Fatal Frame Wii Revealed + Screenshots

Grasshopper Manufacture (known for No More Heroes) is developing a new game, Fatal Frame, and Nintendo is actually helping it. Here's a translation of the original French report on

"Tecmo organized a press conference that ran for a few hours to present its next production to Japanese journalists. The game announced at the presentation was Project Zero (Fatal Frame) on the Wii, supplemented with images.

The production of this new survival-horror is supervised by Nintendo and developed by Tecmo and Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes).

No further information was revealed for this title other than its release is planned for summer 2008 in the Japanese territory. Its development will be followed very closely on"

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wiizy3822d ago

looking game... hope this one comes out soon

SaiyanFury3822d ago

Fatal Frame is my favourite horror series. I have all 3 games on PS2. I won't be buying this one since I refuse to buy a Wii.

eclipsegryph3821d ago

I can see refusing to buy either an Xbox 360 or a PS3 as they pretty much just play the same games, but why refuse to buy a Wii? If there are games that you genuinely want to play on it that you can't play otherwise (and this is, of course, assuming that there are other games which interest you aside from the Fatal Frame series), why stop yourself from enjoying them?

PS360WII3821d ago

Yeah that's pretty foolish to not buy a gaming console that'll have some of the games you want to play exclusively on it. Don't believe the marketing and the words of others on this site. The Wii is a great machine!

littletad3822d ago

Or at least back on the ps2. The first three are on there, but somehow I think the developers feel the game is perfect for the Wiimote. Sigh.

eclipsegryph3821d ago

I'm inclined to agree that this game will be perfect for the Wii!

PS360WII3821d ago

Well if Grasshopper is helping make this game it will have amazing controls. This game will be amazing on the Wii and will do the series justic :) Those screens look very nice

eclipsegryph3821d ago

Very cool looking screenshots there. This is going to be a must purchase, for sure. Even though I was only able to finish the second Fatal Frame game... The first and the third on the PS2 just freaked me out too much!

PS360WII3821d ago

Yes I agree. There are so few horror games out there that are any good so I'm glad that they are spreading them out among the consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.