DayZ creator deals with stress of success

GamaSutra - Six months ago, Dean "Rocket" Hall was a hard-working game developer, transplanted from his native New Zealand to Prague, helping to finish Bohemia Interactive's upcoming military shooter ArmA 3.

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Emilio_Estevez2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Interesting....The way Day Z now is great, in concept only. With good funding and the concept they have they could turn it into something truly amazing.

MasterChief36242116d ago

I haven't played the mod yet, but it sounds very interesting. Also, good for this guy. It's a great success story :)

iamlegend99992115d ago

So playing this game once i get my gaming pc

Trunkz Jr2115d ago

I'm more happy for the small company Bohemia Interactive ^^ They deserve all the money as the ArmA series (and first OFP) have been great military simulators, so I hope this helps out with ArmA 3 (or expansions for it) to make them as best and realistic as they can be.

I mean this one was from almost a year ago and it looked amazing then: