Evolution of an Overworld: Zelda’s Transportation System

ZD writes: Over nine years ago, something new was introduced to the Zelda series. Today, that something is commonly referred to as the transportation system. It’s a pretty simple concept: It consists of a large map that must be traversed via some alternate mode of transportation in order to reach individual areas, which are explored on foot. Despite how simple the concept is, it’s proven to be pretty tough to master, as shown by its mixed reception in the series. In this article, I’ll be going over the four games that it’s been used in, discuss my personal opinions on them, and talk about how the system has evolved over the years. I will not be including the games with Epona strictly because they make it possible to traverse the overworld almost entirely on foot if you want to; my definition of the transportation system requires that the transportation is needed to travel. I’ll be starting off with the series’ debut title on the Nintendo GameCube.

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Relientk772045d ago

Wind Waker is amazing and potentially my fav Zelda game, that and Ocarina of Time

Danniel12045d ago

I never got to play ocarina but windwaker is one of my favorite games of all time. I love open world and there isn't anything much more open than a whole world to sail round.

Relientk772045d ago

Yea I really love sailing the ocean in Wind Waker traveling to the different islands and places

Xperia_ion2045d ago

Gamecube what a marvel, Windwaker on a emulator 60fps 1080p, does that exist ?

PygmelionHunter2045d ago

This subject has taken a turn for the worse recently, I felt the sky riding in Skyward Sword was kind of empty, and boy... I hated those train sequences in Spirit tracks after a short while!

Every Zelda I've played aside from those ones had some really good and imaginative transportation systems.