How Will the 720 Hit the Ground Running?

The XBox 720 is due to launch in the next 18 months. What's Microsoft going to have to do to hit a home run with its latest console? How, if at all--can they improve upon the 360, Live, and Kinect? What would YOU like to see on the new console?

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2084d ago
KMCROC542084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

1)Reasonably priced
2)Way more powerful & capable of doing thing that are unexpected.
3)way better disc format than whats available
4)Continue the superior support giving to Xblive
5)continue to improve Kinect
6)create & nurture new IP , extend your partnership w/ 3rd party Developers ..
7)Do what you've been doing just tenfolds better .

joab7772084d ago

There will b a kinect. Microsoft thinks it's the future of OS's not just gaming. But the best move for Microsoft is to move towards the smartphone pay structure. Create a bad ass machine but instead of selling it for $700, put it in people's houses for $99-$299 w/ a subscription fee. This fee could be for online, for cable service (they have partnered with time Warner), for dvr functionality etc. Also, the OS will be seamlessly integrated with windows 8, windows phone and the surface tablet. It will become an extension of the pc in ur living room.

If they do this and offer entertainment, pc functionality, dvr and possibly cable service with a kick ass gaming machine, it will b hard for Sony and Nintendo to compete. That being said, I love Sony and I hope their machine releases first. I am just very worried that their stubbornness and strange belief that everything will b fine may hurt them this Gen.

Unexpecta2084d ago

Please no Kinect. I don't want to move when I'm relaxed sitting down playing a game rather than moving around and creating unnecessary actions. What's wrong with doing all that Kinect can do with the 360 controller, or any controller?

Aside from Kinect issues, I hope there's a solid line up of completely new unthinkable game titles at launch, and Halo 5 doesn't count. This better be a beast of a machine because I don't know how long consoles will last. I want to see visuals on my TV that I just want to grasp and kiss.

Oh yeah XBOX 720? I doubt this will be the name. But it's whatever.

slimpickens2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I want them to focus on games this time around! This generation started off with a bang but the rrod issues obviously changed the direction Xbox was headed. Bring back some old franchises that require a controller and I'm sold. Kinect is great for movies and if its still around please enhance its voice features and give the hand gesture stuff much better accuracy.

ziggurcat2084d ago

no, it is not due to launch in the next 18 months. has MS officially announced this? no? then stop reporting rumour as fact.

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