Digital Distribution Vs Physical Media

After reading some recent stories regarding games developers (such as PlayDead, the creators of Limbo), and the fact that they would only really consider distributing digitally in the future, and the hardware developers Sony (especially) and Microsoft denying that the physical media of discs is obsolete, it seems the game companies are at a stalemate situation with the platform owners.

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hennessey861656d ago

won't happen for a long time yet, physical media will obviously change from disc to something else but it will be 20 or 30 years before we can go digital only.

Saryk1656d ago

I say 5 years max and everything is DD. Too much of a financial savings by not having the physical media.

dumahim1656d ago

Too much of the country without access to high speed internet to go full DD.

attilayavuzer1656d ago

People really overestimate how powerful the internet is currently. Full DD and cloud gaming are multiple generations away.

jeseth1656d ago

I want something for my money ... not something that goes with my HDD when it craps the bed.

Summons751656d ago

Physical now and forever thank you

dasbeer881656d ago

Video games have been destroyed since they've went mainstream.

close2silent1656d ago

um... games were created for the mainstream since the beginning (pong, jumpman, pacman, etc.) the goal is to attract as many people as possible to buy your game so you can stay in business and make... MORE GAMES. why would you not want your game to appeal to the masses?

wishingW3L1656d ago

publishers should offer both and let people decide what they prefer. Then sooner or later one will become more prominent than the other and you know the rest of the story.

jeseth1656d ago

The DD should be a considerable savings, otherwise .. f it.

timbow19821656d ago

I think that in order for it to really take off the publishers need to start offering the savings back to the user. Releasing a game on the PSN at £50 when you can buy it retail at a lower price due to their buying power. At the moment Valve/Steam are leading the way with their pricing structure, if MS & PS want a bigger slice of the cake they will have to accept they need to lower the cost.

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The story is too old to be commented.