080d ago
N4G is a pile of poop.
sjaakiejj  +   1080d ago
Yeah, paying a fee to participate in a tournament is unheard of and completely unacceptable! Oh wait..
E2M  +   1080d ago
I don't think this was aimed at the casual uncharted community, being a regular I breezed myself to gold in ten 10 tickets and play about 3-4 times a week, so I think its your fault not reading into this a little more than you should have, if you can't get 15+ kills in a game it isnt for you tbh.
soljah  +   1080d ago
hh if you had approached writing this article in a more professional manner you would have received a lot less negative feedback.
why not just write the article informing gamers like me who are think about jumping back in to uc3 the pluses and minuses of the tournament system so that we can make our own decision whether the purchase of extra tickets is worth it.
MysticStrummer  +   1080d ago
Good lord. This is a really ridiculous complaint, and no the words "ploy" and "despicable" do not apply. I hope the whining gets turned down a notch or two next gen, but I'm not optimistic that it will. Gamers have ruined this generation for themselves.
Awesome_Gamer   1080d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
joab777  +   1080d ago
I don't find it despicable as if u pay for the dlc, u have to pay more to enjoy itself. That being said, I am not a fan of releasing dlc that allows people with money to take advantage of the system. There's nothing immoral about it, but it's kinda cheesy for a company like naughty dog, especially 8 months later in an attempt to draw people back in.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1080d ago
The biggest 1.13 addition is that of the Tournament System. Each week, you're awarded 10 tickets you can use to enter Team Deathmatch, Three-Team Deathmatch or Hardcore tournaments. However, these aren't tournament brackets like you might be expecting. Instead, you redeem one of your tickets before a match begins and then your individual performance earns you points in the tournament standings -- if your team wins; players on the losing team are awarded zero points.

When the week ends, the points are tallied and you find out where you stand. Do well enough, and you'll be placed in one of the three reward tiers. Players who earn one of these three distinctions are awarded in-game items (costume pieces for bragging rights) or weapons (skinned weapons with mod slots) to use for next week's tournament. Hit the gold tier six times, and you'll be awarded a special skin to rub in your opponents' faces.

"I'm really interested to see the type of gloating that's going to occur from this in our community," Cogburn said. "There's going to be a lot of trashtalking."

If you burn through your weekly allotment of 10 tickets and want more, you can buy them from the PlayStation Store. And fear not -- the number of points earned decreases based on party size (so no rolling groups of badasses) and you can never lose points.


So what I understand is the whole system is simply for bragging rights... to prove who is the best... thus it is called tournament mode

Im not sure if the content is temporary or not... and truth is this whole tournament mode confuses me

Why not a classic mode (Ak47 and Para 9) and two boosters... no treasures

Or, how about an update on the last of us... that game is also going to feature some form of mp... how about info on that?

I think Nd is trying to make Uncharted 3 like tf2... and I honestly do not know how I feel about it... because I don't understand it
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-Alpha  +   1080d ago
^Yeah, they are making it like TF2. From what I understand, you can buy attire that CHANGES stats, which just confuses and unbalances the game more than it already is.

The whole concept is a slap in the face when you think about the fact that they are more concerned with microtransactions and milking the MP community when there is so much they should be fixing and giving to the fans-- an actual classic mode being at top of the list.
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flavorbabies  +   1080d ago
In regards to The Last of Us, keep a close eye on Sony's press conference on Tuesday. They may not share anything MP related but they are on the lineup.
showtimefolks  +   1080d ago
What ever OP gamers just needed things to complain about, no me is forcing you to buy anything

N4g a heaven for those who are cry baby gamers and like to whine about every sinle thing, I bet you it's people like you who buy COD at their face value at launch and tell yourself you getting a good deal

Dlc is art of gaming and going forward it's only get worth so prepare yourself or stop playing games
Fez  +   1080d ago
Why would the people concerned about gamers getting screwed over by massive multinational corporations be the ones who buy COD day 1 telling themselves it's a good deal?

And this whole "oh it's not like they're forcing you to buy anything" is such bullshit. DLC and online content like this is a cheap tactic to get as much money as possible from gamers.

