PlayStation All-Stars Dream Roster: Crash Bandicoot

IGN - Get the original mascot in the game.

-Mezzo-1357d ago

Having him in the game would so awesome.

Sizzon1357d ago

I agree so much, he was the playstation mascot back in the ps1 days! :)

smashcrashbash1357d ago

We all wish he was in the game but it is up to Activision if they want to give it to Sony and Superebot to use. But if any of the recent leaks are real he is already there. I think a good strategy if he is in the game is to leave him to be announced last along with Sir Dan and Spike.

tigertron1356d ago

Not only does Crash need to be in this but Sony needs to buy the rights to the franchise. Seriously. Crash BELONGS with Naughty Dog.

majiebeast1356d ago

Yeah or let Sanzaru(guys who are making sly 4 do a new crash bandicoot)

JDcg1356d ago

I hope they put a character from mass effect in there eventually, if not with the original launch then as a DLC.

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