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Dark Souls PC port: When nectar becomes poison

It was one of the most pleasant announcements ever; one that was music to the ears of every PC gamer out there and some. One of the best games of this generation was heading to the platform; a game with a hair-tearing difficulty; brilliant combat system; and something that we rarely see nowadays amidst the Call of Duty clones and what not. (Dark Souls, PC)

Karooo  +   867d ago
Can't believe From Software actually made such a shitty port tbh.
Parappa  +   867d ago
yeahokchief  +   867d ago
It's not even out yet and you haven't seen it.

Don't buy it. I wouldn't want to be playing with someone like you anyways. You sound like a pansy quitter. Go fuck yourself.
iamgoatman  +   866d ago
You really are an angry, angry little man.
Old McGroin  +   867d ago
Hmm, first the author of this article says "Made by a brilliant team at From Software" and then a few sentences later says "Yes, you heard that right – 1024*720 to be precise. This is the perfect definition of a port, and showcases the incompetence of the developer well." When a person, let alone an article author, contradicts himself in such a quick-fire way I usually pay them little heed. And that is the case here. Reading the rest of the article he seems like you're stereotypical stuck up PC gamer who doesn't 100% appreciate the fact that if it wasn't for an online petition his precious platform would never have seen one of the best games of the last few years at all. Grow fool and appreciate what you have.
Megaton  +   867d ago
GamingBolt is a terrible site full of terrible bloggers. Just be glad they didn't screencap a trailer and claim they had exclusive screenshots of the game, like they do with so many others.
LoaMcLoa  +   867d ago
I don't think it's fair that PC-gamers are complaining about this so much. Sure it won't be in 1080p, 60 FPS and that stuff and these console-ports shouldn't normaly be tolerated.
But when you think about it, this is a game that never was supposed to be on PC in the first place. So really you should be thankful that you atleast will be able to play it.
Plagasx  +   867d ago
So then I might as well play it on the consoles then, right?

I mean, why the hell would I shell out 60 bucks on the PC version when it is no different?

The reason why PC gamers wanted the game so much was because the thought of having all these great features on PC (High resolution graphics, 60fps, 1080p, mods) is so awesome.

Now they just release the same EXACT game and expect to get more money? Nope.
Old McGroin  +   867d ago
From Sofware promised a port and that's exactly what we got. If they said at any time they were gonna upgrade the graphics/gameplay in any significant way besides the extra content PC gamers get that PS3/360 gamers have yet to experience then post a link to prove it. PC gamers got what they asked for - don't promote the snobbish stuck up PC gamer stereotype of feeling entitled to more than everyone else is just because you game on a technically superior platform. From Software have provided a port that they originally hadn't planned on because of public PC gamer demand. Can you not modify the resolution on your PC? And you also seem to be critical of the lack of mods? How long has the game been out on the PC? Maybe you should give it a bit of time before shooting your mouth off. From what I can see From Software have delivered exactly what they promised and PC gamers who don't have access to a PS3 or 360 should feel damn privileged to not only get a port of one of the best games around but a port that includes extras that myself and other console gamers currently have no access to. Shame on you.
DigitalAnalog  +   867d ago
@Old McGroin
You see, the problem with your argument is exactly the reason why gaming is declining. You defend questionable practices and let them slide and then justify it by giving the "you're lucky too have it" argument.

Here's the thing, a petition is a petition, all it does is showcase interest/disinterest of a particular subject. From Software was called on that when they went for the laziest route available. TAKE special note that while there was petition of interest, there also came of a petition of having to OPT OUT if they could not deliver a proper PC port. Yes, they were actually warned MANY times and dare I say, even moreso than the demand for the port in the first place. And yet, for some strange reason it still fell on deaf ears.

I simply do not understand why they would continue to pursue this decision even though there was such strong opposition. They could've saved the money and resources for another project (like you know, DARK SOULS 2). But people like you question that "PC gamers" are privileged for giving them ample warnings to give them a general overview of their target market? No wonder companies are running amok with their DRM, DLC and stupid practices like paying for online services.

Ever wonder why the Alan Wake PC port was able to break even on the FIRST DAY of release? Yeah, strangely coming from an xbox exclusive, they discarded the dreaded GFWL and went straight for the steamworks and all the bells and whistles considering they were lambasted by the so-called"privileged& quot ; PC community for scaling it down for the 360 in the first place.

From Software is a talented company no doubt, but is also one of the dumbest to ignore the reactions for their potential fanbase in the PC market. This is the difference between them and Remedy, a good businessman knows how to sell to it's target market. From Software on the other hand is like a street-vendor passing of questionable items as legit products.
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cgoodno  +   867d ago
***I mean, why the hell would I shell out 60 bucks on the PC version when it is no different? ***

Because you don't own a console?