I can't believe the prizes aren't even real either. You're basically paying money to be in with a chance of being able to brag to some losers that you are better than them at a video game.

(reading your comment again I'm not sure whether you think this content is fine or not so this comment is for any apologists who don't see a problem with this type of system)
Jazz4108  +   1079d ago
So i guess if you wany to play uncharted tournament more then ten times a week thsn you have to pay.
spacedelete  +   1080d ago
idiots like you are ruining gaming by justifying these money grabbing tactics it will only get worse and you will be the first to cry about it.

if MS did this you would be all over them and trashing them that they are ripping people off but because its Sony its alright ? hypocrite.
Hicken  +   1079d ago
Considering MS is already charging you to play online in the first place, it's not the same at all.
linkratos  +   1080d ago
The problem with this is the tournament becomes Pay-to-Win. It's what has ruined FIFA Ultimate Team. I hate how greedy companies take great ideas but ruin them with this crap.
Bowzabub  +   1080d ago
This is aimed at the hardcore online players.. Just like CoD Elite. Stop it.
younglj01  +   1080d ago
I'm an hardcore player but I just dont care my standing on the leaderboards.But I agree with you 100%
Bowzabub  +   1080d ago
I mean mainly for the collectibles from the tournaments. You know some of those guys will go all out.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1080d ago
im buying them just to support naughty dog.
Blackpool  +   1080d ago
im sure they have enough money already...
fight4love  +   1080d ago
good luck with dat.....sheep
tweet75  +   1080d ago
well sony sells virtual gambling money for real cash in the homes casino
younglj01  +   1080d ago
Lol I cant believe someone made an article about this.Tournament Mode is an very cool ideal.I spent $1.99 for 10 tickest just so I can reach tier 3.Now I have 6 brought tickets left.And since I usually play plunder I dont have worry about spending anymore money until more tiers are unlock.

But you will have some players spend alot of money because they want too be number one on the leaderboards.ND or Sony not forcing you too buy the tickects if you play as an lone wolf in the tornament mode and spend your free tickets wisely then you wont have too worry about it.This just seems like an non issue article..
dalibor  +   1080d ago
Yeah no doubt it's all optional. Don't see what the big fuss is dlc has been around for a while now. It's 2 bucks wow that's a lot of money. Not. I feel justified paying $2 for 10 more tickets because the update 1.13 is big and guess what... it's a free update. Don't see why there would hate for that. If you don't want more tickets than you don't need to get them. Everything else in the update is free. In other words it's not mandatory to need to get more tickets
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DFresh  +   1080d ago
I'm not buying those stupid tickets.
Just a greedy move by a developer to screw over the gamers.
younglj01  +   1080d ago
How are they screwing you over they give you 10 tickets for free.It not there fault you wasted for tickets or was in a big group.Your points depends on the size of you group less players more points more players less points.

Its your choice too NOT buy these tickets but dont act like someone is forcing you too buy rhem.If they wasn't giving out 10 free tickets a week then you will have an point.So I'm have too disagree with you comment.
doogiebear  +   1080d ago
Will the points stack up? Meaning: if I dont use tickets this week, will they be added to next Weeks tickets?
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dalibor  +   1080d ago
No each week you get 10 more tickets and your previous ones are gone.... unless you purchase the tickets from psn. Now those tickets you will have forever. My question is does your score reset after every week? Meaning would you have to get the bronze, silver and gold again? I think it does though, to get that new skeleton character I think you have to get like 6 golds.
xAlmostPro  +   1080d ago
The tickets do not vanish at all, if this was the case they would not have options to buy '200' tickets.

The tournament points are which reset each week. You gain 10 tickets each week, if you do not spend they stack, i'm guessing there's a maximum of free tickets that you can add up.
Fez  +   1080d ago
The 10 free tickets is actually pretty dodgy. Here is a plausible scenario - people try out the free tickets, they might do pretty well and get up to bronze, maybe silver... they are now invested in the system and could be compelled into buying more when really they didn't even want any in the first place. Smart by sony, but I personally do not like business practices like these.

