GTAIV - Desert Storm Map may be one of the coolest GTA IV mods; buries Liberty City in... sand

DSOGaming writes: "You gotta love modders and mappers. You see, the reason why we need mod tools is because PC gamers can come up with some amazing ideas. Take for example nine30′s Desert Storm Map. This map buries Liberty City in sand and makes the game quite enjoyable."

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ATi_Elite1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I agree that is pretty dam cool!

Shows you the power of the Rage/Euphoria Engine

Very impressive. Nice Rims on that Quad!!

Hellsvacancy1807d ago

I thought it looked stupid, if you want a Rally game buy Dirt or summin

Bounkass1807d ago

It looks stupid. But the concept is good. I
d like to see the full city attacked by a desert storm. Not ridiculous mountains, dunes and piramids wtf.

iamlegend99991807d ago

Make sure i play this once i get my gaming pc

guitarded771807d ago

Adds a whole new meaning to the term "sandbox game".

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