Why It’s Unlikely That GTA V Will Ever Be Released This Year

Ownt examines why it's very unlikely that GTA V will be released this year.

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versusALL1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Anyone one who thinks GTA 5 is comming this year is a complete dumbass. I mean come on! We've only seen one trailer and like a couple of screenshots.

tehpees31382d ago

Pachter still thinks it is.

Someone needs to leave this for his next prediction.

simonrope1382d ago

Why its unlikely that anyone cares about this rubbish shit. Unless its straight from the horses mouth, stop posting.

tigertron1382d ago

I was hoping it would be out in October, but I guess I'll make do with Sleeping Dogs as my free roaming fix this year.

Slysi1382d ago

FFS will they just shut up about it this year, it ain't going to happen

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