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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Needs To Get Better | It's A Gaming World

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the sequel to High Moon’s fascinating story of the epic war taking pace on the Autobot’s and Decepticon’s home planet; War for Cybertron. While receiving quality reviews across most of the internet, many people stayed away from the title, and rightfully so with numerous flops on the 1980’s cartoon and toy line brand. Yet War for Cybertron turned out to be a sleeper hit with its multiplayer, horde mode, and completely cooperative campaign.

Kyle takes a look at the demo for Fall of Cybertron. Does the demo make him want to play it? Find out in the full article! (PC, PS3, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Xbox 360)

Zha1tan  +   980d ago
Complaining about not being able to party up? really? they took that out of the demo because they didnt want teams of friends going in pub stompign the crap out of new players who are trying to check the game out.

I regulary get upwards of 30 kills and so do my friends, id hate to think what it would be like for the other team if we could all party up and use teamwork when they are all just trying to check the game out.

I find the aiming to be suited to being a giant robot....im not a puny spartan or human, obviously my aim isnt goign to be as responsive, if it were there would be something wrong...

brb judging the graphics and presentation of a downloadable demo that is barely over 1GB which has 2 10 min long SP missons and a good load of multiplayer content to boot.

And please dont ever compare this game to Halo or COD, it is far far better than either.
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BlackTar187  +   980d ago
Wht system do you play on?
Gamehard  +   980d ago
The lack of a cover system in a 3rd person shooter is a little ridiculous imo. Especially for a sequel that should look for ways to improve on the original. You could argue that giant robots don't have the need to use cover or whatever, but the enemies don't have any problem using it.
Zha1tan  +   980d ago
Not every TPS needs to be a gears clone and have cover, thats a stupid idea and would never in a million years suit this game at all, the fast paced nature leaves no room for a cover mechanic and its not a cover based shooter, its a shooter which focuses on movement and mobility and im glad it does as it actually inovates instead of pulling an inversion.

And there is cover in the game, why do you need a button to bind you to the wall? and how on earth would a cover system be an improvement?

noobs and their misunderstanding of game mechanics.
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Gamehard  +   980d ago
lol insults for stating an opinion. I guess it makes you feel cool on the internet. And how would using cover hurt the game exactly? Like I said, the enemies in single player even cling to walls, so it just feels a bit out of place that you can't do the same.
Captain Qwark 9  +   980d ago
gonna have to agree with zha1tan here lol. optimus prime running to cover behind a wall would be retarded lol. granted i have seen them do it in the show but once in a while is fine, constantly would just be odd. plus you can just walk behind a wall, switch your shooting arm as needed and use cover the traditional way.
BlackTar187  +   980d ago
yea cover system sounds dumb. Big giant robot ducking behind cover sounds ridiculous. Cover system is not a way to improve on anything but campers lol.
Zha1tan  +   980d ago
If you take noob as an insult then I feel for you bro.

If you had played the game for a length of time you would understand cover has no place in it, its fast paced, enemies do not bind to their cover, they simply stick their gun out from cover.

It would hurt the pace of the game and I know for a fact it would entice camping round corners in the multiplayer like it does in gears of war 3 because its slow paced.

Id rather have the ability to change my weapon hand which is something that has been missing from most TP shooters and the right hand camera shoulder is an issue with gears of war they had 3 games to address but never did.
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Gamehard  +   980d ago
I have played the original to a great extent, as a matter of fact. I probably put more time into the MP than any other shooter I've played this gen. And cover would not benefit much or hurt the multiplayer aspect of the game, because of how fast paced it is. People that would rely heavily on cover would get punished fast. But in the single player, it would only be an improvement. I never said it was a game breaker that it's not present, I just think it's weird to be absent from a third person shooter. And yes, the enemies do cling to cover in the demo for FoC.

But whatever dude, it's my opinion. The game is gonna be good, but I doubt I'll rush out and get it day 1 like I did with the first one. Not because of lack of a cover system btw lol. Just because Darksiders 2 and Borderlands 2 are coming out so close to it.
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BlackTar187  +   980d ago
"I have played the original to a great extent, as a matter of fact. I probably put more time into the MP than any other shooter I've played this gen. And cover would not benefit much or hurt the multiplayer aspect of the game, because of how fast paced it is. People that would rely heavily on cover would get punished fast."

I have maybe 150 hrs in the original and I know for a fact Cover would kill the feel of the game/. It would hurt you want 5 people hiding behind cover right outside the spawn? no matter which way you look at this game would not benefit in anyway from a cover system and it would encourage alot of camping. i play Competitive MP and i know you give someone cover most people will use it to camp and overall just make the game slower.
I respect your opinion just think nothing good comes from cover system in this game.

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