Burnout Paradise Xbox LIVE requires hard drive

Videogamer reports: "Burnout Paradise has impressed gamers since its release last week, but the Xbox 360 version isn't the same for everyone. Reports from gamers suggested that the game needs a hard drive for online play, meaning owners of Core and Arcade Xbox 360s can't play the game online. Having been totally unaware of this, we hunted down our retail 360 copy of the game to look at what was said on the case. After close inspection we finally saw the text.

"online multiplayer 2-8/hard drive required" read the orange text on the second line of the game information on the rear of the case.

A user on contacted EA support and received the following reply via email:

"The hard drive is needed to store temporary data when playing online as the data transferred from one console to another requires storage space greater than what the memory card can contain."

We're waiting for an official response from EA on the matter"

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mighty_douche3797d ago

Not a good sign for things to come. Lack of a HDD was always gonna come back and bite M$ in the ass!

How much is the cheapest 360 HDD?

ThaGeNeCySt3797d ago

retail, the cheapest HDD is the 20GB which is $99.99... and that's a complete rip off and ends up costing more if you try to buy an XBOX360 Arcade, then a HDD afterwards.

rofldings3797d ago

I guess not everyone can go down to the Paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Guess we should take them [PS] home, :O

SCThor3797d ago

I guess we all know in what console that game is going to sell most.

gamesR4fun3797d ago

but at least this means m$ is gonna start letting devs use it....
to bad for the core owners who bought this fro online without knowing...


Actually, I see this as a good thing. HDD needs to be required for games. Yes, M$ should have made all consoles HDD equipt. But, I do not have any remorse for those who chose to buy a 360 without a HDD - to me, that is just a stupid move. And if you say you cant afford the HDD models, then how are you going to afford $60 games ? I wish Mass Effect had been HDD required, it probably would have fixed 90% of the glitches that title suffered from due to a lack of usable memory.

Personally, I hope more & more Developers will force M$ to use the HDD.

TheGamer3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

So why release a console without a HDD in the first place? If anyone is stupid here its MS and not the ppl (they also are for a diff reason) who bought into MS's BS that a HDD is not required.

wageslave3797d ago

There are *8* instance of "M$" in the "Gamer Zone"

Where the fcuk are the moderators? Or, are they just workign on the SDF "reports" still?

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SkolarVisari3797d ago

Sad they should have just had a hard drive in all of the models they released.

pharmd3797d ago

or at least made it more user-friendly, like allowing users to swap in a cheap laptop HDD into the bay or something that would please their consumers......

oh wait this is M$, go figure

jvsantos3797d ago

I don't think anyone has been able to figure out yet why they would have a standard HDD on the Xbox and then drop it for the 360.

gamesR4fun3797d ago

if i had to guess jvsantos id say $$$

spandexxking3797d ago

thats pretty harsh! glad i got it for ps3!

bumnut3797d ago

i have a 360 with a hdd, but it was definatley a mistake for ms to make the core.

i have never seen a game that requires a hdd for online play, they usually say hdd required to play (both on & offline)

blacsheep3797d ago

this is going to happen with alot of 360 games in the future as online play is so dominant in gaming now.

games that are reviewed even get points taken off for not including online play.

theres going to be alot of twists and turns in the console fight in 2008