'Just Cause 2 manages to feel fresh and inspired' - PSW's preview

While Grand Theft Auto appears to be driving down a street marked 'realistic' and with it ditching much of the playfulness of the series, other games are stretching the 'sandbox' template. GTA has gangs, the urban thing is safe.

But while hoodies and hooligans are welcomed with open arms to Liberty City, other developers and trying new things with the open world formula. Prototype is going all Heroes on the formula, Brutal Legend is just plain weird and now Just Cause 2 adds spies and acrobatics to the army of games knocking on GTA's door.

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mighty_douche3826d ago

Wasnt the previous title 360 exclusive? was that because it was the only console out at the time?

Anyway, looks/sounds like its gonna be a fun game to play. Wonder if they will include any online features this time round.

TnS3826d ago

No. Just Cause was for Xbox/X360/PC/PS2.

"IGN: Can we expect multiplayer modes alongside the single-player game in Just Cause 2?

Peter Johansson: You know, Rico's ego is pretty big. Even though Panau is a large place we found it wasn't big enough for two Ricos."

Iamback3826d ago

If you mean by exclusive because it wasnt on PS3 than reason for that is that PS3 was just launched or about to launch, dont remember exact release date but reason was because PS3 was to young system.
This one is coming to both consoles, as it is has been announced

BigBadPolo3826d ago

The first was an excellent game and a lot of fun. In my opinion sandbox game of the year last year. It just didn't light the fires on the sales charts. If you haven't played it yet, you can find used copies for very cheap and it's well worth it. I can't wait for part 2....

InYourMom3826d ago

and JC 2 is definately on my buy list.

LinuxGuru3826d ago

This game looks amazing.

Especially the very nice volumetric-looking explosions and the incredible foliage.

Speaking of foliage, I can't wait to chop down some forests with my lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

lucas1073826d ago

why did that article imply ps3 exclusive if its coming to x360 also? it says at the top format ps3 then it says " It will have all the whiz-bang effects you'd expect from a free-roaming PS3 adventure too; day and night cycles, fully destructible environments, vehicles with permanent and progressive damage and a fully working eco system, complete with weather effects on each zone of the island" and it says "if anything, the added zap of PS3 power behind the game has enabled developer Avalanche to push its ideas further still." that implies that none of this is on the 360 version. is this true will the 360 version suck? i just want to know cause the first one rocked and the wording in this article makes it seem like the ps3 is not only the only version but the by far best version.

Martini3826d ago

This game is multi - 360 and PS3.Just Cause was a great game on 360 back in '06. I'm still amazed at how beautifull Just cause is - nothing like flying chopper few miles up in the air during sunset and then skydiving down to a tropical jungle.