***The reason why PC gamers wanted the game so much was because the thought of having all these great features on PC (High resolution graphics, 60fps, 1080p, mods) is so awesome.***

I thought it was because it was a great game, not because it would be a technical powerhouse.
TardcoreGamer  +   866d ago
It's actually $39.99 on Steam. But you're right. It's still not up to snuff if DarkSouls doesn't deliver with the current 1080p60fps standard pc gamers have enjoyed for years now and come to expect.

That said I'll buy it on Steam when it's 75% off one day.
iamgoatman  +   867d ago
Thankful? We've still got to buy the damn game. PC gamers would have no right to complain if From Software were giving it away for free, but they're asking the same as a new PC game whilst putting no effort into the port. This is nothing more than a quick cash grab that will surely sour their reputation amongst PC gamers.

I know I definitely won't be purchasing it. I don't see why I should support below-par ports, let alone be thankful for them.
h311rais3r  +   867d ago
Your missing the issue entirely. Go in your pc. Load a 720 image. Load the same image but a 1080p version. Blow the 720 up to 1080 and look how blurry the 720 image is. That's why we're pissed. Pc gamers have NVER had a game do that. It's just a bad move. The 60fps will be modded within a day.
yeahokchief   867d ago | Personal attack | show
Irishguy95  +   866d ago
What if I play Dark souls in 1080P on my console? Does it look like **** then? No? It's upscaled? oh...
Megaton  +   867d ago
Bad porting can really ruin a game. The original Darksiders was an awful PC port, only allowing you to change the resolution and toggle Vsync. Limbo doesn't even allow you that many options, as it automatically runs at whatever your native resolution is. Since all GPUs are not created equally, you need to be able to toggle graphic options. Dunno why they kept GFWL, either. You can always hear the collective groan of PC gamers the moment GFWL support is announced.

This is just going to go down as a wasted effort and a blemish on their reputation, unfortunately. They would have been better off just building the next Souls game for PC alongside the consoles.
LeoDDestroyer  +   867d ago
News flash people they are not pc developers. They even said this much from the start not to expect to be a grand masterpiece on the pc. I mean let be real about they are a japanese company where the pc market is non existent so be thankful they even tried to bring it over, get it on a console, or don't get it at all.
Ducky  +   867d ago
Then they should've outsourced it to a western developer that knows how to do a proper port to PC. (Although that didn't work out too well for them in the past)
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LeoDDestroyer  +   867d ago
You make it sound as if they had the resources available to do that.
Menchi  +   866d ago
I can understand the frustration, to some extent. It could of been amazing to see Dark Souls in amazing resolution, 60 FPS, with all the bells and whistles, but, the simple fact is, From Software aren't a technically proficient dev.

They're amzing GAME makers, and that, is allegedly one of the big reasons the petition was made, to allow the game to be played by PC Gamers who didn't have a console...

Anyone with half a brain could have told you they'd have problems getting it to run better than the console versions, considering they struggled to get it running 100% on consoles when it isn't a graphically intensive game to begin with.

Truth is, if you're bothered about Gameplay, you won't be disapointed.
Bladesfist  +   866d ago
Yes I will. As 30fps effects gameplay. 30fps means 30 update -> draw cycles. Which means input is only checked 30 times per second which means bad mouse controls.

Then my resolution on one of my monitors will change when launching the games forcing windows to change the resolution of the other screens and change the positions of my desktop icons or just disable all but the primary screen.

And then I have to worry about GFWL deleting my save games.

This is not worth it imo.
Menchi  +   866d ago
Mouse controls? Are you seriously expecting to play this game with a mouse? I'm sorry, I'm an avid PC Gamer, but there are some games you just don't attempt to play with a mouse.

As far as my computer is concerned, switching between active programs switches the resolution in like, a second, and all the icons are exactly where they should be... I'm not understanding this?

And GFWL does suck. I agree on that front.
Bladesfist  +   866d ago
You do not have a multi monitor setup that is why I said one of my monitors.
Menchi  +   866d ago
Ah, I see now. I hardly see that as a game breaking flaw though, it doesn't affect the gameplay, just utility.

I honestly think the response is blown out of proportion, and is more down to the fact PC gamers -really- wanted the game, and are disappointed it isn't a high rez spectacular.

It is a shame, I agree, but, worth all this talk of "Lazy devlopers deserve to be pirated" and all that jazz? I don't think so. The game itself is brilliant, and small inconvienences such as you mentioned won't bring it down to being "unplayable" as I've seen some say.

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