Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Site Goes Live – Four Surprises “Coming Soon”

"Konami have launched the official website for the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear series and it contains an interesting feature."

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ikral1985d ago

Idd like MGS remake...

Razmossis1985d ago

After playing through MGS4 again for the trophies, seeing how good Shadow Moses can look just makes me wish I could play all of MGS1 with those graphics

ZombieKiller1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Raz, I think the world agrees with you on that one! Bubbles
You know what I would really like? A story of all 3 games tied into 1 PS3 game using MGS4's engine. Told creatively through flashbacks ( ala Batman Begins).
Not ruling out MGS5 or anything. Maybe the HD collection didn't come with MGS1 for the reason that they are remaking it!
Either a remake of the trilogy (which I know won't happen due to the HD collection)
Or MGS1 remake
Regardless of what it is, the announcement WILL be a new MGS game and I am 1 happy mofo

lociefer1985d ago

i hope its mgo on psn network

doogiebear1985d ago

Forget that I want a new mgs.

crxss1985d ago

Yeah I would take MGS5 over another MGS1 remake. Twin snakes is still a solid game

jeeves861985d ago

Bring Twin Snakes to PS3/360

TronEOL1985d ago

If they remade MGS1 on MGS4's engine with the gameplay enhancements MGS4 & Peacewalker brought, my life would be complete (for a few years).

Although I don't think that'll happen anytime soon, it would be amazing. I just want anything MGS related that isn't Revengeance.

Slugg3r1985d ago

They would have to completely remake the gameplay elements in MGS1 if they were to use same gameplay mechanics as MGS4. MGS1 is wery arcady and that wouldn't really fit into the tone series has taken nova days.

ZombieKiller1985d ago

With Revengeance I see what you're saying but I am a fan of Devil May Cry and that sort of game so bringing that type of game play to MGS is a double plus for me. Freakin bi-winning over here!

ThePUNisher1985d ago

Why remake MGS1 again when MG and MG2 on the MSX are the way more obvious choices that haven't been treated to one already?

lilmetal1985d ago

Couldn't agree more with this.
I've been saying for years that this needs to happen.

TronEOL1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Oh lord! Why didn't I think of that. I would be in Metal Gear gaming heaven if these two were remade.

:EDIT: Oh, I thought I'd point out the obvious and say there's 4 days of Gamescom, it also takes place in Europe, 4 "surprises" will be announced and the MGSAni site is Konami Europe.

So it pretty much confirms these will be announced at Gamescom. I assume they'll be:

1. MGS5
2. MGS5 Vita (or an MGS game on the Vita)
3. MGR:R Release Date
4. MGO

Or something along those lines.

ZombieKiller1981d ago

I'm sorry, you win. I forgot about those 2 lil' gems. I would actually really like that.

Yeah Metal Gear 1 and 2 need to be remade.

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toxic-inferno1985d ago

MGS HD remake?
MG Rising release date?

Then something else. Snake in All-Stars Battle Royale? MGS film? Goodness knows. 4 announcements is a LOT.

Locksus1985d ago

Fingers crossed for MGS HD. As much as it shames me to admit it, I've never played the first MGS.

Nate-Dog1985d ago

Then go do it now, it hasn't aged badly at all for a PS1 game and is as fun as ever. I finished it again just around a month or two ago and it still has it.

Locksus1985d ago

Thanks, I'll see to it that I do :)

stubbed_out1985d ago

Just hold your horses for a moment....there might be a MGS HD remake.

Agent_00_Revan1985d ago

Should still play it both ways. It'll make you appreciate a possible remake That much more.

THamm1985d ago

I thought I was the only one! I went through it again a couple months back and was still ecstatic through it!

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DanielBryan1985d ago

Peace Walker 2 for Vita and MGS5.

boybato1985d ago


I've been supporting Kojima/MGS series by buying every piece of software they release('xept for limited editions cause they're way overpriced where I'm at), the least I expect is for them to bring me something fresh!!!!!

goldwyncq1985d ago

Impossible since Peace Walker is gone :p

But yeah, an MGS game for vita would be very welcome.

pixelsword1985d ago

MGO PS3-vita cross compatible.

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