Lego Legend Of Zelda, Super Smash Bros. Universe - Many More Wii U Box Arts Mocked-Up

Following the announcement of the Wii U box arts, a bunch of gamers have taken to posting their own mock-ups of various games with the Wii U box art.

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TrendyGamers1949d ago

That Super Smash Bros. box art is really well done.

anthraxCZ1949d ago

all of them are perfectly done

BringingTheThunder1949d ago

the half-life 3 one is just a lot of wishful thinking

yabhero1949d ago

Black Ops 2 is coming no doubt...
Borderlands 2 and Sleeping Dogs need to be confirmed

Dante1121949d ago

The Zombie U one looks pretty sound.

RockmanII71949d ago

If I can critique, in SSBU Samus wouldn't be out of her armor and Knuckles wouldn't be on the cover unless Sonic was there too.

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