I hate when people say "no one is forcing you to buy anything" - it's such a cop out when people realise a shady deal is going down. Microsoft monthly contract for an xbox is another example of consumers getting screwed over... but at least we're not being forced to buy anything...
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TooTall19  +   1080d ago
The fact this dlc exists makes the tournaments worthless. They had a great idea and turned it into seeing who is the top player willing to spend money.
jjb1981  +   1080d ago
Some booooooooolsh*t....
slutface  +   1080d ago
who cares? then dont fucking buy anything lol. ND is despicable? capcom is the king of despicable dlc.
zoks310  +   1080d ago
How about we don't visit the website called "realitypales.org"?
Stop telling people what and what not to buy with their own hard earned income.
Aside from that, if you are still play U3 mp, then guess what, Sony considers you a core fan of the game and knows that you will pay them for additional content 8 months after release, no harm in this.

These tickets are not made for the herd of gamers out there, it was designed for the finest core of Uncharted 3 mp fans.
Knushwood Butt  +   1080d ago
I've got Mahjong Fight Club for the Vita (Konami), and if you want to play it online you HAVE to buy online tickets for every match.

Quick, someone create a headline grabbing title that links to some garbage web site for some easy hits...
bubblebeam  +   1080d ago
Oh its garbage because it is about a Sony game? The guy himself even said he is a ps3 and PC gamer only, yet becuase he finds this DLC is bullcrap, he has a garbage website.

I loved all 3 Uncharted games, but even I can admit that this is a terrible act. Why introduce gambling into games with real life money? I know some people have problems with gambling (I don't, but I know for a fact it is a HUUUUGE problem in this world). I know it is optional, but it seems as though they are taking advantage of the weak minded.

Any game that gives rewards for using REAL money is despicable. I just hope that people don't boycott the game itself, as it is an excellent game. This is where I draw the line though, I don't care whether its sony, microsoft or nintendo.
Knushwood Butt  +   1079d ago
All DLC gives rewards for using real money.

How about the multiple games I've seen where, for REAL money, you can buy DLC that simply unlocks content that you could access anyway if you simply played through the game. I don't need to click on some crappy site fishing for hits to tell me about it...

'I know it is optional, but it seems as though they are taking advantage of the weak minded.'. Yeah, you nailed it right there.
bubblebeam  +   1079d ago
No, my point is it is the moral ground.

Single player locked content became online locked content. Pay for weapon skins then becomes pay for uber powerful weapon that lets you kill everyone who can't afford/refuses to pay for them.

I have seen this crap in games like WoW and LoL (my brother plays them, and it is whoever pays wins).

Another example is CoD, the more you play the more advantage (that is bad enough, let alone paying for them).

I am taking NOTHING away from ND nor their masterpiece franchise that is Uncharted. I just wish they would reconsider, as other devs might not have the same ideas as them and decide to do the pay for uber powerful weapon thingy (which is in LOTS of MMO's and Diablo 3).
Dits  +   1080d ago
Sounds the same as ME3's card system. People didn't cry then...oh right it's bash Sony week
yeahokchief  +   1080d ago
omg the image tag for this article or whatever you call it was hilarious! lol.

i agree the tickets are lame. this is like pay for power only its fucking retarded. i dont even care what my avatar looks like.

the tickets and tournament would have been a good addition if they hadn't had to bring money into this.

disagree with me all you want, but i dont plan on returning to uncharted 3 multiplayer in the near future
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Redempteur  +   1080d ago
rofl people complaining about the tickets when the characters optionnal piece dlc is way more abused
DarthJay  +   1080d ago
It's funny how when something that is bad for gaming happens and it is from a popular developer of a popular game, there is this mad rush to defend it by citing all the other companies that may employ other questionable tactics to make money. It's the same constant nickle and diming that many of you would be first to point a finger at if it were the other companies that were being cited. Wrong is wrong.

It drives me nuts that I have paid for Veteran packs in Mass Effect 3 and that Bioware has made at least an extra $40 off of me because of it, but at least many of those rewards are permanent.

