4 Things that have Worked for the Halo Series

The Halo series has been one of the longest running series, lasting over a decade now. It always seems to combine the perfect amount of sci-fi, weapons, and miracles. With its success over the years, and the accomplishments and standards it’s set, it is one of the greatest series of all time. We’re going to take a step back and look at four of the major things that have worked for the Halo Series and what this means for Halo 4.

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erikthegman2021d ago

Multiplayer for me. Story is excellent but single player campaign usually lacks the wow factor

wwm0nkey2021d ago

Well regardless of what you do in Halo 4 you will be playing story.

DanielBryan2021d ago

The only Halo game I played was OSDT(Sorry I can't remember the name) The one thing I didn't like about it were the enemies.They looked like something from a childrens cartoon show or something.I couldn't stand them.

h311rais3r2021d ago

For some reason the h3 engine was more cartoony than 1 or 2