Does Sony Really Understand Gaming Any Longer?

Don Reisinger:

Sony was once viewed as the world’s most successful gaming company. After it launched the original PlayStation, many wondered if it could take off until, well, it did. And as we all know, the PlayStation 2 was a gaming juggernaut.

But all of that changed with the PlayStation 3. The console launched at a price that was far too expensive for what customers were getting, and it lacked the uniqueness of Nintendo’s Wii, which caught on quickly. Microsoft’s Xbox 360, while not as popular as the Wii, benefited from a strong online-gaming component.

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Morrigan-Aensland2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Sony is the best gaming company. I don't say that because they make a handful of familiar games yearly or because they cater to only casuals or hardcore. I say it because they cater to all with high quality exclusive software and high quality hardware.

Some will disagree because of sales but one wouldn't have to ponder why they would think that except to cite their reasoning which is telling.

Irishguy952078d ago

Best gaming company....worst company at making money. But only this gen. Last gen they ****ing destroyed everyone.

simonrope2078d ago

Every dog has its day. Move aside, sony.

AdmiralSnake2078d ago

He's talking about their quality... not how much money they're making.

If we're going by exclusive wise, Sony step their game up A LOT since last gen.

Just wish they'd profit more. Sadly this gen is almost over, they just need to learn from the mistakes of this gen, and apply to next gen and learn from it.

piroh2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

i think Sony are swiming in money, only Sony-haters say otherwise

in the last 5 years they shut down the last 5 years they bought Evolution studios, Media Molecule, Gaikai, Novarama Technologies, Sucker Punch Productions...

Sony are making best games, best graphics, best racing simulator, best adventures, best AR games etc. it's logical someone is angry about this

Irishguy952078d ago

piroh, Sony start off this gen with 27 Billion in assets. They now have like 12 billion.

Unless I am mistaken.

dcbronco2078d ago

Morrigan, the sales don't matter argument is amazing to me considering Sony is on the verge of bankruptcy. Most of those exclusives haven't sold and what proves that that matters is the fact that it is even a discussion. If they sold, that would have sold more consoles and there might not even be anything to debate about. Sony has other problems, but the days of knowing they could count on support from gaming might be over.


Look at the annual reports. Listen to the comments from Sony executives. No one is lying about Sony's money issues. They have huge money problems. In fact, it is illegal for them to lie about how much money they do or don't have. That's why they have to pull tricks like hiding vita sales by combining them with PSP sales. So that they can fool uninformed stock buyers into still buying and keeping people that already own their stock from selling. Unfortunately it's a poor decision because it makes it obvious that the numbers are bad if they have to be hidden.

And considering Vita was what Sony was counting on for the profits it was projecting, it makes the company look weaker than it already looked. The next six weeks will say a lot. But the third quarter will determine all. If Vita doesn't have a monster Holiday, it might be the end of Sony as we know it.

Dante1122078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

@ bronco

What BS. Playstation exclusives do sell ( ) and despite what you think the PS Vita has been profitable since day one ( http://www.playstationlifes... ). I don't see how we are getting all of these doomed articles on Sony when every console sales decline, when it was the console who sold the most for it's quarterly report and is currently leading in WW numbers. Funny enough, we had zero doomed articles on the 360 when it lost $229 Million dollars for it Q3 report.

Xbox360 shipped only 1.1 million for the quarter (Lowest sales have been since 2006/2007)

PS3 shipped 2.1 million (according to neogaf) for the quarter and had a lost of $45 million in their gaming division.

Mustang300C20122078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

get your facts right. When the man from the company himself says it would take 3 years which was based on projection of sales as well which we know today those projections have been downgraded twice. It is being sold at a loss

Plus you keep trying to bring up MS every single time when you have already been told what that loss pertains to. Still don't see how you are comparing a company that has losses over 10 years to a company that is profitable over the same time frame.

