Why GTA 5's lead character could be an FBI agent, and why that's brilliant

OXM: "Say hello to Calvin North."

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DigitalRaptor2050d ago

This would be sick as... hope their hunch is true.

Jam_sponge2050d ago

How would they justify things like the player shooting random civilians in the storyline, though?

dirigiblebill2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Easy - sadly inevitable collateral in the war on terror/drugs/whatever Fox doesn't like right now.

rdgneoz32050d ago

Undercover? Maybe that granny you ran over in a hummer was actually a pimp...

yoshiroaka2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

What happens in the free roam world of gta you could say is actually non canon to what happens on the missions.

I mean even in previous games when you go on a rampage and then lose your stars and then start a mission. That is pretty unnatural too.

Once he doesnt kill any grannies in the main story missions it should be fine. Or maybe he is undercover cop that lost his way and went too far. Start as a cop and end as a crook. Lots of great themes to explore there.

Pentex2050d ago

Getting a BJ from a prostitute, run her over with your car and beat her corpse with a baseball bat...

Inevitable collateral damage.

iamnsuperman2050d ago

True but that doesn't matter too much as when you die/run away from the police anyway no-one is looking out for the mass murderer that just ran down and blown up X amount of people.

I personally do not see this being true. I am not sure how it would work. The link between the trailer and this theory is very weak considering pulling off an operation like that is not that hard to do if you have the right resources and past GTA games feature mobsters with big connection.

It doesn't fit to have him as the FBI. The amount of people and different operations you do in GTA makes an undercover FBI agent infiltrating the gang seem very unlikely. You always delve into different gangs build and lose relationships with different gangs.

jon12342050d ago

simple, its a video game

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

"How would they justify things like the player shooting random civilians in the storyline, though?"

Technically John Marston (RDR) & Niko Bellic (GTA 4) were "nice family type guys" yet it didn't stop them from tearing the old west & liberty city a new one. respectively. lol

Pentex2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Not quite the same.

Both of those characters were established from the start as outcasts or outlaws. The fact that they need to kill some people in their way is expected.

GTA doesn't really place us between moral choices, you already know that your character is a criminal and it's up to you to set how cruel of a bandit you are. The only major rewards are for being more immoral.

RDR has a moral system, your character is an ex-criminal and it's up to you to choose if you were just trying to live a peaceful life and become moral or if you really were a bastard all along and still found pleasure in killing and robbing civilians. Besides, there's rewards for being a moral person and punishments for being immoral.

A game that chooses to have a main character as an undercover law force agent needs to take in account the fact that they're establishing the character as a good guy and that if he's allowed actions in complete contradiction with his personality, then they're breaking its believability.

I don't see how anyone would ever be able to come up with an excuse to make us believe we are controlling an FBI agent while we're driving on the sidewalk killing dozens of people.

MrDead2050d ago

Mike Toreno from San Andreas was a government agent and he didn't give a rat’s ass who got killed as long as the job gets done.

It would be awesome to play as him as James Woods voiced the character.

Panthers2050d ago

Prostitute?! You told me those women were raising money for Stem Cell research!

Kevin ButIer2050d ago

Come on is GTA... it doesnt have to be believable at all

SephirothX212049d ago

Doesn't have to be a good FBI agent. Hell most of them aren't good anyway.

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Knight_Crawler2050d ago

God I hope not..hate playing pigs in games.

doogiebear2050d ago

There wasn't a damn thing in that article that convinced me that he's a FBI agent. Makes no sense in a game like GTA. None.

Moncole2050d ago

So like how Sleaping Dogs protagonist is an undercover police?

They should still to making the protagonist a convict.

HammadTheBeast2050d ago

I want to play as Elizibeta.

FragMnTagM2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

You can if you have GTAIV on the PC.

chak_2050d ago

I'd like that. Starting as a nice guy, having a nice day and being forced to get dirty, alas JACK BAUER §

That could be fun and completly change from being the gangsta' again.

Nocturne1472050d ago

Yea, Jack Bauer rocks. But he works in CTU not FBI.

Drakesfortune2050d ago

Jack Bauer could be an FBI agent if he wanted - He is that good!

FarCryLover1822050d ago

In season 7 of 24, there was no CTU and he was working for the FBI. So for a season, he was an FBI agent ;)

Bonerrr2050d ago

He's an Ex FBI agent.

Nexgensensation2050d ago

I was getting a little uncomfortable seeing one of american's majority as the main characters of gta, knowing gta is all about the minority pursuing the american dream.

if you believe this comment is racist then reply...

doogiebear2050d ago

No one is falling for your flame bait. F*ck off.

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