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Jack Tretton Says Social and Free to Play "Aren't Where Gaming is Headed"

"Jack Tretton, Sony president and CEO of SCEA, has said that social and free-to-play games aren’t where gaming is headed, which should prove some comfort for dedicate PlayStation fans who just want to buy a game and play it." (Industry, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

Angainor7  +   767d ago
Hope so...
TheTwelve  +   767d ago
Zynga downfall is a sign that Tretton is right. I can't wait until we get through this phase.--12
Moncole  +   767d ago
Zynga fell because they always copied and they finally copied EA and now EA is sueing them.
ame22  +   767d ago
You hit the nail right on the head. Zynga's downfall is a sign of social gaming's dying breath and that traditional gaming which has continuously been rising for the last 30+ years is here to stay.
guitarded77  +   767d ago
Tretton is the man. He has said repeatedly that Sony is about the core, and Sony's actions have proven that he's just not blowing smoke out his ___. Free to play is all fine and dandy every once in a while, but most of the games are turds, due to lack of funding. Rarely are F2P any good, and the few exceptions tend to nickle and dime you to death making me wish they'd have just made it a retail game so I could pay once and be done with it.
SilentNegotiator  +   767d ago
We just need to learn once and for all that social and F2P/P2W are things that tend to have finicky, sort-term audiences. Just because a cell phone game or two become mega-franchises, that doesn't undo the dozens of successful mega-franchise console and PC games.
IcyEyes  +   767d ago
To be honest, I never consider social and free games a real videogames ... maybe a "distraction", nothing more. So no worries, REAL gaming is another affair.
guitarded77  +   767d ago
That's the difference between us as gamers and the people in the industry who follow trends looking for financial incentives. At the end of the day, what we consider real gaming has little to fear because it has been tried, tested and proven for decades. Trends will come and go, but not every Angry Birds player will still be pumping money into the industry 5 or 10 years from now.
TekoIie  +   767d ago
I hope theres more of both! F2P games may force game devs who sell their games at retail to up the quality of their games :)
The_Infected  +   767d ago
I'd love to know who dissagrees with you! Jack is dead right.
yeahokchief  +   767d ago
Jack for president! Oh wait...
red2tango  +   767d ago
I hope Sony keeps being Sony.
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TheFinalEpisode  +   767d ago
I like how he's foucusing in the hardcore while everyone else wants to appeal to the casual crowd
Alos88  +   767d ago
The hardcore crowd will stick around a lot longer than the casual crowd tend to; there isn't really much brand loyalty among casual gamers.
That is why all the "console gaming is dead" articles you see are total BS.
Captain Tuttle  +   767d ago
Why aren't the "hardcore" buying the Vita? Not trolling, serious question.
elmaton98  +   767d ago
Maybe the psvita isnt appealing to them, i for 1, wouldnt buy one since im not into handheld devices at all so i won't spend money on one and this is coming from a ps3 fan.
Alos88  +   767d ago
My guess is the general lack of games currently.
tiffac008  +   767d ago

Most of us (core gamers) have the patience to wait for a price cut, better retail offerings and more games. Aside for the rest of us (including me) who are early adopters.

Mostly its the casual market that buys a product at full price without knowing what it offers (and mostly because its popular right now).

So we'll see how it goes for the Vita in the following months. The 3DS was put in a similar doom and gloom scenario not so long ago before it proved its detractors wrong.
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Captain Tuttle  +   767d ago
Thanks for the civilized responses guys, all good points. I think Gamescon and TGS are really going to make or break the Vita though. I'm still blown away how Sony failed to highlight it during E3.

Wonderbook. Really Sony? Wonderbook?

Edit: Regarding the 3DS, Nintendo had to put a very aggressive price cut in there which I'm not sure Sony can afford. Combine that with Nintendo's proven first party handheld titles and I think that's why you're seeing the 3DS do relatively well. It's also puzzling how Sony let Monster Hunter go to the 3DS, that was basically the main reason for the PSP's success in Japan.
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raytraceme  +   767d ago

Issue is that the us isn't sony's biggest market anymore it's eu. The vita has sold more in eu than in the us Since gamescom is in eu sony is putting a lot into it. Vita has sold more in eu than in the us.

Wonderbook is something to help sony get some casual market cash. Atleast the money from it will go towards investing in more new ip's.
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tiffac008  +   766d ago

Yeah, Sony didn't do the Vita any favor by putting Wonderbook up front during E3. I realize what they are trying to do there but not having any time for the Vita during E3 was just not right.

It was just too much Wonderbook.

And I think what Sony should do first before a price cut, is bundle 4GB memory cards with the purchase of every Vita. Instead of having the customer pay extra for it. At least they should try that out.

I mean its been the nature of the console business that hardware devices drop in price after a year or so. So we know that's coming but at least put in a sweetener before that by bundling the memory card.
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Straightupbeastly  +   767d ago
Sony were always casual. Seems like they're playing to the hardcore crowd because they're in panic mode to at least keep them around.

This is the same company that copied the wii controller lets not forget
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Um honesty why would he say "yes social games will kill playstation!! yeah!!".

But real social gamers are here to stay. Of course casual gamers deserve to have there games to but the hardcore need to survive.

Now when it comes to pc free 2 play is the way and I am seeing free 2 play games that look like $60 games or better.

