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Sound Shapes | S&S Reviews

The PSN has been getting some pretty great exclusives lately, Dyad for one, and now Sound Shapes. This comes from the geniuses at Queasy Games, who created Everyday Shooter, and similar to ES, music drives the game from beginning to end. (PS Vita, PS3, Sound Shapes) 9.5/10

TENTONGUN  +   740d ago
i never heard of the game till a few folks on n4g were acually pumped for it. i took a chance and bought it, and love it. its a cool lil $15 game and acually has me playin my vita again.
Resistance_lord  +   740d ago
Agreed. I play with my Vita at work(Lunch break) and my wife plays on the ps3 at le house, 15 bucks for both versions is a steal :D
DXDA  +   739d ago
game is worth $15. can't wait to create a level and hopefully have people try out my creation. this game should keep me going until LBP comes out in Sept. Just wish Dyad was available on the Vita as well.
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DarkHeroZX  +   739d ago
I like how buying the vita version gets you the ps3 version free. Sony if sony does this with PS All-stars and all future psvita/ps3 cross play games I'd really see this sprking Sony's software sales.

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