Do Games Need to be Fun?

"David Cage, who already has a reputation for bashing his own groundbreaking game, Heavy Rain, went on the record saying that he does not plan on making his next game fun. Beyond: Two Souls was first shown at E3 2012 and has been garnering attention from the press and gamers alike because of its impressive graphical presentation and moving storyline (at least, as far as its commercials and previews have shown). "

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finbars751928d ago

Hilarious...Do games need to be fun.Lets think about where he is trying to go with this

blitz06231928d ago

It depends on how you define 'fun'. Heavy Rain is 'fun' in a different kind of way, and when David Cage he doesn't plan on making his next game fun, I'm sure it'll be similar to Heavy Rain.

Better term would be enjoyable.

GoldenAge1928d ago

I agree with blitz. Enjoyable is a much more appropriate word. I mean to me Fun is crazy over the top things along the likes of Saints Row the Third or God of War, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy games like Flower and Journey I just classify them differently, something along the likes of calming.

Demon's Souls is another example, I don't think dying repeatedly is something one would call fun I've seen many people curse at the level design on the Maneater boss fight but they keep coming back because of the challenging aspect of the game makes it enjoyable.

MidnytRain1928d ago

Gah, I hate fun games. They're the worst.

kneon1928d ago

Well fun games aren't the worst, but they are seldom the best. Just as in movies, music and literature the best are seldom fun as most people would define fun. They are more likely to be thought provoking, engaging or even disturbing.

yog-sothot1928d ago

I think it depends on the definition of fun...

At least, I'd say games need to be engaging in a way or the other. It can be challenge, intellectual satisfaction, emotion, story or simple, direct, fun.

Different games for different kind of entertainment. That's what so good about games, they can deliver many things.

vikingland11928d ago

Well said bubble for you.

Xperia_ion1928d ago

Fun is making me feel good on the money I spent.

Magnus1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

If video games are not fun then why the hell play them then. All developers need to do is just produce some new ideas Instead of over milking franchises by pumping out sequals.

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The story is too old to be commented.