Video Game Sales Continue to Fall

As sales figures continue to fall for games and consoles for the eighth straight month; are you being swayed by the economy or sticking by your favorite game/console/developer? Digital purchases and tablets are hurting console gaming, but the true gamers will make sure their brand of choice lives on.

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OneAboveAll2022d ago

Lower the prices of games, release new console hardware, create original games.

Problem solved.

Kaylith2022d ago

Very true. Do you think an overhaul of the gaming distribution/development system is needed starting at the top to achieve this--or will it come in time on its own?

Yi-Long2022d ago

... when it comes to big name games coming out.

That's all.

There are more games now than ever before, and those numbers will keep rising. Perhaps there's just a little lull right now, but it will pick up again when a few big titles hit.

Kin23g2022d ago

Yep, there's no need for fabulous graphics, gameplay and plot are far more important.

Just lower the prices, come up with original content .. and you're good to go.

knowyourstuff2022d ago

I know right - only the install bases are the highest for current gen games, unleashing new consoles will take away from total sales of software as people will have to shell out a ton of money for new hardware. This means they will have less money to buy current gen games as well as next gen. Keeping current gen consoles and making fantastic games will net the highest software increase, however if Sony and Microsoft can't turn a profit on consoles they may be in trouble financially (especially Sony given their financial straits).

Lowering prices may be the answer for games that aren't triple A, you may lower the price 15% but will that translate to more than 15% total sales and revenue? It's a tough call that no one wants to risk their company making.

schlanz2020d ago

When Newegg had their $10 off preorders, I went ahead and ordered 14 games, most of which I would have normally waited on until they dropped to $25-40. I usually buy just 2-3 games a year at launch, since there are so many good games that come out now it's too easy to buy the ones that I missed out on for $20 or less.

prototypeknuckles2022d ago

took the words right out of my mouth.

yeahokchief2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

This information does not surprise me one bit.

I bought the majority of my games in November on Black Friday. I got so many deals that are STILL better than what you would pay today and that was 9 months ago. I'm still playing them all with tons of trohpies etc to unlock... There are a few games I might buy right now for cheap if I wasn't already so overloaded.

The only new game i've bought this year was Max Payne 3 because they're quality and I always buy Rockstar stuff on day 1.

You'll probably see sales kick up again in Q4.

maniacmayhem2022d ago

Definitely time to see some new consoles.

CrazyInsane2022d ago

Are people ready to pay for new consoles ?

Kaylith2022d ago

I don't think people are in the US economy, but I can't speak for anyone else. Given that the top three consoles are all either well set (PS3, 360) or due for upgrades (Wii) the chances of anyone buying a console right now are slim.

NeoTribe2022d ago

I am. Wutever the price. Ill pay a grand right now for a ps4.

Majin-vegeta2022d ago

Ehh i haven't bought a retail release game since BF3 came out.Since they are always broken i'm waiting till Black Friday to buy the games i've wanted to buy in the past months since most have major bugs fixed.

Ragemachine21122022d ago

Most of the AAA big seller games are released in a 4 month span of september-december. Of course the other 8 months are going to have falling sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.