Nintendo’s Probable Reasoning Behind 720p Wii U Launch Game Resolution

Shiroi Airanu wrote: "We understand that the initial price is of HUGE importance to the company and cannot be a mistake as it was with the 3DS. We know that the date released has to take into consideration the optimal sales window upon release, the time it takes to manufacture the proper amount of consoles, as well as having the games (both 1st and 3rd party) that have been promised to be available at launch, ready.

A question that many gamers have besides these though is this:

If the Nintendo Wii U is capable of 1080p resolution, more capable than current generation consoles, and easy to develop for as has been claimed, then why is Nintendo releasing it’s launch games at 720p resolution?"

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SlavisH22112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

because its a current generation console, just admit it, lmao! 720p, really what is it 2005... oh wait its Nintendo, DAMN! Nintendo fanboys really should stop fighting about tech. Nintendo gave up on that long ago, deal with it or go to m$ony. just because the tech is not impressive doesn't change the experience the wii-u will offer you it's our expectation that have changed!

corrus2112d ago

Is good that i am not Nintendo fan for me Sony are the best.

ChickeyCantor2112d ago

"720p, really what is it 2005"

Then most games on PS360 are from 2000? Cause most of them did sub 720p.

"LMAO" indeed.

decrypt2112d ago

"Nintendo has designed the Wii U to be capable of outputting 1080p natively. However, at this time (Wii U Launch window), they have no intention of putting the extra time and money into developing games at 1080p, because the bulk of the market is not yet ready to take advantage of that. "

How retarded do console makers think console gamers are lol. Its not like developing for 1080p would take any more resources or increase development time. If the hardware is powerful enough there should be no question of not having 1080p from the get go.

Take the example of a PC. Devs dont essentially plan to release a game at any certain res. It depends how powerful the system is. Some may play at 720p, 1080p, 1600p or maybe even beyond.

Giving the reason that some gamers may not be ready for 1080p in 2012 is simply retarded and unacceptable.

Hisiru2112d ago

You guys expecting 1080p + 60fps for heavy 3D games at launch for x720/PS4 will be so disappointed lol.

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BrutallyBlunt2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

The Gamepad is probably quite taxing on the hardware because it's having to do 2 separate processes, so by having games at 720p they can run smoother. It's still early and once they get more familiar with the hardware hopefully they can bump games to 1080p.

Nintendo doesn't want to release a $500 game console (or higher). So of course there is going to be some compromises. We haven't see a game system launch with a tablet like controller before and one that can continue the same game from the TV to the handheld where everything you need to do it is all included.

MEsoJD2111d ago

Coming from a Console/PC gamer, 720p and 1080p wont much difference on consoles because the games are played from a much farther distance than pc games. Having 1080p as the standard for the next generation of consoles still maybe too expensive. As for the Wii U, I would bet some money that the controllers take up a lot of resources as well. They may not have Native 1080p, but give you the option to upscale in some games. I really want to see the official specs.

metroid322112d ago

They have already gav their reson and its that their games dont require 1080pto look gorgeous 720p native at 60fps is enough for their launch games to shine 3rd party games are all 1080p.

Nutsack2112d ago

So if their games look good in 720p, why wouldn't 3rd party think so?

And why would 3rd party care to crank a 360 to WiiUpgrade port from 720p native to 1080p anyways?

The installed base of the 360 is around 70 mln, PS3's installed base too. WiiUpgrade first has to build up, will be at most a couple of millions after Christmas. Thats not a sales audience you put extra effort in.

That is, IF the WiiUpgrade is able to put out 1080p for all games. Sony claimed once too that all PS3 games would be 1080p. We've seen how that ended up.

metroid322112d ago

Try because Nintendo games are colourful and vibrant so 720p native something ps3 couldnt do is enough to make these colouful games shine Zelda/Metroid/Fzero/Starfox/ec t will be 1080p ??

yabhero2112d ago

Sony claimed that in 2005. It is now 2012 and WiiU is using is a 6000 series... Look it up I can buy a brand new lowest level 6000 GPU that does 1080p the reason that the 3rd parties are okay found 1080 because they don't use the tablet as much. Also pikmin is running at 60FPS according to Nintendo and do is the new version of ninja Gaiden they are publishing. The 3rd parties are probably 1080p at 30 FPS.
Please dude... Grow up you sound like a jealous 12 year old...

