5 Reasons Cabela's Latest Insane Hunting Game Looks Like A Surefire Game Of The Year Candidate

Cabela's latest hunting/horror hybrid is here and I'm not sure I even have words to describe it. I'll just go with amazing. Here's 5 reasons it's a GOTY candidate...

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SwiderMan1622d ago

I'm a big fan of Big Buck Hunter Pro on the Wii, so this should be interesting.

Nocturne1471622d ago

Agreed, these games are fun to play.

ZBlacktt1622d ago

Yep, I've played them all. The only part I get bugged about is tryng to use a controller in th arcade section. It always stop me from the Plat trophy. Unless I go buy that gun....awh no.

Knight_Crawler1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I just can not find it in me to shoot that mountain lion - I know its just a game but I would feel guilty shooting that creature when all she is trying to do is hunt for food for her starving cubs :(

I also skipped the No russians level in COD cause I did not feel right shooting those people.

Rettom1621d ago

No, it's just you guys judging people for their beliefs. I'm fine will killing something that's trying to kill me, that's not a pussy. Calling people names is being a pussy lol.

PockyKing1622d ago

Lol, I hope this is satire because a Cabela's game will NEVER reach GOTY status. Fun games yes, but the last game felt like Call of Duty with animals.

bubblebeam1622d ago

lol. The last one a played was years ago on the ps2 (probably like 7 years ago). I had a lot of fun.

But I know there arew plenty of others, and the graphics are really dated, like they don't even try.
It wuld be sooo easy if they put the money from al the games they made into one awesome one, and sell much more.

BLUEKNIFE1622d ago

Stupid game....Animals should be honored instead of killed.

Muffins12231622d ago

In other words....your the guy who thinks we should honor virtual animals... -_-

BillyCostigan1622d ago

lol...shouldn't human lives be honored as well? More so than animals, arguably?

iamgoatman1622d ago

Ok... but these aren't animals, they're pixels made to look like animals, so you can go ahead and kill as many as you like.

bubblebeam1622d ago

I would honour animals, but when I look at my dog, licking his mud and crap covered testicles, I cannot feel anything but pity and or shame.

Maybe you think your in the Lion King or something.

ALLWRONG1621d ago

How do you have 5 bubbles with statements like that?

iamgoatman1621d ago

He's been here over 3 years and made 6 comments, thats how.

specialguest1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Yes, because you've never killed living creatures/animals in any games you've played in the past. /s

If you play RPGs, you would've killed countless innocent creatures who were minding their own business until you came along and slayed them for their dropped items and gold.

In platform games, you would've mercilessly stomped on them, shot them, torched them, etc.

In fps/tps, you would've shot them just to see if its possible.

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Bounkass1622d ago

Reminds me of Afrika/Hakuna Matata. Except you shoot pictures.

FinaLXiii1622d ago

MW3 Chaos mode with animals.

Letros1621d ago

"Remember, no barking"

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