Ironic Sony is making a free 2 play game.

These graphics with 2000 players huge maps & you can only purchase custom looks for your armor & can't buy guns.

That to me that is a big blow to $60 shooters.
But I guess sony was just playing? I am confused.

but then again I guess he is only talking ps4 & not the whole industry.

rambling mode deactivated......
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ZeroX9876  +   767d ago
He said it's not the future, BUT you can't let an occasion of getting those casual to like one of their Free2play games and Incite them to buy more hardcore games after.
The thing is that some of the free 2play games are hardcore.
HammadTheBeast  +   767d ago
Sony does support f2p as seen by Dust 514 and Planetside, but it knows that people are going to buy the micro transactions based on quality.

Either that, or a Sony representative has a gun pointed at my head as I type.
Mustang300C2012  +   767d ago
Yet their DC MMO is now free 2 play and Dust 514 was changed to free 2 play. Hmmmmm
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Two games of hundreds. Hmmmmm ... A truly sign of a strong trend /s
Lvl_up_gamer  +   767d ago
How many Sony mmo's do you think they have?
elmaton98  +   767d ago
He was talking about ps3 games
secretcode  +   767d ago
My personal issues with Tretton aside, I think he's hitting the nail right on the head on this one especially when he compared the surge in popularity of casual/f2p games with the rise in popularity of FPS games (Or even the big boost in interest of fighting games) this generation.

The cycle will run through in time, and I'm glad to see companies being realistic about it, especially as companies like Zynga are beginning to face drastic losses.
RememberThe357  +   767d ago
personal issue with Trenton?

RandomDude655  +   767d ago
He stole his milk money back in '82
RandomDude655  +   767d ago
Also who is Trenton?

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Zha1tan  +   767d ago
The occasional F2P game isnt bad, have a look at Sonys other project Planetside 2 on the PC, looks awesome for a F2P game but I dont want to see it become the mainstream because the piss will be well a truely taken with some developers and publishers.

*cough* EA *cough*
HammadTheBeast  +   767d ago
Dust 514 as well, and DCUO
gamer7804  +   767d ago
he's right, its a current trend but not a lasting one.
seanpitt23  +   767d ago
I totally agree if you dont agree you should be worried because the quality of games in the future will be shocking.
Dlacy13g  +   767d ago
Lets hope his sentiment is the case. I am not a fan of social and free to play games on a whole but I will admit there are some exceptions.
ExPresident  +   767d ago
I hope he's right. I prefer to buy a $60 complete game, and I use 'complete' carefully because a lot of games now still nickel and dime us or are broke, but I'd prefer that $60 charge over the free to play model where they milk you for everything and they get way more than $60 for crap.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   767d ago
Social gaming and f2p is cool and a big buissness, and just like Ouya, is in a totally different market of its own. Traditional gaming or mainstream gaming will always be around, so I agree with Jack.

Social gaming and f2p, is not the future of gaming.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   767d ago
Tablets, smart tvs and streaming= future.
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kingPoS  +   767d ago
The man's head is on strait! I'd burnout with nothing but Social & FTP games. That's a very thin line to walk.
Emilio_Estevez  +   767d ago
Agreed, core gamers aren't satisfied with most F2P, phone and social games. I don't care for any of them except the occasional f2p.
bubblebeam  +   767d ago
No F2P game can compare in quality with the best of this gens games. They are more Multiplayer focused, to attract large audiences.

WE will always need single player games. The core is here to stay, casuals can lick the residue between my butt cheeks! (Figure of speech........seriously, I'm not lying)
SAE  +   767d ago
i agree with him when i see games like heavy rain / mgs4 / god of war / the last of us / uncharted..etc , these kind of games wouldnt be fair to give it people for free because they work hard on them ...

but i disagree when i see games like gunz and even pirated games in pc , if i get the game for free i would pay for the map packs because anyone who likes the game will continue playing it and want new things in it , he also get the perfect game he want because it would be updated a lot ...

i guess the best thing for me is o be in middle , release both kind of games...
guitar_nerd_23  +   767d ago
I agree.

I like to just buy a game and play it. Micro-transactions just make me want to turn a game off and not bother.

Social games are generally as horrible as chain letters.
palaeomerus  +   767d ago
It also doesn't seem to be heading towards 3D, Move, rental streaming via Gaikai, or Play create Share.

Oh well.
elmaton98  +   767d ago
Damn right but hey you never know what those thing are capable of and personally I'm not into Kinect and moving my body (cause i do that in the gym)
BitbyDeath  +   767d ago
Do you really want it too?
Everything in moderation is better than just picking one thing and going with it.
SegaKnuckles86  +   767d ago
I really hope not. It would be a future where you would end up coughing up way more cash just to enjoy a 10-hour single-player than you would if you purchase a $60 dollar retail game. Have fun spending upwards $100+ if you really want anything better than a glorified demo. Free MMOs make up a prime example, most of them are mediocre to paid MMOs because you are only as good as the money you spend for your character, or you could just spend 10-15 a month and have access to a few hundred times more content per dollar.
dkgshiz  +   767d ago
If it actually is where gaming is headed. I can safely say I won't be playing modern video games anymore. Just games from the 360/PS3/Wii era and every generation behind this one.
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Relientk77  +   767d ago
I agree and hope Jack Tretton is right

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