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DmC Producer Discusses Reboot And How They Made Gameplay Feel Like Classic DMC

Siliconera: While DmC has a completely different look and a reimagined Dante, it feels like, well Devil May Cry. That was my first impression after slicing through enemies in the game’s tutorial level and defeating the Succubus boss in DmC. Since the core gameplay is essentially the same my first question for Motohide Eshiro, producer of DmC and the Ace Attorney Investigation games, and Hideaki Itsuno, director of DmC and Devil May Cry 2, was why they wanted to reinvent Dante. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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DragonKnight  +   988d ago
Yes. Because this...


Is EXACTLY the same kind of gameplay as this...


Yes, exactly the same. /s
user5467007  +   988d ago

I like how they are trying to say they are basicaly living up to the old games yet in the past they've done nothing but slag old DMC games off...fans, creator, Dantes looks, gameplay, setting etc

"and then trying to give it a rebirth we thought it would be an interesting challenge to try to do something new with it while it’s still quite viable."

So you would just start a new even though theres so many loose ends to tie up in the old games. Yeah makes perfect sense...

"While we were doing this rebirth we decided on a new artistic direction to potentially draw in more Western fans."

Oh that makes sense...bigger audience, more money.

"That was the motivation to work with Ninja Theory. We had the right developer, a good concept, and Itsuno-san to supervise and direct the title with Ninja Theory to make sure we have a proper DMC game while still trying to break new ground. "

Really I thought you just worked with them because they were cheap and you would gain a profit from it quicker.

This interview is full of PR bullsh*t it's unreal.
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DragonKnight  +   988d ago
To be fair, Ninja Theory were the ones that were slagging off the older franchise. Capcom just let them do it. What I find interesting is that as the game was being developed we heard 2 different stories. We heard once that NT weren't designing the combat, that Capcom were. And then recently we heard that in fact it was NT designing the combat.

If Capcom designed the combat, then wow did they ever take a fall from grace with DmC. As can clearly be seen in the video I linked of DmC's combat; it's missing that Devil May Cry style. It's too slow and looks more like Dante's Inferno gameplay. Far different than the speedfest that you can see in the combo video I linked to.

If NT designed it, then no one should be surprised by the slow combat and it strikes me as surprising anyone would ever WANT them to touch combat mechanics since that is always where they fail the hardest.

But to suggest that this is anything like the older DMC games is a blatant and obvious lie. We have eyes, we can easily see the difference. Apologizers be damned.
Kin23g  +   988d ago
Took the words straight out of my mouth
Gen0ne  +   988d ago
Haha, you must've just seen Batman. It's DragonKnight.
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Kin23g  +   988d ago
It can't be .. he must've changed his name. lol
I'm pretty sure it's DarkKnight. Was it?!
zeal0us  +   988d ago
Reinvent Dante you say?

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Gen0ne  +   988d ago
@Dragonknight: WOW! That video of DMC4 just blew my mind. I thought I was good at that game... Jesus Christ...

Edit: the music playing over the video sucked though. Also, being a HUGE Bayonetta fan, you can see where she gets ass whipping style from. Again, Wow.
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Lucretia  +   988d ago
very true.....although that dmc 4 dante combo vid was sped up. still the combos were ridiculous.

though to be fair u should wait till DmC is out before comparing it to a combo vid. Not even dmc1,2,3,4 had trailers that showed insane combos.

still DmC will never be as good as the other real DMC games. except for part 2....part 2 was crap
SnotyTheRocket  +   988d ago
None of you can take ANY change, can you? Get over it, the game looks fun.
Awesome_Gamer  +   988d ago
Where is Dante?
Where is Dante.. Crapcom?
VanillaBear  +   988d ago
***DMC’s gameplay is so much like the other Devil May Cry titles and at the least from the demo it feels like it’s just as responsive any other Capcom action game. Do you think fans, perhaps, have judged the book by its cover?***

I hate when people suck up when interviewing

***Hideaki Itsuno, Director: I think when people get the controller in their hands and feel the responsiveness in the controls they will start to understand it’s a proper Devil May Cry game***

It's 30fps not 60, that alone wouldn't make it a "proper" DMC game so stop kidding yourselfs man.

***[The half-demon, half-angel concept for Dante] was Ninja Theory***

Should of guessed, they obviously never played past DMC games did they

***HI: We see this branching off into a new path as an expansion in the Devil May Cry universe, rather than a replacement. Only the future can tell us where the series will head, but this doesn’t mean the old series has ended or we’ll never go back to it. We’re certainly eager to do new things with this new series as well.***

Basic translation

"We are sh!tting ourselfs about if this will do well or not, if we can't lie enough to make this game seem good then it means we'll have to go back to the old series and do DMC 5"

So guys, you know what to do

People who don't like the look of it...don't buy it

People who want to try it to give it a chance...wait untill it goes in the bargain bin or a month after release

People who want it for whatever reason...again wait untill a few weeks after release

