Dragon's Dogma - The Legend of Leslie Cotton Episode 12

Welcome back to another episode of The Legend of Leslie Cotton, an episodic series that follows an atypical hero through the world of Dragon’s Dogma. This week, Leslie needs to track down a cult called Salvation. Of course, they are holding a meeting in an undead infested catacomb. Why can’t people just have a picnic on a hill for their evil meetings? I hope you all enjoy

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shammgod1899d ago

Lol. This guy is still at it? Pretty good gameplay to watch

DrGumaer1899d ago

I find this format to be more interesting than a "Let's Play". It allows me to take out all of the boring stuff in a RPG. You don't have to see the long travel times or menus. Plus it allows me to role play as a really old disgruntled man.