New Releases for the Week of August 12th-August 18,2012

With anticipated titles such as Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs, and The Last Story hitting store shelves, this week’s list of new releases ushers in a harbinger of hope after a summer devoid of essential gaming experiences. Thankfully, these titles are complemented by a number of high profile digital offerings, from Summer of Arcade 2012′s denouement, Dust: An Elysian Tail to Vander Caballero’s allegorical exploration of domestic disfunctionalism in Papo & Yo.

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JRPGLuva2079d ago

I'll try Papo & Yo. Hopefully the game isn't more concept than pure fun.

Sleeping Dogs, since Fry's will have it for $49.99.

alien6262078d ago

i been playing sleeping dogs and its awesome i recommended to anyone.

madmad2079d ago

Darksiders II.

I'll let these Sleeping Dog lie.

RaptorMan2079d ago

Summer Arcade was kind of a disappointment this year. I expected Triple-A titles and got overprice single and double-A game. Hopefully, next year kicks ass and drops prices.

mediastudies2079d ago

So is The Last Story only available through Gamestop and Nintendo again?

sharpsword2079d ago

Some good games coming out this week. Is it almost "gaming season"? I need to prepare my wallet.

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