How Kickstarter is Revolutionizing Gaming

Kickstarter has revolutionized the gaming community, for better or worse. From MMOs to 16 bit RPGs, the crowd-funding source continues to bring a, "Dream it, do it." ideal to the gaming development circuit. What does this mean for the future of games as we know it?

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napoleon10662082d ago

Has it revolutionized gaming? I still await the day that I play a game that has been funded by kickstarter.

Kaylith2082d ago

That's very true, but we have to remember that quality games take time to produce. I can totally see your point, however.

Dlacy13g2082d ago

@kaylith... please show me where there is a garauntee that the games we get from kickstarter are "Quality"? Kickstarter is just developers looking to circumvent getting money from a VC or bank or publisher. There is no pressure on them, nobody to check in on the quality or timing like an invested partner... they simply have a blank check from us gamers to make a game. NO THANK YOU

Dlacy13g2082d ago

Kickstarter is not revolutionizing gaming by any stretch. If anything Kickstarter is a step backwards and is completely taking advantage of gamers dollars.

Before Kickstarter developers funded all the risk, and their success was based 100% on how good the game they made was. NOW, when we fund a kickstarter it is us gamers who are taking on 100% of the risk. Our money, not theirs is being used to make a game that we have ZERO idea if its good or utter crap. We essentially are giving these people a 0% financed loan for promise of a game in return.

I implore people to stop doing the kickstarters... this is a VERY bad business model for the consumer.

Kaylith2082d ago

I can see your point, but on the other hand people aren't being forced to donate to Kickstarters. They donate because they want to. Maybe the developer, game, or concept is so amazing that they want to support it. Maybe the rewards are awesome and they just like having cool stuff not many others will. The reasons for people to donate to Kickstarters are as varied as the people donating themselves.

It's not like companies are forcing you to fund their projects. You do so--or don't--by your own choice.

Dlacy13g2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I also see your point. I think the true realities of game funding with Kickstarter is much more pipe dream than people realize. Sure there are some that love the idea of some of the perks, etc... But I would venture the VAST majority of people are buying into kickstarter because of a vision that may or may not become reality.

and yes, companies are not forcing you to fund anything. You give your 0% interest loan to them with a promise they will give you back a game eventually. Publishers that fund games have a major say so in the quality, etc... kickstarter investors ultimately have very little say so in anything. The developer is in no way obligated to do anything other than make a game. They don't even need to use 100% of the kickstarter fund to make the game...they just need to produce a game. Its a very dangerous path.

Kaylith2082d ago

Yes, that's quite true. There is no quality scale, and that's not good. I totally agree that there should be and that people should be held accountable. At the same time, though--such is the nature of crowdfunding, especially with games. Until someone implements a quality review board or a progress check, that's a risk that those who do donate choose to take.