Sony’s PlayStation Vita is making headlines worldwide due to the system’s visual prowess and impressive lineup of launch titles. Cramming so much horsepower into this little package was certainly a costly investment for Sony, but the company shocked the world when they revealed that the Vita will retail for $249.99 (Wifi only)/$299.99(3G/Wifi AT&T Service Contract Required) for North America. This cheap price will come at a cost for Sony, however.

In an interview with Reuters Japan, Sony’s Kaz Hirai stated that Sony aims to make a profit on the PlayStation Vita in three years. Sony often sells their hardware at a lost, so this isn’t anything new for the company as they sold the PlayStation 3 at a loss despite the $600 price tag. Out of the three home-console manufacturers, Nintendo is usually the only company to make a profit on hardware right away due to their conservative nature of building their hardware.

Originally, Sony slated the PS Vita would launch by the end of the year, however, that has since been clarified and it is currently only scheduled to release in Japan by year’s end, meanwhile North America/Europe may not see it until early 2012.

Edward752078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

sadly in the business word it is like Janet Jackson's song.... "What have you done for me Lately".
Nice products, and holding on to old business practices that worked when Walmart didn't really exist, DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. As far as understanding gaming, they know how to make some hit games, BUT they are disconnected with the way they run the online component (free is a good thing, but it shows)
Why do i say disconnected???? People are willing to toss yearly fees to MS for its online service proving that it is what people want.

Lastly one of the big things.. other then A FEW hit titles, the amount of money Sony invests in MANY games never hits projected goals for the profits. This means they expect to sell a specific amount, but it never happens.

Gamers this gen WANT COD more then MAG, want HALO over Resistance, and choose 3rd party games for the competition many times because of a system made that is strong as hell in comparison, but hard as hell in comparision to make games for. This even shows a disconnect with the hardest of hardcore gamers... the ones who make them.

Anon19742078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Another article that tries to rewrite history. The PS3, despite it's high price point was matching the PS2's sales for the first couple of years until the global recession hit. The PS2 never had to contend with a recession.

Meanwhile, sales of the PS3 still easily outpaced the 360 as it had ever since it launched worldwide selling over 6 million consoles more than the 360 during the same time frame - and yet here's another article that insists that the PS3 was somehow still far behind.

And that's what kills me about these articles. It's not like the information is secret. Anyone who bothers to look at the sales of each console can tell you the 360 has sold the fewest consoles in the past 5 years, yet article after article insists that the Playstation brand is on it's deathbed when in the current market it's the console that's proving to be the most resilient with the Wii dropping 55% year over year their last quarter and the 360 falling 43% in the first 6 months of 2012.

I'm not saying Sony isn't having huge issues. Quite the contrary, I've been warning of tough times for Sony for quite some time, but when looking at console sales, it's downright dishonest to paint Sony as some bleak, hopeless case that's lost it's way while ignoring the fact that console sales for it's competition have fallen off a cliff.

Edit: I just noticed RedHemi300c above making a fool of himself. I'm right here, buddy. I don't need duplicate accounts to make my point. I've been here for years. Then he goes on to argue a point that no one had made. Who exactly are you arguing with? Where did anyone say anything about Microsoft losses? And why on earth would anyone compare Sony and Microsoft as a whole? They aren't even remotely in the same business. Why don't you bring up Sony's credit downgrade again and explain how it spells the end that their credit rating went from "Good" to "Still Good"? At least Dante backs up everything he stated. Your link does nothing to disprove his claims. Did you even read it? Where does it say the Vita hardware isn't profitable? Obviously it takes time to recoup development costs.

guitarded772078d ago

Look... Sony is a diverse electronics company. You cannot take all of their assets and investments into account when comparing their relevance in the gaming market. SCE is turning profit.

jadenkorri2078d ago

@ Dante112

this site is full of doomed article after doomed article of sony gonna fail. The xbots control this site, that's why.

