Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Listed By Retailer, Coming Next Month

It looks like a newer version of Battlefield 3 is on the way.

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TrendyGamers1898d ago

If the price ends up being lower, it could be a good deal for anyone who hasn't picked the game up yet.

Dante1121898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. Wonder if it'll come with the DLC packages (free with this edition)? I might just finally pickup BF3 if it does.

AO1JMM1898d ago

"Premium edition"

I would assume it would or it is stupid to even label the game the "premium edition". It will cost more than the standard edition IMO.

TrendyGamers1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

There might be tokens for the extra DLC.

Crazyglues1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@ Date112

Premium is the DLC Packages... so if you bought this one, it's coming with the game and all the DLC for $69

-So basically if you buy this you will have everything..-The game and an activation key to be Premium and get all the DLC-


ExCest1896d ago

There's a lot of deals for the PC version of Premium. Too bad it doesn't work for any other.

vallencer1898d ago

Its real and its gonna be 69.99. Just ask a Gamestop its listed there.

TrendyGamers1898d ago

I didn't see it on their website

vallencer1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

It's in the store you can reserve it. I saw it last night while i was in the store looking for things to reserve.

HammadTheBeast1898d ago

They did kind of sh*t on the old players, who spent over a hundred bucks for this, and had to deal with a game that was pretty messed up about 3-4 patches ago..l

finbars751898d ago

Thank you for bringing that up.I posted something on MP1st about that crap.No offense but Its a complete way to shit on your fans Dice and EA.Its great news for those who havnt picked it up yet though.Good for you guys shitty for the rest of us.

SlapHappyJesus1898d ago

It's the cost of early adoption.

It's no different than buying a console on day one. You know, sometime down the road, that the thing will be slimmer, cheaper, larger storage, and will probably come with a game or two.

It's up to you whether or not you want the game now, or want to wait for a better deal to come along.

GuyManDude1897d ago

What SlapHappyJesus said.

I already have over 150 hours of BF3 time. Got BF3 release day for $40 @ Kmart, then got premium for $50. That's $20 more and I've had the game since last October. And while there were some kinks to work out, the game was still great to play pre-patch(es). I got my money's worth.

I'll be baffled if it's more than $60 though. There have been several sales for BF3 at $20, so with premium that's $70. The smart thing to do would be $50 a month before Black Ops 2 comes out.

Statix1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

No one forced you to buy the game early, and at full price. Games ALWAYS drop in price a few months after release. ALWAYS.

If you saw this coming, and predicted that there would be a Premium edition at a reduced price about a year after launch, then it's YOUR fault for not waiting the extra year.

I bought Battlefield 3 at launch, and I also bought the Premium DLC pack for $50. I don't regret doing so.

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The story is too old to be commented.