My PS Vita Ups and Downs

"I remember being inordinately excited about the PlayStation Vita. It wasn’t the prospect of a “PSP2” that I liked – Sony’s first handheld console was generally a big disappointment for me. The PlayStation Vita brought with it a new promise, the hope that Sony would understand the failure of the PSP to live up to its potential for users like me and that they’d correct that in the new machine."

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guitarded772044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

"Uncharted: Golden Abyss was reasonably good but it looked fairly average."

We must have been playing a completely different game because Uncharted Golden Abyss is the prettiest thing I've seen running on a handheld device.

Not bashing the article... it's actually a coherent critique of the Vita, but Uncharted on Vita is beautiful.

Here's a compressed screenshot I took from my Vita (note: It looks even better in person)... check link.

StanSmith2044d ago

Why does the screenshot that you took on your Vita have all the Sony and Naughty Dog copyright info in the bottom right corner? Serious question as I've never seen that on mine.

Also, Uncharted does not look as good as that screenshot suggests. It has alot of aliasing in person.

I found the game quite tedious to play until a familiar face showed up in the second act which had some of the funniest dialogue I've heard from the whole franchise.

Still, it was a decent game for the price I paid for it.

guitarded772044d ago

Copyright info is because it was uploaded to Flikr from Vita, and Facebook from Vita, which is why I said it was a compressed image. Because it is compressed, I say it looks better on Vita than the image I have attached. Try it and compare the images... you say it doesn't look as good as the screenshot suggests. The comment from the article I am questioning isn't about gameplay, it's about how the game looks, and Uncharted is beautiful on the handheld. Compared to anything else on handheld, nothing is at that level, aliasing or not. My only real complaint is that not all environment objects are dynamic... kinda sucks running into a shrub and it's like it's made out of concrete, but I know they have processor limitations.

StanSmith2044d ago

I'll have to try the screenshot thing later, but the compression does seem to hide all the jagged edges.

Even so, Uncharted GA is still a great looking game. From a graphical standpoint, it's only faults are the aliasing (which most launch games have) and the pixelated explosions. For this article to claim it's average looking is laughable.

oldfriend862044d ago

The article said a lot, with not much substance. System description was fine, though not as indepth. For games, I respect his opinion. Though vague, I'm sure he just wanted to touch on the games a little bit, then shift focus back onto the system again. However I get the feeling that he was forcing the experinence. Instead of, "Gee wiz, I can't wait to have fun!"; his mindset was, "This 'better' be fun. Hmm...nope not impressed. Next"

Edward752044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

if you are an owner, or a person wanting to own, this article says why it has potential, and why it is struggling. The only thing I disagree was his ho-hum talk about Uncharted. That game was awesome. Overall all true, and can still have a happy ending :)

chrisarsenalsavart2044d ago

nothing on a handheld looks as amazing as uncharted GA. period

Lucretia2044d ago

it did look amazing. but many flaws in the game. felt ALOT more like uncharted 1.5 to me. such steps back from UC2 and 3, though for obvious reasons ofcourse.

still, little odd things made it not too fun. alot of predictable parts of gameplay. protect person from getting shot, protect them with a turret from getting shot, sniper room etc. it felt like these were on cycles and happened too often.

still not a bad game, but not as good as the others ofcourse, though again it is a handheld

oh yeah and the random times you had to do chalk rubbings in the middle of climbing or in a gun fight, im like wtf??? haha

Lucretia2044d ago

honestly i luv the vita but it needs more games. and it is a matter of time, but doesnt change that there isnt too much. i beat all the good games and had to go back to my psp.

still vita has alot of good stuff on the way. people have to give the vita time. it took the 3ds more than a year to start getting games, and well, the vita needs the same chance

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