PLAYWATCH2078d ago

I agree with darkride66. why are people bringing up losses and comparing companies on the whole? why do I see so many here analyzing aspects of the companies that are important only to shareholders and stock analyst?

we should only be speaking about gaming related aspect of the companies. we should only be concerned about which company is producing games that we like and pushes the industry forward, not whether the company met its sales goal and how much assets it is holding.

tokugawa2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

sound the bugle, fanboys charge....

first up darkride, your an idiot! you're not analyst, you're just a self confessed sony leg humper with a blog site. you know nothing, go away.

anyway. sony as everyone knows as a whole is in big trouble. they knowingly sold 3D tvs worldwide in 2010 and 2011, at premium prices, that were never capable of displaying 3D correctly.

And when the consumers like me contacted sony about the problems, their response worlwide has been "corresponds with the specs".. incredible. the tech from sony even told me to buy "a more expensive set to improve the 3D" lol

I got my set changed after threatening the shop with consumer rights and selling tvs under false advertising. but that doesnt change the damage that sony did to themselves for two years just in the tv market.

their camcorders are way overpriced, and pretty much everything with "sony" wrote on it is overpriced. when something equal or if not better with samsung or lg wrote on it can be bought cheaper.

now the ps3. nearly everyone i know has xboxs. one or two have ps3s, but thats it. outside of sony fanboy land (n4g), the ps3 is not seen as the second coming, and the best exclusives in the history of the universe are not even considered, except for gt and a couple of others.

no matter how much bleating on n4g by sony sheep about exclusives that are nearly always a "technical marvel" to them lol, free on-line and consoles capable of time travel will change reality. i dont think one reason in particular has seen sony lose its iron grip on the console market.

but it is clear that sonys dominance, and the threat of a one console market are hisory....

nukeitall2077d ago

Sony understood gaming with PS1 and PS2, but no longer does!

Even worse, Sony no longer understands how gaming business works as evident of recent business moves with PS Vita and PS3.

Heck, even the Gaikai purchase seems fruitless to me.

The one thing Sony do have going are their game studios freedom. That is a big kudos to Sony regardless of it being accidental from poor management or just simple smarts.

morganfell2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

"Does Sony Really Understand Gaming Any Longer?"

Which of the big three companies did not abandon the core gamer in favor of the casual crowd?

Sony. Only Sony.

As a gamer I know that Sony understands what I want and at the end of the day that matters more.

I am thrilled Sony has purchased Gaikai because as usual they are forging ahead and leading the game industry in presenting the next format for gaming. While others are playing it safe Sony is taking risks.

It's amazing the gamers that say the love gaming, say they love innovation and then spent countless hours on this board not gaming but instead engaged in vain attempts to deny the value that Sony's Gaikai decision will have for gamers everywhere.

I would rather a company not have any business success if all they are going to do is pander to the casual crowd and shove the same tired 2 titles at me every year.

mananimal2077d ago

Which is clearly a sign of "Failure by Design" & NOT BY chance.
Brilliant just a generation ago, yet absurdly miseralble the next? only a sheeple would not see through the conspiracy .......

insomnium22077d ago

Morgan said:

"I would rather a company not have any business success if all they are going to do is pander to the casual crowd and shove the same tired 2 titles at me every year."

I could not agree more.

The x360 crowd rejoices for the sales and success MS has due to Kinect and they can't see that they will in no way benefit from that success? Talk about blind. They will also come up with excuses like "MS is winding down their development due to next gen arriving shortly" and such. Since when would that be a good thing no matter IF it indeed were true?

I think MS is done as far as Exclusives go. You x360 folks better be ready to enjoy your timed exclusive DLC and such since that is all you will be getting from MS. This gen and the next one and if the next gen is succesfull to MS then they will keep doing the same thing next next gen too. Enjoy. You deserve it.

pixelsword2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Another "[fill in the blank] is doomed" article I'm not going to read.

At any rate, Sony is the only $600 console to survive. The ONLY $600 console. Let that sink in for a moment. And while all others have failed, the PS3 has not only survived, but if the Wii U is any indicator, it could go two gens without changing and still be competitive.