Nutsack2111d ago

Wow Yabhero got real specs or made it up?

Link me to Nintendo saying its the 6000 series in the WiiUpgrade!

Why is 1080p in 30fps? I thought the WIiUpgrade would do 60fps because when the 2nd tablet controller is used fps are cut in half to 30fps?

Wiiboys keep making stuff up, so funny.

And Yabhero, please dude, you're just a 14 year old, grow up and don't PM me anymore over frontpage posts...

@ Metroid

So because Nintendo games are colourful and vibrant they don't need to be 1080p? What a dumb comment. If 1080p is possible so easy with that hardware why don't do it?

Watch how all WiiUpgrade games will be 720p in the end and just have matching possibilities like 360/PS3

So funny the Wiiboys first said with the WIi that graphics ain't important and now with WiiUpgrade they're dying to see Nintendo being graphical king.


Adolph Fitler2112d ago

Because that is all the machine is able to do.....But people will forget that once Wii-U is onto 2nd gen games & Sony has released there console for the gaming media & fanboys to beat up on.

Casuals don't know the difference between 720p & 1080p, they simply aren't that educated, & Nintendo knows this.

Nintendo never had any intention of releasing a machine more powerful than PS3/360.
They are banking on the fanboys & casuals buying up another seemingly cheap, outdated machine.

Wizziokid2112d ago

The console can do 1080p, and saying that casuals don't know the difference between 720 & 1080 is ignorant, just because your a 'hardcore' gamer you know everything right?

the machine is more powerful than the PS3/360 we have already been told this however it more than likely wont be more powerful that PS4/720 that's as far as it goes, we don't know how big the gap will be or anything until all 3 consoles are the market. so people complaining about the power, reserve your hate for when all nextgen systems are released and then we can really judge the difference, seriously people are expecting the second coming with the PS4/720 I fear your expectations may be too high.

12345bnm2112d ago

"Casuals don't know the
difference between 720p &
On most TV screens, there is no difference.

Zha1tan2112d ago

depends entirely on how good the upscaling is on your TV.

For example I play on a 24" HD LED monitor with my PC, xbox and PS3 and because the upscaling isnt that good the xbox/PS3 games kind of look pretty bad because they are only in 720p.

kneon2112d ago

You can see the difference even on a 32 inch screen, and it becomes very obvious once you get over 40 inches. That's why most TVs over 32 inches are 1080.

yabhero2112d ago

Kind of ironic... In reality it's fanboys You banking the silly hope that WiiU will be on par with current gen

Wizziokid2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I'm just really excited to see a Zelda game based on that tech-demo they showed us, now that was impressive

r212112d ago

that actually sounds reasonable, smart move by nintendo. i'll probably buy a wii u when a new LoZ is announced :)

kneon2112d ago

How is it smart to deliberately make your game not look as good as it could?

Many of the Nintendo games have simple art styles with minimal lighting effects and simple physics. Rendering such games at 1080p shouldn't be too taxing on the system.

Puddlejumper752112d ago

"Many of the Nintendo games have simple art styles with minimal lighting effects and simple physics"

You just answered your own question in all honesty. Mario in 720p or 1080p isnt going to be that big of a difference because of the art style.

I remember when GTA4 was considering a great looking game and that wasnt even in 720p

r212112d ago

did you read the article? out of bubbles, peace!

kneon2112d ago

I did read the article and the authors reasoning makes little sense. Basically he's saying that most people buying a Wii U are new to Hd and have bought cheap TVs. Where is the evidence to back this up? Just because someone buys a Wii U doesn't mean they are new to HD or that they have a low end TV.

The stats I've seen shows that the majority of TVs sold over the last few years are 1080p

mamotte2112d ago

because mario platforming has been always been weak on physics. You know, mario galaxy plays like a nes game.

Oh, wait. Making walls explode has been always been way more important than that.

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