New Lost Odyssey Download Content Detailed

The "Special Item 3 Pack" will hit the Japanese Marketplace on February 7. Included is a new chapter in the "Thousand Years of Dreams" visual novel series, a new ring accessory called "Killer Machine," and a "Memory Lamp" item which lets you view previous event movies while on board the Nautilus.

Unlike the first pack, Microsoft is charging for this download. Prepare to relieve your account of 200 Microsoft.

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titntin3854d ago

Hard to believe thay have the nerve to charge for this! A few pages of text with some plinky piano music and two pieces of jewlery to equip when there are so many to choose from in the game anyway?
Bah - I'll continue to play it without any extra's thank you! :)

For those that care about this style of game - it's well worth the try and a real grower, characters you love ..or hate. Not going to win any originality awards, but its old school RPG gaming and looks lovely..