@ greenpowerz below:

One thing you have to wonder about is if XBL is so wonderful, then why are there more PS3 people online than 360 people?

That's saying one of two things:

either XBL isn't worth it


there's not as many people playing because those sales came from repurchases and not actual new sales...?

In the end, I really don't care about sales, because if sales determined the quality of a console, people wouldn't be crying about the Dreamcast today; but when people use sales to represent the quality of a console, I kinda put my two cents in once in a while.

nukeitall2076d ago


"As a gamer I know that Sony understands what I want and at the end of the day that matters more."

I agree, but in addition I want the company to flourish so it can actually sustain it's trajectory. Only giving me what I want without consideration for the people that work for you isn't good for anyone in the long run.
"I am thrilled Sony has purchased Gaikai because as usual they are forging ahead and leading the game industry in presenting the next format for gaming. While others are playing it safe Sony is taking risks."

I disagree that was a good purchase for Sony, but time will tell. I think Gaikai technology is a "somewhat" solution to an old problem that no longer exist. We are reaching a point where hardware technology isn't holding back games, but actual human resources to create them.

Even today, there are very few games you can't do on current consoles. Imagine next generation, and imagine shortly thereafter the hardware will be obsolte.

This means we will be content with cheap hardware, because it is good enough similar to how PCs has been good enough for ages and is therefore shrinking in size.

"It's amazing the gamers that say the love gaming, say they love innovation and then spent countless hours on this board not gaming but instead engaged in vain attempts to deny the value that Sony's Gaikai decision will have for gamers everywhere."

It will be nice to actually explain why you think it was a good decision?

Also, you are also spending countless hours on this board not gaming, but instead talking positive about....


"The x360 crowd rejoices for the sales and success MS has due to Kinect and they can't see that they will in no way benefit from that success?"

I have benefit from Kinect and love it. I play a lot of the casual games, and love the hands free and voice control for my music listening and movie watching.

I think the opposite is also true, certain PS3 crowd hates success and only look for something to complain about. If people enjoy Kinect or Wii, let them!

Why do you care?

I'm not the type of person to hate on others for liking what they do. If people like Justin Bieber, I DON't CARE! It's their money, their time, why would I be a busybody!?


"One thing you have to wonder about is if XBL is so wonderful, then why are there more PS3 people online than 360 people?"

Have you considered a third option (or fourth, fifth for that matter)?

PSN accounts are free, so people have duplicate accounts and sometimes multiple different accounts for different regions!

I have a fat friend list of peoople that swapped or abandoned accounts. I'm also sick of joining up with people that cheat with little reprecussion, because they just create a new account.

"In the end, I really don't care about sales, because if sales determined the quality of a console, people wouldn't be crying about the Dreamcast today; but when people use sales to represent the quality of a console, I kinda put my two cents in once in a while."

Quality is somewhat opinionated so I don't think that is a good measure. I think you really should think of sales correlates to value. A Toyota might not be as good quality as say a Porsche, but it certainly provides more value and hence the more sales. While a GMC often times is significantly cheaper than a Toyota, it provides less value (because it isn't as reliable and has poor resale value) and so fewer consumers buy it.

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SuperLupe2078d ago

They do understand gaming ... just not all that smart business wise anymore.

greenpowerz2078d ago ShowReplies(5)
ConstipatedGorilla2078d ago

I don't disagree because of sales. I disagree because besides myself, I know one other person that owns a PS3. The rest of my family and friends all have 360s. Not trying to troll, but honestly, N4G is the only place I see this much support for the thing. It does make a nice blu ray player though.

showtimefolks2078d ago

no OP sony doesn't get it anymore but MS sure do because they care about casual and kinect and selling systems on lease.

i hope sony turns it around as a long time sony fan its been a sad decline,they once were worth over 200 billion to now just around 20. But we also have to understand this Kaz just took over so its not gonna happen over night give it some time.

