7 of the best Playstation cover ups & conspiracies

Trust no one. Here are some of the best covers ups and conspiracies to ever grace your PlayStation. Turns out the whole world is evil and the shadows really are out to get you. Have a nice day!

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proskatercam2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

So because you put Metal Gear Solid 3 in the article, that means that "Playstation" in the title is justified? As if the other six games weren't multiplatform? Nice one, article writer.

Irishguy952051d ago though. All the games are playstation games.

**** article seven pages. Don't bother reading, not worth it.

JellyJelly2051d ago

The article is probably taken from the magazine, which is primarily aimed at Playstation owners.

Slugg3r2051d ago

And even MGS3 is for Xbox novadays. lol

spacedelete2050d ago

Its a Playstation article not a Playstation exclusive article. stop being so ignorant -_-

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DanielBryan2051d ago

Official Playstation Magazine UK? *Pukes* It's offically the worst gaming magazine ever!

roadkillers2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )


Fun article to read. I actually wrote a paper for school on Bioshock, comparing the game to Bartleby. In essence it isn't actually mind control, but for some it can be as powerful. It is hard to say no to someone asking kindly just like it is hard to make someone do something when they prefer not to. A good way to manipulate another's mind.

Relientk772051d ago

Most of those are pretty good

Metal Gear