IGN Preview - XCOM: Enemy Unknown is Turn-Based Gameplay, Real-Time Fun


XCOM: Enemy Unknown lead designer Jake Solomon sits at the far end of a table in Firaxis Games' conference room. He's about to let me get my hands on what's been his passion project for the last four years. But Solomon, a diehard fan of the classic PC strategy series, isn't about to turn his baby over before setting things up. The fact that “turn-based” is a taboo term for many gamers—especially dedicated console players—isn't lost on him, so he takes no chances in managing expectations.

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Holeran2050d ago

This game is looking really good so far. Hope it delivers on all fronts when it releases.

camel_toad2050d ago

Yep I love turn-based. My brain is too slow to process rts.

lastdual2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Can't wait! Civilization Revolution was a ton of fun, and this looks like it will be as well.

joab7772050d ago

This game looks too good to be true, Lol. Only because I have been waiting for another valkyria chronicles on console and instead I get a new version of one of the best games ever.

I also wanna know about the one 2k is making. Did they ditch it because of this true turned based strategy game. Wow, did they get blind sided.

r212050d ago

same here, been waiting for a new console VC but this one is good too :D


It's about time this gen started releasing these types of games.