One thing sony really over estimated is Vita while its the best handheld in the market and they had the best launch software wise where are the games? mostly it gets ports of ps3 games why can't 6 of their 16 owned studios just work on ps:vita and why can't they hire some independent studios to work on cool projects just for Vita. At E3 sony barely spoke about Vita.

I am not trying to hate on sony or dissing them or anything just saying its time to wake up and make the changes that are needed to be successful now and later. I know they can't drop the price since they will loose money how about this make one Uncharted bundle with 16Gb memory card and the system for $249.

Economy is tough people want value. Why you think people are buying Vizio TV's instead of better brands?

but let's also not kid our self sony gets us the most while Nintendo and MS have kind of left its core fans high and dry sony has delivered and with many more games announced already they are still delivering for the foreseeable future.

and all this talk of how their games don't sell well if each game sells one million plus and some do 2 or 3-4 than it all evens out. while MS has halo and 2 other games off course they will sell. you are comparing 3 games to 30 plus?

Disccordia2078d ago

The Japanese are falling behind in everything. If the board went along with Stringers plans years ago Sony might not be in this mess. But they didn't want to take risks. Its also why Harrison had to leave SCE because the Japanese didn't think online and social products would be important.

Hopefully Kaz can turn it around but they need to adopt new philosophies and quick.

Orionsangel2078d ago

Disccordia is right. Japan has a lot to do with it, but hardcore fans of Anime and Japanese RPGs don't wanna hear that. They're in denial. Holding on to their late 90's early 2000 memories of when Anime and Japanese RPGs were awesome. So for them Japan can do no wrong.

Orionsangel2078d ago

They're not a bad company, but they have a long way to go in terms of catching up to Microsoft's Xbox. Sony's online service is primitive at best. It's very dated both in look and features.

XBL is a beast in terms of features. It really knows how to connect players in a fun and simple manner. It's like a party is going on in XBL and on PSN they're having tea.

One of the biggest dated features on PSN is having to install demos and certain games you buy. That's just ridiculous in this day and age. When on XBL all you do is download and play.

jessupj2077d ago

Please enlighten me with why the PSN is so primitive and please tell me all these extra features XBL that you mentioned?

Last time I checked, dedicated servers were vastly superior to P2P, and sony has a lot of those for their games.

I'll take a smooth lagless gaming experience over cross game chat any day of the week.

insomnium22077d ago


Me too but you have to realize that most of the players on these consoles are kids around 10-23 yo. Being social is the most important thing to people who still hang out constantly with their friends. That's why MS is able to charge money from these suckers too. They make their console a shooter console and as online heavy as they can.

It's probably the best move for them to have those timed exclusive DLC for COD. It is a dirty trick and it exploits both the parents neglecting their children and the mentality of instant gratification but my god it really works.

I wish Sony would take the same route and go agressive with it. It's been clear that you can't be too honest and pure since all that gets you is red numbers in today's world. People really don't care about anything these days and Sony as a Japanese company is struggling cause they don't have the balls to fight dirty cause Japanese are taught to respect other people and not spit in their faces.

I want my exclusive games so Sony bailing out of gaming is not an option imo. Gaming would be ruined. Sony FIGHT DIRTY. It works for MS. Make online gaming cost to people. Learn from MS and beat them at their own game. Don't let them buy their way to success. You are the only one who can do something to prevent it and since people don't care how you do it please fight dirty. All I care about are the exclusive games that puts you over others for me in gaming ever since PS1.

avengers19782077d ago

Sony comes out with some pretty good games so, yeah the understand gaming... They did motion controls, but most there motion games are regular games u can also use move with. The Vita is an impressive handheld that can deliver quality games. Free online. There sales maybe down but everyones sales are down.

