Rise in Sales of HD DVD in the US

It seems sales of HD DVD hardware has made a slight recovery in the States after the initial dip seen after Warner Bros' announcement that they are to ditch the format.

HD DVD player sales totaled about 33% of all high-definition set-top unit sales for the week ended January 19, according to NPD Group data. Blu-ray held onto 63% of sales while dual-format players managed 4%.

The previous week's figures from NPD had reported that Blu-ray had enjoyed a 90% market share, although it was later revealed that these figures were leaked, and not meant for release due to high Blu-ray "free player" promotional activity.

Toshiba's $100 to $200 price cuts on its HD DVD players came effective on January 13th, no doubt helping the sales along.

Toshiba will hope the upward momentum will continue - they are spending a reported $2.7 million on an ad slot during the Super Bowl on Sunday, watched last year by 90 million Americans.

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3854d ago
cheetorb3854d ago

It's called a going out of business sale.

mikeslemonade3854d ago

It's HD-DVD supporters buying more players and more movies in desperation for the attempt of reviving HD-DVD. That's all it is.

BrianC62343854d ago

It's amazing how many people are foolish with their money. I guess those people buying HD DVD players right now don't keep up on the news. Anyone who knows anything about this war knows it's over. Why spend anything on what will soon be orphaned hardware? Just stupid.

mistertwoturbo3854d ago

Yes, and let's completely completely ignore the PS3 numbers. *rolls eyes*

LoydX-mas3854d ago

It is fact that the PS3 effect is the ONLY reason Blu-ray sold more discs. However, (as if it hasn't been said enough) somone who purchases a stand-alone dedicated player will buy more movies.

Remember, it took almost 4 million PS3s vs. < 1 million HD-DVD players to sell a 1.5:1 ratio of discs.

Iron Man 23854d ago

HD DVD:The look and sound of sh*t,go Blu!;)

ceedubya93854d ago

for HD-DVD to even have a slither of a chance to go forward. Its amazing that people are still buying these player's at this point. Although HD-DVD isn't completely dead, it is seriously on life support. And either consumers really aren't aware of it, or they have money to burn. I was all for HD-DVD, but when its over, its over. Perhaps these people are just buying these as an upscaling dvd player?

craymoogy3854d ago

yeah, I was thinking of getting an HD DVD player to upscale my DVDs. Other than that, I don't know the reason to get one. Well, it has to be about 50 bucks for me to get one.

bohemian 233854d ago

Sometimes you gotta vote with your buck. If people picked up hd dvd instead of blu ray than companies would have no choice but to use the hd dvd format. If they get enough players out there who knows what will happen. If they have this huge fire sale and stick consumers with a dead product just to make up some money I would very upset. I won't be surprised if it happens but I hope they inform people at least at the stores before people buy them. It reminds me of when laser discs were the next big thing or Sony's mini disks were gonna replace cd's.

Funky Town_TX3854d ago

That is what I did. I got about 12 movies free also. I have only purchased 2 HD-DVD's for about $15 each.