Wii U: The Big Questions for Nintendo

GenGAME: "Given that there are just a few short months before Wii U launches this holiday, it’s surprising how many unanswered questions we still have about Wii U. Launch price, release date, and the final initial lineup are a given – these things can only really be solidly set by examining a number of factors close to release – but others, like specific details about online functionality, Miiverse account system, and the console’s eShop have been lingering on players’ minds since before Wii U was even announced.

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12345bnm1953d ago

I expect a huge blowout of information at TGS, and possibly some new IP announcements.

iamnsuperman1953d ago

I personally thing TGS is too late. It would be less than a month to the possible (sensible) release of mid November. They must have some massive marketing campaign because it is hard to market a product with these (in the article) details missing

1953d ago
CaptainN1953d ago

They will tell all in Sept during a Nintendo guess is Nov 18 for $299 for launch and price.

1953d ago