Jazz41082077d ago

The next big topic for sony is why did bluray fail when sony has forced it on all its gamers and the very reason for mandatory installs and a very pricey launch console. Im not saying a larger capacity disc is bad for gaming but it just was a little ahead of its time to go main stream and proves ms was correct that it really was not needed other than a handfull of games. Sonys own exclusives could all fit on dvd9 if they were not trying to compensate for a slow bluray drive by repeating the same code over and over. I believe bluray has failed with only a 20percent share and most people getting there movies on demand putting blockbuster and soon to be netflix out of business if thet dont change there ways. Now for next gen MS got it right again by waiting on the tech to get faster so there next machine can have large storage whether it be bluray or a propritory storage without all the issues thd ps3 has suffered through which is why i prefer to game on my 360 more and why ms was able to stay very profitable this gen besides the 1 billion warranty extension. I also agree with the majority of the world thats not on n4g that live is heads and tails greater than psn and psn plus. Sony is the only one to blame for there issues as the competition in MS and Nintendo all are profitable in a struggling economy and sony as a company is a mess from the tv division to cameras to the entertainment division as they are even combining platforms now to try and make there sales look better but unfortunatly the stock holdera are not buying it and sonys value is sinking everyday from 200billion 5yrs ago to 12billion today. All i can say these articles will continue to be written for the above reasons and while sony is reorganizing or if they go bankrupt as either is possible but there will be alot of changes at sony including in the gaming division and i imagine less innovation and more replicating what the competition is doing right.

nerdkiller2077d ago

why do ppl got to type so much you really think ppl here read all ur crap make a quick comment and move on

avengers19782077d ago

How exactly did blu-ray fail...

EVILDEAD3602077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

This is crazy..173 comments..the first comment has 198 Agrees..and it's only 430 degrees total. Getting beat out by an article that has 24 comments on it? does that make any sense?

It interesting to see some the the comments from certain individuals..but who cares..

No matter how you shake it no mstter what your feeling is about ANY of the companies' it would be laughable to claim Sony doesnt understand gaming.

It simply isn't true..

Sony understands gaming, but they like Microsoft and Nintendo they made some good moves and are learning from some of their mistakes.

Alot of people have strong opinions about what those mistakes are and many will miss the mark by a long shot.

The internet pumps a small sector of vocal gamers to bash other oonsoles with bullets that are simply a bunch of blanks in the real world. When those same blanks come their way...well you see the fire erupt.

In this case, as well as some of the blanks fired at Vita prematurely the strong reaction is warranted. Sony is and will for a longtime tyo come be a Super Power in the gaming world. This gen they just had to share a little of he spotlight with their competition.

But, it won't tarnish their great gaming legacy one bit..


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portal_22078d ago

I read this earlier what a fail article.

NastyLeftHook02078d ago

yeah i know, remember...

like the website? NO

story? WTF.

Old McGroin2077d ago

Yup, agreed. All current generation consoles have been on release for about half a decade now, sales will obviously start to slow because anyone who is interested in buying them probably already has one by now and on top of that new games/software cannot go any further because of hardware constraints. Sony, Microsoft and to a lesser extent Nintendo need to unleash the next generation soon as this generation began stagnating about a year ago.

Before I say this next part let me just say I have all 3 current generation consoles and I enjoy them all equally (well, the dust on my Wii is starting to develop dust at this stage!) but I honestly believe the only reason the 360 outsells the PS3 in some regions (mostly the US) is down to the Red Ring Of Death. I think parents in general are probably not clued in to the warranty offers for free replacements and so give in to their kids and buy a new one every time RROD strikes. Just a theory but one that makes sense to me. The reason the PS3 sales have slowed is because they're not breaking down. It's a common business tactic, make products that are designed to break after prolonged use so that the consumer has to buy another one generating multiple sales per person. Simple but effective.

Sheikh Yerbouti2077d ago

Regardless there is like 5 weeks worth of sales difference between the 360 and PS3 LTD. He who really cares anymore is just showing how sad they are.