I don't see the payoff here. I'm all for investing in the games I love, but you don't even get to keep the stuff you earn? I agree with the overall point. The game mode may be fun, but it seems like it is designed to suck you in and get you to pay more money when you ultimate come up short of gold.

If you are OK with spending your money on it, then more power to you, and I am certainly not going to tell someone how to spend their money given how desperately I have been trying to get an N7 Destroyer (yay! unlocked my FIFTH N7 Fury!), but both are examples of companies trending in the wrong direction...
PirateThom  +   1080d ago
Speak with your wallet, don't buy them if you don't like them.

You get 10 with the update and 10 every week. Don't want them? Don't use them. Don't want to buy them? Don't buy them.

I swear, gamers this gen don't understand how to approach any situation sensibly.
Bloodraid  +   1080d ago
Apparently the problem that everyone has with this whole system just flew miles over your head.

The whole system is Pay-To-Win. The only reason they're giving people tickets is so they can feel like they've actually a chance at winning something. The truth is that the only people that will ever win anything do so because they bought some tickets.

Assume that you're the best Uncharted 3 player in the world, but you refuse to purchase tickets. You will lose your position in the leaderboards to someone with half your skill who purchased 10 tickets on the store that week.

I recommend you start looking at situations rationally, and not that usual hypocritical "Must defend Sony" way like you usually do.
OmniSlashPT  +   1080d ago
You only have to pay for the tickets if you're greedy. The same goes with FIFA Ultimate Team and other DLC based systems. They give you 10 tickets every week, and that's enough. You can buy more so you can have more chances of being 'better' in the leaderboards. Just like you can buy Ultimate Team packs so you can get better players instead of earning them in-game.

You can still play tournaments without buying tickets, and you can even not play them at all, it doesn't affect the online at all.
InTheLab  +   1080d ago
So I'm guessing this guy never heard of Mass Effect 3 or any number of games the do the exact same thing?
Bloodraid  +   1080d ago
Right; other games do it, so it's obviously perfectly fine for us to. What ridiculous logic.
InTheLab  +   1080d ago
Here's logic...

If you don't like it, don't buy it. The author says it's one of the MOST DESPICABLE PLOYS IN RECENT GAMING HISTORY and my original comment only serves to highlight how ridiculous that statement is. ND isn't selling you the True ending for UC3 and they didn't have 6 months worth of content ready day 1.

The entire article is an overreaction to something that's fairly common today.
MRMagoo123  +   1079d ago
@ inthelab

honestly just forget it lol once the sony hate wagon gets started the breaks take a long time to stop it
kamakaz3md  +   1080d ago
sony dont even charge you play the game ONLINE, so who cares if they are asking you to buy tickets that u dont even have to buy... i still praise sony, and i dont even own a ps3
simonrope  +   1080d ago
Who would wanna spend real cash on that though?

Plus, the multiplayer is just full of bugs.
Jacobster  +   1080d ago
I think the article does point out an interesting point. What's even more amazing UC3 has already had a season pass which I assume was a success.

I feel UC3 is a little rushed in some areas such as the character models which are low-res in contrast to UC2 multi. For some reason we are not given the option to play survival for 10 waves or gold rush!! And to top it off I suspect this team is new to ND as the others are working on the Last of us.

On a final note, we should care because other companies will see that it works and every game developer following suit. You might think so what? Well do you want to pay for a game that will be lacking substance and creativity and end up paying double for a real gaming experience?
dollison27  +   1080d ago
Hey Major, uncharted multi isn't dead far from it. If you actually played the game you might know that instead of being a troll. Now run back to your Xbox and play some call of duty you douchebag.
Sikct9a  +   1079d ago
You pay for Live. How is this any different? Oh yea, you don't have an option.
dghreherherher   1079d ago | Spam
Rockefellow  +   1079d ago
I was rooting for you on the Tester, my man. I just wish your website looked a little better, and your writers weren't so disparagingly incompetent.
Ser  +   1079d ago
Yeah, I love me some Uncharted 3, but I was turned off on this DLC from the second I heard of it. Won't be buying.

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