Valve's inevitable march towards Linux

Icrontic writes: "Steam is being ported to Linux, and it's running well. Could a Valve Linux distro be far away? Let's call it Gabenix..."

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ATi_Elite2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Valve's march towards Linux and having Steam on Mac is a way for Valve to keep Microsoft from taking PC Gaming for granted and also a way to reach gamers on other Operating Systems.

Windows has been a very nice and enjoyable OPEN platform for gaming but if Microsoft does anything to disturb the flow of openness in gaming, Valve can easily leap to another Operating System with ease.

OpenGL is just as good as Microsoft's DirectX api and can be used on Mac or Linux. So in other words PC Gamers can play PC Games WITHOUT Microsoft software being on their PC's.

Zha1tan2141d ago

At the same timt though I dont understand the kickup about windows 8, seems like its built for the MS surface.

Ive yet to hear or see one viable reason why windows 8 is bad for gaming, I just see people saying its bad without any reason.

However if it is really that bad il be transitioning to linux with steam in a flash and im sure most other good PC devs will.

Bladesfist2141d ago

Really doubt it. The vast majority of people will stick with windows because of its ease of use and the developers will stay where the money is.

morganfell2141d ago

Windows 8 is bad for gaming because it funnels users away from sources like Steam and will push and in some cases force them to make purchase from the MS Storefront. It is currently showng a remarkable potential to damage certain sectors of gaming suchs indy gaming. In some instances it locks down features completely.

But should that be our focus? No. Products, like political candidates, should concentrate more on what they are than they do on what the other guy is not.

Personally I am not thinking about why Windows 8 is bad but why Linux will be better. Let MS do what they will. Let them lock the interface so you are forced to hack it in order to boot directly to the desktop, which happens to be the case in the latest builds. Its their software, let them do it. If you want to use it by all means do it.

I have been using both Linux and Ubuntu since I first messed with Linux in late 91. The potential for the software as a gaming platform is phenomenal. The system is incredibly stable (What's BSOD?). It also lacks all of those minor annoyances. When I copy a file and it says 5 seconds left it means 5 seconds. When I shut down, it shuts down. And importantly it has a far lower resource overhead than Windows. On top of this Ubuntu is free. It's included Office Libre is flexible and fast, opens and saves major MS Office files and is free. Ubuntu is updated regularly with new builds arriving every 6 months. Each build bears a number that tells you the month and year. 12.04 came out of beta and became the official release in April 2012. Each of these builds is supported for 18 months minimum after launch.

Every 4th release is called a LTS (Long Term Support) release and is supported for 5 years. The current build 12.04 known as Precise Pangolin is a LTS build. Upgrades to next versions, LTS or not, are nothing like those between Windows versions as they are less intrusive and do not maintain the amount of redundant code seen in the Windows based platforms. "Very clean" would be an apt description.

So far Left for Dead 2 is running 45 FPS faster than on Windows. And it's an Alpha build. With Valve moving more and more resources to the Linux development they are offering gamers an incredible opportunity.

Think about it. Suppose every time Sony or MS upgraded the PS3 or 360 YOU HAD TO PAY FOR IT. Does that sound fair? Well Canonical (the people behind Ubuntu) think not and you get Ubuntu versions for free.

Zha1tan2141d ago

well if its as good as you say it is, I may have to try it!

but game publishers and devs need to get behind it first.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

well up until this point you could just browse the web and find steam of other games and you still can. But on the mobile & desktop you can but most people will find xbox live only since it's right there and if you want new people to know you exist you want to be on the front page store right?

So that will come down to making metro apps which mean you must give MS 30% of your profits on an "open platform".

I can see why devs hate that. Not to mention the win8 forces you to jump back between metro & desktop for certain things. You have to use it even if you don't want to. I have win 8 now but at least performance is way better.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2139d ago

The big problem is getting other devs to make linux games & also there older games won't work. But this is a great way to start a ne generation & perfect timing?

tachy0n2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

i rather live under microsoft rule, Direct X(windows) vs OpenGL(linux)

DirectX is better,: better tesselation, detail, lightning and better performance.

dont like Windows 8? stay on windows 7 and wait for service pack 2 for windows 7 for enhanced performance.

go with linux and you will end up using "wine" to emulate windows xDD


Letros2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Their march towards the land of free software, donations, and mandatory trials, sounds profitable.

kneon2141d ago

Yes I'm sure that linux with it's <2% desktop market share will be hugely profitable./s

I've run just about every flavor or unix and linux imaginable starting way back with AT&T, SCO, BSD, minix, xenix and more linux distributions than I can remember. It's still not ready for the mass market despite what the zealots would have you believe

halocursed2141d ago

Linux isn't going to be the solution.

Kinggger2140d ago

I actually can see the "gabenix" distro as very possible since valve just announced that the first software that are not games on steam will be released soon. Seems suspicious to me on why they would release non-gaming applications even though we don't know what the actually applications are yet.

ATi_Elite2140d ago

Eventually there will be an Operating System on PC that has people dropping Windows.

Will it be Linux or a Linux based OS who knows but it's gonna happen and when it does companies like Valve will be first in line to ditch Windows completely which seems to be the trend anyway as Devs wanna program directly on the GPU without an Api!

i strongly believe Apple will OPEN UP OSX and start selling it on the PC. That move will only make Apple even more Billions.

hellvaguy2138d ago

Under the current business models, Apple cannot just open up its OS to PC users. It has way too many patents tied up into its hardware/software combo that wouldnt be allowed by federal courts to monopolize they way they do.

Apple only gets away with all thier b.s. because they own the hardware and software. This is why they are able to do basicly whatever they want and why MS gets nailed to a cross if they even have a pre-installed option to use one of thier products.