Sony understands gaming at the very least as much as Microsoft. Their sales performance vis-a-vis the more aggressive competitor is a testament to this. Sony has never left the core, even in its foray into motion gaming which it pioneered for Pete's.

iamnsuperman2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I feel Sony have done a lot right with the PS3 and in some circumstances are actually the only ones taking risks with new ips. It started expensive with very little going for it but since then Sony have learn't and they have produced some of the best and innovative new franchises this generation (especially in a period where new franchises are few and far between)

The vita situation is interesting. I have longed thought that Sony should get out of this market because of the rise in mobile devices who are starting to produce some quality games or they start making their devices more than a gaming device. The problem with the vita is creating a system seller. Portable gaming is usually for a younger crowd and they need (people are going to hate me for saying this but if they want to shift massive amounts of units they are going to have to do it) casual puzzle/ brain training/ those types of games I am also surprised they do not try to get small mobile developers developing app games for the vita.

extermin8or2078d ago

They have a few of those casual games coming, and the PS Mobile suite thing should help, also although I don't think it's needed just yet a price drop but sot hey are still taking some profit on each one sold would help; that said I think they are using a different business model for Vita; usually they use the sell at a loss make it up on software which takes a while but overall has now worked on ps3 thank god they didn't do this with vita or they'd be in even more shit than they are because atm it wouldn't have worked at all. However I love my Vita it's a shame alot of people seem to dismiss it without even properly playing one, just based of the support for PSP last gen and various prejudices.

CommonSenseGamer2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I don't dislike the Vita but its simply to limited, I need a device that does more than gaming and no, Facebook and twitter support is not what I mean. I love having access to all sorts of apps like the imdb app, ebay, news, etc. I also love having a great web browser and being able to playback nearly every movie format without having to convert it first.

Will I ever get a Vita...maybe but not at the current price and not until something like Gran Turismo is released for it.

The day of dedicated devices are over for the masses. Just look at what smartphones have done to the portable music player and camera markets. Sure you can buy dedicated mp3 players and digital cameras but we're talking in the tens of dollars and not hundreds.

extermin8or2078d ago

Tbf sony did say at launch they weren't targeting the mass market but the smaller market that want a dedicated device; I don't take vita with me unless I know I;m going to have time to play it and can keep it safe, I always have my mobile but rarely bother to play games on it (although i need a new one, mine has some issues so this may be why) however if I need to kill time and I want to play a video game; the dedicated device does it so much better than a phone or Ipad does. This is the difference I feel between Smartphones taking over the music player and digital camera market's to an extent. That said Ipod touches etc till sell fairly well because not everyone wants to fork out on the contract and price of a smartphone and the higher class of camera's for people that love taking photo's/do it fo a living still but the specialist camera's. A smartphone is very much a jack of all trades but master of none; excluding actually making phone calls :p

Cocozero2078d ago

They are too concerned with gaining marketshare cutting price yearly and continuos redesigns it looking desperate now. They need to accept they will be 3rd and try to actually start making some money so they can survive next gen.

As for Vita I got a feeling even with those big holiday games it won't help it sell more, smarts phones are just more appealing and do so much more than just play games. If I were Sony I would drop Vita and focus on making the PS3/PS4 the best they can.

MaxXAttaxX2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

First it's too expensive. And now dropping the price is desperate?

You get a Vita to play games. I already have a phone and all I can do is play old games and crappy mobile games. Have fun NOT playing Vita and 3DS games.

Mr-Dude2078d ago

Another one of this "PS3/Vita/Sony iz doomed article"? Serious?
Is it really so hard to find ANY other news?

You so called journalists should go stand in the corner and shame yourself... and then write an "professional" item..

extermin8or2078d ago

Few less of these and they might do a bit better, there seems to be alot of hate towards sony this gen, some of it has been justified but I can't help but feel alot of it is just people wanting to hate something so going with last gen's most popular brand/company. (Seems a trend to hate popular/things that used to be popular- COD justified hate haha, EA not so much justified tbh and various others)