Forged by Chaos: New Tutorial Trailer Of The CryEngine 3 Fantasy Game Looks Stunning

Here is a new CryEngine 3 tutorial video of Forge by Chaos, the upcoming fantasy game from Panzar Studios.

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AO1JMM2047d ago

Wow! That looks great. I would actually play that game too.

ATi_Elite2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I posted screenshots of this game over a year ago when it was still being Developed on the CryEngine 2 (Which IMO looked better) but with the CryEngine 3 it may see daylight on the Xbox!

I think this falls into the ever new popular MOBA Genre. Massive Online Battle Arena (DotA 2, League of Legends, Smite, etc.) which has lots of competition and millions of HOT GIRL GAMERS!!

Mrmagnumman3572046d ago

"which has lots of competition and millions of HOT GIRL GAMERS!!"

Lol what ?

Dms20122047d ago

That character forgot her pants.

Th3 Chr0nic2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Hey guys i did some digging and found that this game is currently in Beta. it is in russian language BUT it is playable if u can get past that and it isnt hard. in fact someone on the forums made a rough translation of the ingame language and provided the modified file check this thread few posts down someone givesa link to the file. download the client and make an account here

this is the launcher for the game (they also have torrent link on other link above)
this is where u make account
and this shows how to modify game easily to use english mostly

Th3 Chr0nic2045d ago

Well i have been playing the game since this was posted and its super fun. checkout my youtube channel i have lot of footage