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Today’s hot topic is Persona 4 Arena Game Review with youtube videos reviews and images, also release date of this game, Persona 4 Arena is For PS3, Xbox 360.

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Xperia_ion1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

8/10 ? Boooooo!!! I give it 11/10.

Lucretia1865d ago

its a pretty good game. Not better than Blazblue Imo,nor is it better than guilty gear but its still in the top 3 best 2d fighters.

just wish there was more combo variation. still gr8

Blastoise1865d ago

I love crazy finishing moves :')

Grimhammer001865d ago

I'd agree with 11/10
I generally am below average at fighters. I feel really frustrated with capcom Fighters....I hit a wall where great players obviously don't.

But persona arena is the shiz! I still lose more than I win but, damn my game is much closer to winning most matches so far.

I play lots of fighters.....knowing I'll never be really good.....persona makes me think I could get better. Great game!