You do this and everyone wins

NT get hurt by sales and lower their massive ego

Capcom will be devestated by low sales and will hit them where it hurts

Fans will then get DMC5

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Omnislash  +   988d ago
"***Hideaki Itsuno, Director: I think when people get the controller in their hands and feel the responsiveness in the controls they will start to understand it’s a proper Devil May Cry game*** "

I'll be the judge of that when I get the game for 4.99....
Godmars290  +   988d ago
I could respect them if Capcom just came out and admitted they lost the original creator and that the Ninja Theory had insisted on trying a new art style - okay they'd be admitting that that he was too big of a arrogant douche to "lower himself" into copying someone else's art style - but this back and forth "we're improving the game but making it the same" is insulting.
RememberThe357  +   988d ago
You said it perfectly. I was really mad when I saw where they have taken this franchise, too mad. I've pretty much gotten over it (I still wont buy it) but it's Capcom's and Ninja Theory's way of talking about this game that get to me know. They keep trying to spin the changes they're bringing to the series and it really does feel insulting as though we can't make up our own minds on what we want. We know it's not going to feel the same because the series is going from 60 frames to 30 and any experienced gamer will tell you that makes a difference. We know we don't want to play as an emo kid. We know all these things and yet they wont just say what it is. They keep tiptoeing and it's not fooling anyone.
Whitefeather  +   988d ago
No thanks, I will not be buying this game. I'm not a huge fan but I have played all the games and enjoyed them all, but this is not DMC.
blue_flowers  +   988d ago
ill wait for the Deadpool game, he has a sword and two guns, just like Dante. hopefully high moon makes Deadpool's gameplay quick like the old DMC games cause i could care less about the new DMC game.
Whitefeather  +   988d ago
Darksiders 2 is pretty good too.
fei-hung  +   988d ago
I have never seen anyone try to convince people so badly about a product being something although it clearly is not.

This interview reminds me of this clip. A blatant lie and everyone can see it but trying to prove otherwise:

12345bnm  +   988d ago
Don't care.
Not buying it.
Gen0ne  +   988d ago
Aaaaand no. Jesus, Bayonetta feels more like DMC than this. The gameplay doesn't look bad, it just doesn't look like DMC. Sorry, count me out.
BuffMordecai  +   988d ago
I'll laugh when this game flops hard.
TheFallenAngel  +   988d ago
Yea like classic God of War. Hope this game bombs for ruining the series. Capcom I want a real devil may cry.
iamlegend9999  +   988d ago
Still gonna get it though
Parappa  +   988d ago
I'm going to enjoy it. Sucks for those who are still mad about him being a brunette.
FinaLXiii  +   988d ago
im pretty sure its because it as a very american comic book story feel to it actually when Dante is supossed to be an anime kinda character.

Plus the gameplay seems slugish like DMC4.
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Deadpool616  +   988d ago
@Parappa so you like DmC...not there's anything wrong with that.

Just don't stoop down to the hair and think that's the only issue. There are plenty of problems people have with this game. When the producer is saying the gameplay is like the classic Devil May Cry, when clearly isn't...yeah that is a problem.

The only way they can redeem themselves with this game is if they completely change the name of it. Just make it a new game that has nothing to do with Devil May Cry...because technically it is a new game that doesn't even look like Devil May Cry. Like a parody of Devil May Cry.
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Lord_Sloth  +   988d ago
Deadpool616 nailed it.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   988d ago
SO when can i play this game for myself so I can have a real opinion?
Xperia_ion  +   988d ago
I've just seen a couple trailers on my phone.


Dante sounds very annoying
Gameplay looks boring, MG rising blows it away
Another area to area hack slash done to death
Music sounds like I'm in a rave
Platforming elements ripped from Enslaved
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prototypeknuckles  +   988d ago
its funny how metal gear rising looks more like a DMC game than DmC does, never thought that was going to happen, LMAO.
crxss  +   988d ago
well look at the difference in developers. platinum games has roots from capcom
crxss  +   988d ago
anyone here who's bashing the game actually played it? it's definitely different but it's not terrible either.
Whitefeather  +   988d ago
I'm sure it's a good game, I enjoyed both Heavenly Sword and Enslaved but my main problem is that it's a DMC game. It's obviously a different game just with DMC and Dante names slapped on.
crxss  +   987d ago
Well DMC plays better than any ninja theory game so far
SonnyD  +   987d ago
You want us to play the game before making a honest opinion? Fine...

I played the game at freaking Comic Con. And you know what? It's crap. It's everything everyone has been complaining about: fps is super slow, and combat is stickier than anyone can think of. It's not even in the same realm of gameplay as Bayonetta, let alone past Devil May Cry.

So there...I played the game and confirmed all the facts about how it will not be same gameplay or game as Devil May Cry. Will there be anything else, person who hasn't played even a second of the game?
EverydayGuy  +   988d ago
You know a game is bad when they have to try and convince you its good. Let the game do the talking. The story doesn't fit the universe at all. This game is the bastard child of the series.

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