Square Enix hit back at FINAL FANTASY XIII release date rumours

Square Enix have moved quickly to dismiss rumours surrounding the release date for FINAL FANTASY XIII for the PlayStation 3...

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coolfool3465d ago

breif and straight to the point I guess. We can all say when we'd like it to be released, we can all guess when we realistcally think it will be released but until the officially anouncement we might all be completely wrong. (just to state the obvious :p )

Violater3465d ago

We wont be seeing this game before in NA before 09

coolfool3465d ago

I have this ideal that they will release it before christmas this year and by that time a new sku will be around with BC and DS3 and I will go home with my newly purchased PS3 and have the best Christmas ever!!!


ceedubya93465d ago

I agree. If this game comes to North America before the end of 08, then I would be highly pleased and surprised. It took XII FOREVER to finally come here. As a matter of fact, it has usually taken months, like almost a year, before we saw a Final Fantasy game here in the States after its Japan release. I'm not holding my breath for this one. I'll wait patiently though.

coolfool3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

-- double post ---

Rusted3465d ago

well, it was just a matter of time... i understand this guys, they're doing like 479274021843 Final Fantasy games.

Bebedora3465d ago

Great movie, great actor (Christian Bale, right?)

FF Xiii will be out when S-E says so in a press release. I'll buy it when I see it on the shelf.

ReconHope3465d ago

but yeah i hope they give us a demo.

mighty_douche3465d ago

I think this game is much further along than we're lead to believe.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3465d ago

you`d be correct.

this game is WAY farther along then ALOT would think.

wind_dragon3464d ago

If my memory serves me right i heard they started work on the title right after KH2. So it most certainly has been a while. I also read a that they were aiming for a worldwide simultaneous release.

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The story is too old to be commented.