Last secret character confirmed for Super Smash Bros Brawl

Now that Japanese gamers with an early copy of the Wii fighting game have played through the various modes, VGB confirms the last secret newcomer is Wolf. The Star Fox bad guy is one of the 35 selectable characters in Super Smash Bros Brawl!

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Neoninja3672d ago

I like ssbb but I honestly think they could have done a better job with charecter selection. I'm not getting on wolf, but charecters like rob.

Chuck Norris3671d ago

The developers wanted me in the game unfortunately their engine would crash everytime they tried to render me in.

Yi-Long3672d ago

I have the game on the Cube, but hardly ever touched it.
Coincidentally I did play it 2 days orso ago for about 45 minutes against my girlfriend, but we were more button-mashing instead of anything else tbh. And as a single-player game it doesnt seem like much fun.

So... I know the game has MANY fans, but I'm still not really convinced about the game. I do like premise and all the great characters etc, but it's the gameplay that has me scratching my head a bit.

Maybe I should just give it more time.

Neoninja3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I can tell you straight up its a great game. The single player is good and the gameplay is good it just takes getting use to. Just practice a bit and try different charecters until you find one that fits your style.

Yi-Long3672d ago

...but TBH, my Cube isnt connected to the TV all that often. Usually my Xbox (original) is, and is getting ALOT of play (right now, I need to get it fixed, so the Cube is on)

So when the Cube IS on, I prefer to play some o the other games that I still have lying around and that I havent really played properly yet, like Resident Evil 4 (not even reached the first boos yet), as well as both Zelda games etc...
Plus I really gave F-Zero a LOT of time when I took the Cube to my girl's house, and I was just time-attacking every chance I got :D

So yeah, I do intend to give smash bros more of a chance, but it's hard when there are these games around that I really enjoy playing as well :)

desolationstorm3672d ago

Its honestly not a game for everyone and specifically if you dont have 4 people the fun is more limited. I derive the fun from the choas, becasue there are always players that are better, but the upsets are always there. plus this game is much bigger in scope in ecvery way possible. Oh and if your looking for a co-op wii game its got plenty of it with co-op single player and well most every mode is 2 player co-op.

As for the list of characters Im pretty happy with it. I wish there werent clones in it, but they are more characters. I guess my point is if your gonna have clones why not a ton of them. Still cant wait to try the characters though. I really want to play and master Captain Olimar he sounds liek a blast to play with. Though I dont mind 35 characters thats a lot of them and Im sure the balance is pretty damn good between them all. Thats what I focused on more, if there were 100 characters but they werent balanced you wouldnt try them all.

ROB well doesnt seem to fit, but Ill wait to pass judgement on him till I try him, after all I didnt have a high intial opinion of game and watch. Well I guess I still dont, but that doesnt mean I cant enjoy him now and again.

I much more impressed with the sheer amount of levels. There are a ton of them in the game and so many of them look really cool. I jsut wish the original Pokemon level from smash would be playable oh how I miss you.

My main hope is there is a difference between Falco, Fox and Wolf. If there isnt then why have 3? I guess there just seems like ok some characters are not that bad to be clones, but ganondorf a clone of falcon? That never made sense to me.

v1c1ous3672d ago

they cut out a lot of good, albeit slightly unused, chars. original chars like mewtwo.

i think melee will still get more mileage than brawl in the long run.

Neoninja3672d ago

I totally agree with you on alot of good charecters being left out, but brawl has way more features than melee, and then I think melee was a bit rushed, but either way its gonna be a great game.

desolationstorm3672d ago

What are the lot of good characters left out? The only one that was original in melee thats not in brawl is mewtwo, which ok I dont see why he isnt in because everything was in place for the guy. Though hes not exactly a big nintendo character, he was a big character from the first of a gigantic series. Why not remove him?

other characters left out
Pichu - not needed
Roy - (well we got marth and Ike) so bye
Dr. Mario - get lost

Every other character is making a return, so Im not sure why people are making such a big deal out of 4 characters and only one of them being a unique character.

The only way Brawl would get less mileage is if I dont play online, since im not in collage anymore and surrounded by a huge group of smash players. Everything about the game screams its gonna be huge. More levels, level editor, online(multiple modes), co-op(multiple modes) and lots of additional features.

The only thing I care about is how customizable the weapons are. I wish we could turn on and off specific pokemon and assist trophys.

Neoninja3672d ago

Bubbles up man. You have a strong argumeant that I didn't even consider. Good job.

Blank10173672d ago

I agree that a few of the characters from melee coulda went like roy (ike replacement). But I don't follow why they got rid of a character like Mewtew who had his own move set, and instead we now have 2 fox clones. I honestly didnt think we were gonna see falco in this one at first.

I was hoping that they would get rid of pichu and replace it with a plusen / minun combo like ice climbers but electric. I thought that had a lot of potential.

DeckUKold3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I believe Rob could be an assist trophy and those couple of A-trophy should have Been Selectable etc
Gray Fox
lil Mac
Knuckle Joe
Samurai goroh
Saki Amamiya
also if they really wanna clone falcon get Black Hawk theres more but cant think of it right now.

desolationstorm3672d ago

I agree that its a shame that they didnt put him in since everything was all there. You cant compare him to Falco, because falco is easy was a slower more powerful fox so why not include him. Besides I think they didnt need that many pokemon and Id rather have Jpuff then mewtew anyday. If they asked anyone what unique character they would rather see not in the game, I would bet that Mewtew would be somewhat high on the list with the likes of Game and Watch. Hes just not as important as some of the other characters, but that is just my opinion. What character would you have liked to replace instead of mewtew? Thats the question you have to ask. Iw ould have liked him better then say marth since we have ike now, but hey what are you gonna do?

Im just glad we dont have Dr. Mario he just seemed pointless in the last. He was mario that shot pills. If your gonna do that why not just make it an outfit for mario?

Blank10173672d ago

Don't you dare try to take my marth away!! Honestly, out of all the characters from melee the 3 I would have picked to not include was ness, ice climbers and game and watch. I understand why ice climbers and game and watch are back cause they are unique, but I woulda picked mewtew over either of them from an enjoyment for myself standpoint.

but ness, are he and lucas clones now?

desolationstorm3672d ago

Ice Climbers? Ice climbers are my boy and girl I guess. I love those guys, so unique and fun. Besides its very funny when your b!tch gets knocked off and your like sh!t Im screwed at any sort of recovery.

I would have knocked out Ness or Game and Watch. Game and watch over ness though, because even though I dont care for ness myself I know lots that use him. I know very few that use G&W unless its for a joke. I would use him when I was drunk and just shout BACON. Though I agree while Mewtew wasnt one of my main characters I started to get good at him down the road.

As for Ness and Lucas well I assume they are clones havent really seen much on either of them. Though Since Lucas moveset resembles Ness's from previous games and the fact that Falco and Fox share the same FS Id say yes they are more then likely gonna be very close to each other.

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Hooby3672d ago

Add a rabbid into the game and my life would be complete

ItsDubC3672d ago

That's a great idea actually. A Rabbid would've been the perfect fit for this game. I myself was wanting Mega Man to join the fray but at least my hope that Sonic would make it came true.

Lord Cheese3672d ago

they should add dante from DMC. He'd just flip the cutsey little fools into the air with the devil bringer then pistol juggle the little dough-balls until they gave up. SWEEET.

Pugovitz3672d ago

Well, you certainly are visually imaginative, that's nice. I think you forgot Dante doesn't have the devilbringer, and a Nintendo console is the only thing he's yet to appear on.

Lord Cheese3671d ago

well, nobody ever said random mental thoughts have to be factually accurate, did they :O)

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