New Front Mission Takes off on DS; Scans

This week's Japanese gaming publication Famitsu featured the latest info on the upcoming Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness for the DS. The game was originally released on mobile phones in Japan back in 2005, with the story taking place before the events in Front Mission 1st and Front Mission Online.

The DS version will now include cutscene events in still animation format and a few changes have been made to the story as well. "We have rewritten the script of the game. With the mobile phone version we could only release three chapters in a month, so it was difficult to keep the pacing. But now with the DS, we can tell the story in a more linear fashion," said Front Mission series producer Toshiro Tsuchida. "It's not a complete overhaul where the ending will be different, but you will see some parts of the stories which are quite different from the original mobile phone version."

(See the Story Images tab or the first Alternative Source below for the scans.)

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