Scottish gamers create piracy headache for Nintendo

The Sunday Post, A Scottish newspaper, reports that a piracy computer chip is now being used in Scotland. The chip uses the R4 to become the ultimate piracy tool and is said to have huge implications for the gaming industry.

It's sold for around £40 and creates a virtual unlimited passport to pirated software titles for the Nintendo DS. The R4 allows users to illegally download games directly from the Internet, and fits into the DS cartridge slot allowing people to transfer anything saved on a removable flash disk.

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mighty_douche3765d ago

scotland? the R4 has been around everywhere for ages, all my DS owning friends have the R4.

coolfool3765d ago

My friends use the sister tech known as the M3ds simply. Just download the roms of the net and away you go.

Love Games, Hate Piracy. (Felt I needed that somewhere :p)

YorkshireGal3765d ago

Hiya all

I agree with above comment ... its not new and it is certainly available and used quite widely by people I know

YG xxx

titntin3765d ago

It's certainly not news - I've had the M3 simply for well over a year...

eyeballpauluk3765d ago

the R4 is common where I live in scotland as well...a few folk I know have it..

I wouldnt say it anywhere NEAR the problem that we have with PC games piracy tho

WilliamRLBaker3765d ago

M3 as well and it works wodners.

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The story is too old to be commented.